Registering Our Little Gator/Knight Hearts Out

Thursday, Mr. Knight and I went and registered for gifts at Bed Bath and Beyond. To tell you the truth, we hadn’t planned on registering at all. When Mr. Knight and I moved in together, we were merging two kitchens, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, two living rooms… we had two of everything! Granted our ‘two of everything’ consisted of towels from our college dorm rooms, sheets and bedding from our High School years, and very girly (blue with polka dots) and very man-ly (black) dinnerware. Needless to say, Mr. Knight and I feel like we really don’t need anything (although a few things deserve to be upgraded).

So, one of the first things we did after booking our hawaiian honeymoon to Maui was register our honeymoon at Honeymoon Wishes.  We felt that an experience was worth more to us then material things. Our guests could find us on the Honeymoon wishes website and (if they so choose) gift us with a snorkeling adventure, surfing lessons, gas for the road to Hana, lunch by the ocean, or even a biking adventure down the volcano (how cool is that?!).

Then, there arose a problem. And when I say problem, Mr. Knight will tell you there wasn’t a problem. I have a bridal shower being hosted in my honor (how lucky am I?) by Mr. Knight’s Mother, that is fast-ly approaching. While I can’t wait to eat yummy food, spend time with the wonderful women in my life, and play fun shower games, I am nervous about not registering at a ‘big box’ store and receiving a bunch of weird/non-returnable items (married women out there know what I’m talking about, Gator Mom and Gator Dad still have a few non-registry wedding gifts hiding in their closets). Plus, registries make it easy for guests. If a guest would like to gift you with something that will be with you and your husband throughout your entire lives, they can look up your registry and get you something you need (instead of something you will hide in a closet for the rest of your life).

So off we were to Bed Bath and Beyond, armed with a list of things we actually need, so we wouldn’t be distracted by all the shiny objects and go registry-crazy.

We only managed to cross off 3 items on this list… it helped to know what we were looking for, though!

After we picked up our handy dandy scanner (of which Mr. Knight immediately grabbed and started pressing buttons), we were off!

Mr. Knight had a good time with the scanner. Thank goodness there was an ‘Opps’ button on the scanner, so I could un-scan anything he scanned without permission!

So we scanned our little hearts out for about an hour, jamming out to Miley Cyrus over the stores stereo (I even caught Mr. Knight humming to the music). As we were quickly finishing the kitchen gadget and electronic area, we ran into every Bride’s ‘must-have’ registry item…

The  infamous Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer

I’ve been told it’s the ‘holy grail’ of wedding registry items. Yeah… Mr. Knight and I quickly averted the Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer, we don’t have the counter space for this baby nor do we make anything that would require such a piece of heavy duty machinery. As much as I would like this sweet mixer in ‘ice’ to match our kitchen… I will just have to wait till we have a big house and I start a baking company out of our house (which is not happening anytime soon… or at all).

Rule #1 of Registering for Mr. Knight and Miss Gator is: don’t register for any pyrex.

Seminole Bridesmaid received TONS of pyrex at her bridal shower and wedding… and when I mean TONS, I mean… she can make a dish and throw out the pyrex instead of cleaning it because she has a garage full of more pyrex. It is quite comical how much pyrex she has. {hmmm…. I wonder if she will be gifting us with pyrex?} Our response… we didn’t register for any pyrex. What we have now is enough. :-)

When we had finished scouring the store for things we needed, we headed to the front of the store and had our registry printed out. Here are a few things we registered for:

source: Bed Bath and Beyond

source: Bed Bath and Beyond

source: Bed Bath and Beyond

source: Bed Bath and Beyond

Where did you all register? Did any of you already have just about everything before your wedding? How did you deal with that?


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  1. Justin says:

    LOL, I would probably do the same thing with the scanner and get yelled at for it as well. We don’t need no stinking permission!

  2. @Justin: Yes… if I hadn’t gone back and altered our list, we would have had 10 different size towels in different shades of green and brown. He would scan one set then see another set that was ‘softer’ and would scan that, then he would see the ‘spa’ towels and scan those… it was out of control. I think he just liked hearing the beeping noise on the scanner.

  3. I think you need an oops button for your spelling of “Opps button”. FAIL.

    But, trust me… I was way more qualified to use that scanning device than you were. We would have so much crap on our list if you were in charge. Scanning is a man’s job [runs and hides] o_0.

    Love you.

  4. marina says:

    you two are now arguing on your wedding blog site…lol!!!

  5. You are getting so close my friend!

    Ryan and I just registered this weekend for a bridal shower next month. It was…interesting, to say the least! And I never got to touch the scanner, Ryan said that was his job!

  6. Hannah says:

    Watch out while registering for Gator Gear (I see that pic of Mr. Night) Pete registered for a few things but we realized that you can’t buy any of it online… I love my BB&B registry hopefully you get what you need and want (not things to hide in a closet) :)

  7. Oh trust me… no Gator Gear was scanned (merely a prop picture for the website). You can kinda see the slight undertone of sarcasm in my face in that picture.

  8. Emily says:

    Haha, I do have alot of Pyrex! You forgot that I have 3 crockpots also :) And your right the Kitchen Aid is basically a status symbol for me right now.

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