• A Wedding Album from Scratch

    After spending 2 hours this morning trying to figure out the best way to make our wedding album with Adorama, I decided to forget about trying to use their online software/salvage their templates. The easiest way to make our album to all my OCD wants/needs is to make it from scratch via Adobe InDesign.

    InDesign and I became BFF this past year when I was putting together my Thesis book, so it was only natural that we rekindle our friendship and make a fantastical wedding album to give to our parents/grandparents/ourselves.

    And so it begins…

    Not sure where our wedding album is going right now. I’m just slowing working through it with these ideas in mind:

    • crisp
    • clean
    • modern
    • not all that ‘jazz’
    • something that is very ‘us’

    After falling in love with some crazy album designs, I’ve decided to make ours simple, lovely, and to the point. Because really, does anyone look though a wedding album and go “ohhh I really like your font/embellishments/background.” No. Sorry for all the ‘slashes’ today… I’m feeling very slash-y.

    Did I tell y’all I was going to make 4 albums (last time I blogged about this, we were only at 3)? How out of control am I?

    1. All our Pre-Wedding Extravaganzas (still need a fun title, any ideas?)
      Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Guy’s Paintball, Bridal Brunch, Rehearsal Dinner
    2. Through Our Guest’s Eyes
      A compilation of the photos our guest’s captured at our wedding. Some of them were able to capture the moments even better then our photographers, and moments we never witnessed!
    3. Kyle {hearts} Kimberly
      Our Professional Wedding Pics Album
    4. Just Mauied ♥ Our Honeymoon
      Somewhere to put the MASSIVE amount of photos Mr. Knight took in Maui

    All of them are going to be made in the same 8″x10″ size Adorama album, and will have corresponding spines that make them appear as a ‘set’. Still not sure how to make them look like a ‘set’ on a shelf. I was thinking of having a heart on each spine in a different color (can you tell I love hearts?)… Not sure.

    I’m off to more Wedding Album designing. Wish me luck! I will report back when I have something worth sharing. :-) Maybe several album covers, and a poll to help me decide which one to use? Stay tuned!

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  • Turning “Gator Bride” into a Book

    For months I have thought about turning this blog into a book. Not a book that you would want to read (I think?) and check out, but more for Mr. Knight and I to look back on all the planning, hard work, love, ideas, memories (and stress) that went into our wedding. Well… more like I will enjoy looking back at it, I doubt Mr. Knight will even touch it. He keeps saying “Your blog will be on the internet, you can always go back and look at it.” I’m not the ‘browse my blog/read books on the computer’ type of gal. I like the idea of holding something physical in my hand and flipping through it.

    Blurb’s Blog to Book Example
    I just HAD to use the baby blog example, right?

    So it begins, the search for the perfect place to export my blog to, layout the book, and print the book from. I have used Lulu in the past on my graduate portfolio for architecture school and on my thesis book for graduate school, and have loved the quality and clarity of the images/text/etc. Top notch stuff, and for a great price (double score!). Downside – they don’t currently (to my knowledge and google searching) have an easy way of converting all your blog posts into a book format. I would have to export them all myself (the old cut and paste method) in InDesign and design the book myself. Can we say “I don’t have time for this?”

    Another book printing site that I’m sure y’all recognize is Blurb. They have a no-stress, easy way of converting your blog to book. They even export all your entries from your blog into their ‘booksmart’ program. Although Blurb has been known to have poor color representation, I may have to check them out considering they are the ‘easier’ publisher to go with. I really like some of the layouts I have seen on their example Blog books, but I’m unsure if mine will look as nice. {pondering}

    So far, I have checked out Blog2Print. You can just type in your blog address and it will automatically formulate a proof of the book for you, without even creating an account. Fun to do on a whim.

    Preview Gator Bride Blog book by Blog2Print

    It was super easy and doesn’t look too terrible, but still not my cup of tea. And you have to use ‘stock’ covers for the book. Not my thing. I’m all about the customization. :-)

    Either way, I will keep y’all posted with what I discover! I’m excited to get started with this, and plan to print the book once I finish all my recaps and DIY project. Then it will be time to cross-over. What do I mean by “cross-over” you might ask? You will just have to wait to find out!

