Ponte Vedra Beach Wedding Highlights // Caroline + Ryan

Ryan + Caroline // Highlight Reel from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

We’re back! And, oh my gosh… what a wedding to come back to!

As you might have noticed, we haven’t put up a new wedding reel in over 5 months! Of course, our new bundle of joy just had to be born in the middle of busiest couple of months for us wedding vendors: March & April. We don’t typically get too much in January and February which is nice because it’s usually the only time we get a chance to go on vacation and such. So, with the slow months of January and February and our months off for Tanner, March and April, we didn’t get the opportunity to capture the love we love to capture until Caroline and Ryan’s wedding.

Of course, we had other things to keep us busy (not to mention a baby) like the Lakeside Ranch Promo, Matt’s Proposal Video, the Beloved Photography Promo with Kristin Kozelsky, and the Fairytale Wedding Show.

But, more about our awesome couple… and their perfect wedding day!

Caroline and Ryan 3

The day started off at this amazing beach house in Ponte Vedra Beach. The first half of the day was perfect: sunny, warm, with a slight breeze. It was everything you could ask for with a wedding by the beach. We finished up at the house with Caroline getting into her amazing dress and Ryan seeing her for the first time at their first look.

Then we were off to the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Spa’s lawn which is nestled between the beach and a golf course. What a nice spot! The wedding went off without a hitch despite the fact that Caroline and Ryan had, like, a ZILLION bridesmaids and groomsmen! I think only Myron and Michelle beat them out on this one. They were all awesome, though, and were a true testament to the type of people that Caroline and Ryan are. Not everyone can amass that many people close enough to have as an integral part of your wedding day.

Caroline and Ryan 13

Caroline and Ryan 9

Just as Tania from Clear Skies Photography was finishing up the family portraits, the rain started to fall. So, with a brisker-than-usual pace, we trekked across the street to the actual Inn and Club where they were having the reception in an open courtyard. Oh no! Not to worry, though. When the time came for them to be introduced and have their first dance, the rain had subsided and, thanks to G-Nys Entertainment, the rest of the reception was full of dancing, laughter, and fun and capped off by what had to be the best-organized sparkler exit of all time.

Caroline and Ryan 7

We wish Caroline and Ryan the best for the future and we have absolutely no doubt that will be the case with all the friends and family. Caroline’s father put it best: “The most important things in life are not things. They’re the people who you’ve touched their lives and who’ve touched your lives. And these people are here because you’ve touched their lives…”

Stay tuned for more updates as we get back in the swing of things with a new baby, and tackle more reels! :)