Preparing for Gator Growl

At the University of Florida we have this little ol’ thing called Gator Growl.

Okay, I lied. It isn’t ‘little’ it’s actually the largest student run pep rally in the United States (and possibly the World?). Last year Gator Bridesmaid joined me at Gator Growl and we had a freakin’ awesome time. Mr. Knight decided not to go and regretted missing a knock-out performance by the The Jabbawockeez. This year the Growl will certainly not disappoint. But, before I let y’all know who will be performing in that amazing place I like to call ‘the SWAMP,’ check out the super cute gear Florida Blue Key is selling in preparation for the event:

Hello? How CUTE is that? I want this combo pack BAD, and at $12 a pop it certainly doesn’t break the bank, making this little lady a happy Gator Wife!
source Gator Growl

Now to the business at hand… who is performing?!?! Why it’s the hilarious Aziz Ansari! Okay, so you probably don’t recognize the name, but once you see the face you might:

He plays Tom Haverford on “Parks and Recreation,” one of Mr. Knight and I’s FAVORITE shows. Love him.
source Gator Growl
One of our favorite skit’s DJ Roomba

Comedians Kevin Hart and Dan Levy will also be performing. With all the hard work Mr. Knight and I have been putting in on our day jobs and our personal projects, we need a night out and a good laugh.

Gator Growl is Friday October 15th. Oh yeah, and I can’t wait to rock out with those florescent green sunglasses. Amazeballs.

Are you planning on going to Gator Growl this year? Are you not going and wish you were going?

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  1. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    I wish I was going!!! anad i want the combo pack 2! that shirt is super cute!Soo jealous but im sure u guys will have a blast!!

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh I have way too many free Gator shirts hiding under my bed for my awesome quilt that I will have someone make for me *one day* – Pete would kill me if I brought this home.

    I’ll be missing the Growl for the 4th year in a row now, I always seem to be out of the country for work when it comes along. How sad ;)

  3. Shannon W. says:

    <3 your blog! I'm a UF Undergrad and will be at Gator Growl!

  4. kaity says:

    PLANNING to go – all for Aziz.

    Just got to take the day off work :)

  5. Mrs Gator says:

    @Gator Bridesmaid: Miss you BUNCHES!!!!!! I will do an extra GROWL just for you that night. :-)

    @Hannah: I had way too many Gator Shirts too. I donated most of them to Goodwill and gave a few to my family.

    @Shannon W: Aweee! You are the SWEETEST! See you there! lol

    @Kaity: Aziz is the bomb, for sure!

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