Putting a little GATOR in our Weekend

As I’m currently waiting for Mr. Knight to give me all the pictures from our rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding activities, why not post about a little Gator fun? I promise to start recaps soon!!! :-)

First off, if you don’t know who John Brantley is and your a Gator fan… I can’t talk to you. Okay? Good, glad we cleared that up!

This past weekend Gator Bridesmaid and I went to the Florida Football Women’s Clinic at UF. I first saw the clinic blogged by Hannah of A Very Gator Wedding, and I just had to do it. Working out like a Gator Football player? Yes! Pictures with Urban Meyer? Yes! Tour the Football locker room and smell Gator football player sweat? YES!!!!

Gator Bridesmaid and I had a fabulous time with the 600 other women there, supporting the American Cancer Society, getting up close and personal with Gator Football coaches, and showing gator spirit!

Gator Bridesmaid and I, all fresh faced and perky, waiting in line for a picture with Urban Meyer. ♥him

Learning how Gators get ready for Game Day!

Gator Bridesmaid and I with the Gator head in the new Football complex (which so happens to be off the charts AWESOME). You see those double doors behind us? Those lead right through the tunnel and into the stadium… how cool is that?

In the boy’s locker room after 2-3 hours (the day was a blur) in the HOT sun on the practice field doing drills. Which explains the ultra sweaty-ness displayed in this picture.

Best picture ever. All the Gator boys shirtless. You’ll want to click this picture to make it larger. Gator Bridesmaid and I were seriously considering having a canvas printed with this image. Gator Bridesmaid took this picture while one of the football players (I think?) was watching us… super awkward, but so worth it!

And what’s a post about us in the Gator Boy’s locker room, without a picture of the two of us invading Brantley’s personal space? We were good girls and didn’t touch any of his stuff. Other women start posing with his tie and beaded necklace. Out of control.

Later that evening Gator Bridesmaid, Mr. Knight and I had dinner at The Swamp. Yum Yums. We seriously had an overall awesome Gator filled weekend. The Women’s football clinic got us all excited for football season!

So what else has Mrs. Gator been up to? Well, I started my big girl job (hooray!), have been busy setting up my desk area for my design shop, working on my Etsy shop (stay tuned for a big reveal!), designing wedding products for Brides who contact me (love doing this!), and lovin Mr. Knight. :-) It’s been VERY busy around here.

What’s up next? If I can wrestle our rehearsal dinner pictures from Mr. Knight’s computer, then we’ll get started with some Gator/Knight Wedding recaps (woo-hoo), starting with a Bridal Luncheon for my ladies!

♥ Mrs. Gator

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  1. gator bridesmaid says:

    yay!!! I had soo much fun!!! A MUST-Do for all those Gator girls out there. They do it every year around the same time so keep ur eyes out for it! My sister saw my pictures and is dying to do it next year 2!!! Got to get them started early!!!

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