Staying Grounded

I’ve gotten to the point in Mr. Knight and I’s wedding planning process where I no longer look at inspirational wedding websites. There’s no more clicking through the pages of Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, or Southern Weddings (and wasting 3 hours of my Saturday/Sunday… or School day). The only wedding websites I stick to these days are still my trusty ol’ Wedding Bee and the sites of my blogging Brides that I love to follow (you can find them on the left, in my link list). Just when I thought I no longer needed my sweet Wedding Bee, it presents me with something that keeps me coming back for more. This time, it is Heart Stoppers.

I’ve had the problem of my wedding shoes slipping on carpet, and since there is tons of carpet at the Country Club where we are having our reception, I knew I was going to have issues. I hadn’t really began the search for a remedy and then {wa-lah} I came across a blogging bride on Wedding Bee who mentioned these lovely little heart shaped shoe grippers. I was smitten! I immediately ordered these and are now waiting patiently for them to come in the mail.


Heart Stoppers, $7
source Alexandre Weddings

How adorable are these? Plus, you know I love a good photo op!
Cuteness + Practicality =  a Winner!

Did you ever find something completely unexpected while browsing your favorite blogs/websites that caused you to jump up in the air and cheer? Okay, so maybe I didn’t jump up in the air and cheer when I saw these, but I definitely let out a little squeal of excitement!

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  1. miss fro yo says:

    Yay!! So glad you liked them! I was smitten by them when I saw them too!

  2. LauraLou says:

    Those are soo so cute! I didn’t realize they were only $7 – What a deal!

  3. Hannah says:

    I love these! I just bought my ceremony shoes today and I slide across our kitchen floor! These are exactly what I needed :)

  4. marina says:

    How very clever and cute as well! I need shoes for the wedding and I can’t find any….aaarrrggghh!

  5. Dognbird says:

    I jumped in the air and cheered when I saw this! What a fabulous, fun find.

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