Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree :: My Favorite Snapshots

In all we took 650+ pictures to create our “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” video. We had a lot of fun shooting this video and some of the 650+ snapshots make me laugh so hard when I see them. Whether it’s us high-fiving each other for getting all 4 strands of lights on the tree, a cuddle break with Pepper, or a kiss beside the tree, there were tons of ‘gems’ hidden within our video.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots. :)

Giving some love to our Pepper-dear.♥
Gator Kitty was being super unsociable during the decorating.

Yes! We got the lights to work!
Giving ourselves a thumbs up for getting all 4 strands of lights on the tree.
I told Mr. Knight that 2 strands were enough, he disagreed. Good thing we have a faux tree or it would probably light on fire from all the lights on it. lol.

A little kiss kiss by the tree. :)
Putting my favorite Gator ornament on the tree. Albert’s so cool he deserved his own snapshot!

Another reason I love doing this video every year (besides the awesomeness of showing it to our kids in the future) is that it guarantees we’ll have pictures of the two of us at Christmas. You can’t imagine how hard it is to get a fun picture of the two of us at Christmas (or any other time).

This week we are set to finally receive a proof of our Wedding video. I am BEYOND excited about this. I can’t wait to FINALLY see (and hear) all the fun things that happened that day. With about 12 hours of footage our videographer captured, she had a lot to go through (with Grad school, other jobs, and teaching on top of that!).

Only 6 more days to Christmas and tons of family time! Where did this year go?

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  1. mama knight says:

    We sure miss y’all this Christmas but we are there with you in spirit :-)

  2. Soo… Yellowy… Sorry, should have done some post-production on these in Aperture or Photoshop before giving them to you.

    Love these pictures by the way. Love you.

  3. Jessica says:

    The high five was one of my favorite shots! You guys are adorable.

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