    Do y’all have any plans for your blog after you finish blogging about your wedding/baby/etc? I’m still working on what to do over here on Gator Bride. I love blogging wedding stuff so much, I may just have to keep on doing it! :-)

    {heart} Mrs Gator

    PS- And for those who haven’t seen it yet, I just opened my Etsy shop, Gator Bride Designs {hooray}! I’m super excited about it and have been having too much fun helping other Bride’s with digital stationary. I love hearing about their colors/themes/ideas. I even just completed my first ‘truly’ custom invitation, a housewarming invite (in postcard form, how fun!) for a dear twitter friend. Look out for a blog post coming up soon about my little ol’ shop. :-)

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  • Fun, Funky and Modern Wedding Album Designs

    The husband and I have decided that we will be designing our own wedding album (more like I will be designing it). I’ve thought of a few ideas of what ‘type’ of album we would like, and have been checking into a few companies that will provide me with what we want (without being a professional photographer and paying out the a** too… I apologize for profanities… but do y’all really pay $800 for a wedding album?). The husband and I want to go for something a little more in the untraditional category, in terms of Wedding albums. We aren’t really into the leather covers, the black matted photos, or even the single image covers (although as we go through the design process, this may all change). We want an album that reflects our wedding, our personality, and the time we lived in when we got married. I know… that is alot rolled up into one Wedding album, but hey gotta dream big, right? Anyways, I’ve found a couple of cute album covers (with even cuter insides), as I’ve been thinking of what type of ‘look’ we want for our wedding album.

    Modern and Funky Wedding Album Cover found via Finao* *Finao only sells to professional photographers, nonetheless it is still a great source of inspiration

    Another funky cover, this one is an album of the couple’s Engagement photos. Too cute! You can see the inside of the album here via Blurb

    Cute Birdie Wedding Album via Blurb

    Cute Birdie Album Insides

    This album is beautiful, clean and everything that I love. You have to check out the insides of this beauty over on Blurb. Just amazing.

    If you ever need ideas when making your wedding album (or any photo album, for that matter), websites like Blurb are great places to get ideas. They have an online store where you can browse other people’s albums they have made.

    I plan to make a different album for the husband and I, then for our family. The husband and I, will naturally, probably want most of our pictures in our album, but I doubt our family members will want them all. We plan to give them a smaller album with key photos from the events of the day. Sort of a ‘mini-me’ of our album.

    As of right now, I plan to use the company Adorama to make a high quality ‘coffee table’ style Wedding album (that lays FLAT!) for the husband and I. I will also be ordering the same type of book, but smaller, with less pages, for our parents. I’m a little nervous using a company I’ve never seen the products of before, but as my usual book companies I like to use, Blurb and Lulu, don’t have the type of book I want, I must venture out into the unknown. :-/

    My reasons for choosing Adorama (so far):

    • Reasonably priced compared to other professional album companies (compare $50-75 to $300-$700)
    • Their albums lay completely flat when open, providing for full panorama photos to be displayed without a seam
    • They deal directly with you, not through professional photographers (like so many album companies)
    • They came with a good review from a friend
    • When you sign up with them, they give you $15 towards your first order. SCORE!
    • They have about a gazillion different album sizes to choose from
    • This article on how awesome Adorama books are (complete with pictures)

    As I’m patiently waiting for our professional pictures to arrive from the Starks, I have sketched up TONS of ideas of our albums.

    I plan to make 3 albums for the husband and I.

    One album for our Pre-Wedding events (bridal shower, engagement part, E-pics, rehearsal dinner, etc). One for our professional Wedding pictures and another for our Honeymoon pictures. I want all three albums to appear as a ‘set’ when they are on a bookshelf. Sort of like below, only cuter and more modern (although these are pretty cute):

    Bed Bath and Beyond; $12.99.

    I’m thinking of making them 10″ x 10″, and I’m working on the details of making my own ‘box’ for the set of books to sit in. Stay tuned for album cover mock-ups! I have so many ideas… just need to get them all out, digitally.

    What did y’all do for your Wedding Album? Did you do it yourself? For those who aren’t married yet, do you have any plans for your album?