RSVP Status :: 92 Yes, 10 No

So far the count is at 92 attending and 10 not attending. Pretty good for 5 weeks out, right? If you are reading this and you have been invited and are planning on attending our wedding… TURN IN YOUR RSVP CARD!!!! Okee? Thanks!

I just realized that this is ya’lls first glimpse at our invitation suite, lucky you! For our RSVP cards we decided to do a postcard to save on postage and envelopes, and make our life easier (as we ordered our design through Overnight Prints).

Gator Kitty’s paw of approval!

Mr. Knight and I have had so much fun receiving our RSVP cards in the mail. We make it a little ‘event’ when we get home from work and school. We both walk out to the mailbox together. Mr. Knight always gets the mail out of the box, and plays the ‘guess who RSVP’ed today’ game with me. I got smart one time and checked the mail before he got home (just so I would have the upper hand in the game), Mr. Knight got major upset and chased me back to the house once he had figured it out. He’s so funny. :-)

Besides enjoying our daily walk to the mailbox, Mr.Knight and I have enjoyed all the fun ways that our guests have RSVP’ed, and the sweet little notes they leave us.

A sweet note from Mr. Knight’s Aunt that reads: See ya’ll soon! Stay calm and have fun these last months of┬ápreparation. Love her!

Some of our guests even had fun with our little menu entree animals. So cute!

At the moment, Mr. Knight and I have all these babies sitting on a shelf in our living room, but we have already made plans to place them in a special ‘wedding memories’ box (which will be in a later post). How cool will it be to go through all these RSVP cards on our 10, 20, 50th anniversary and remember all the people who came and made our day extra special.

Do you plan on keeping your returned RSVP cards? Do you have any special plans for them?

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  1. Hannah says:

    Probably not… we have about 100 in and we keep them in a little file folder. My family is not big on returning RSVPs (southerners… they think they can just call, or, better yet – don’t you know they wouldn’t miss it for the world?!) so with 3 days to go we have a *ton* missing!

  2. Emily says:

    Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed my animal noises! I laughed doing it!

    That is a great count so far! You’ll hardly have to hunt anyone down! That’s awesome!

  3. @Hannah: I agree, Southerners expects us to ‘know’ they are coming to the wedding, regardless if they sent in their RSVP or not. We have even experienced that with some of our Wedding Party. We are like ‘Hey, we know your coming but we need to know what you will be eating!’ Then there are the people who loved our RSVP cards so much that they decided to keep them. So… in a week we will be making quite a few phone calls!

    @Emily: Love the animal sounds!!!

  4. Yeah babe… I love playing the RSVP game with you… It’s one of the things I look forward to everyday—sucks there will come a time (soon) when they stop coming in).

    We still have a several relatively important figures we are waiting on to send their RSVPs in… you know who you are, so, get on the ball otherwise you’re getting bologna sandwiches…

  5. Justin says:

    It must have been nice to not have the USPS fail on delivering most of them. I still can’t believe they lost mine :(

  6. UPDATE: 106:14

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