Stirring Things Up with DIY Drink Flags!

After seeing a post on WeddingBee by Mrs. Taffy on DIY drink flags, I knew I wanted to do them for Mr. Knight and I’s wedding. They are super easy to do and will make a nice little detail for our wedding.

source: Martha Stewart
The difference between the flags above and the flags I’m making is, like Mrs. Taffy, I am simplifying the knot in the stirrer and making it into a flag shape.

Here are the supplies you will need for DIY Drink Flags:

Double Sided Tape
150 6″ sticks from Michael’s Craft Store $6.00 ($3 for pack of 75)
Ribbon $3.99 a roll at Michael’s
Total for Drink Flag DIY: 150 flags $13.98*

*Most of the items at Michael’s can be purchased with a  40% coupon (I unfortunately didn’t use a coupon… wish I had!) these cute little flags turned out to be more then I thought to make. They would have only been around $7-8 if I had used coupon. Darn it!

Step 1: Cut the ribbon into 6″ strips
Step 2: Place a piece of double sided tape on 3/4 of the length of the ribbon
Step 3: Place wooden stick in center of ribbon and press the two sides of the ribbon together
Step 4: Cut a triangle out of the edge of the ribbon to finish it off

and… waaaaa-lah, you have super cute drink flags for your guests!

I can’t wait to see these babies in action at our wedding’s bar! I contemplated making flags for all the water glasses at our wedding but then decided against it when it took me just about 2 hours to make 100 of these babies… I still have 50 more to go, but couldn’t wait to show you all how they turned out.

Now… to show you how OCD I really am… here they are all packaged up for the wedding. I put them in a ziploc bag and included a picture of how I want them to look set up, and the location and usage of them.

Don’t Judge.

I’m no where near the OCD-ness of the guy on Million Dollar Listing, who individually packs every item in his luggage in a ziploc bag (hair brush gets it’s own bag, toothbrush gets its own bag, toilet paper, socks, hair dryer, etc.)… but I’m close.

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  1. LauraLou says:

    Ok, so those are adorable! And the ziploc bag idea is brilliant! I’m totally OCD too, and I want everything set up just the way I’m picturing it in my mind.

  2. @LauraLou: Thanks! Yeah I’m planning on including photos with anything that needs to be set up. Also, I will be at the reception the night before and the day off to check on any last minute details!

  3. You worked so hard on them honey… they look great! :-)

  4. Own your OCD my friend, in this instance it is working well for you!

  5. Emily says:

    Those are cute. I love seeing your new colors in action!!!! The bag is hilarious, and being OCD for wedding stuff always pays off!

  6. @Emily: You always knew I would arrive at these colors… I only wish you had told me about them sooner! haha.

  7. i always love cute drink stirers like these! i am planning a bachelorette party and wedding shower for my MOH soon and am for sure making some! :)

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