Post-Wedding Bridal Portraits

Since I jumped the gun and published my Gator Friday post early this week, we’re going to skip it today and feature some pictures of sweet Seminole Bridesmaid.

Okay, so obviously today’s post isn’t about me. I know, y’all love it when I talk about myself (only joking). This little ditty is about Seminole Bridesmaid (SB). SB was married a few years back. She never had bridal portraits taken (nor did I), which is a big ol’ thang here in the South. Recently she had the opportunity to “play” Bride again when her friends, who run An Absolutely Fabulous Wedding, needed a model for some promotional shots. Who wouldn’t say yes to the chance to get dolled up, prance around in a wedding dress (in cold December weather!) and have your photo taken? The result was some pretty awesome photos of SB.

To see the rest of the photos from the shoot visit photographer Tiffany Vaughn’s bliggity blog.

Do you plan/did you take bridal portraits?

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  1. That dress looks very nice on Seminole Bridesmaid. The photographer did a great job :-)

  2. Emily says:

    I didn’t know you were doing this:)

    25 Degrees to be exact

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