• A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

    While I am completely convinced Mr. Knight and I will have more pictures then we know what to do with from our photographers on our wedding day, I still want to see all the fun/quirky/silly pictures our guests have taken. I first thought of putting disposable cameras on every table. Loved the idea. The downside? All the pictures would be low quality and I’m a high resolution kinda gal. So… that was a ‘no go.’

    Picture 1source SAAB Weddings

    I was racking my brain trying to come up with a way our guests could share their pictures with us when I came across Mrs. Cupcake’s recap of her wedding on WeddingBee. Funny… Weddingbee keeps turning up in all my posts, I can’t help but love that blog!  :-)

    Anyways, she placed little cards she made out on a table so guests could pick them up on their way out. The card had a web address were guests could go and share their pictures with everyone. What a great idea! Being that Mr. Knight is so tech savvy, this is the perfect route for us to go. Now… this is the part where I feel very unoriginal (oh where is your creativity Miss Gator?). I absolutely loved every detail of Mrs. Cupcake’s wedding (she is a graphic designer so her wedding was naturally AMAZING!). I made Mr. Knight and I’s cards very much like hers. Check them out ↓

    picture cards copy

    I totally feel like the master of getting the most out of our engagement pictures. Hey, they are awesome and we love them! We made them bookmark size through Overnight Prints. They were $14.95 (that included shipping) for 100 of them. They came glossy and super cute. I believe the site was having a 50% off sale when we ordered them (they practically have this sale constantly).

    Overall these have become a cute and unexpected addition to our wedding. Plus they double as bookmarks! Hooray!

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  • Another Amazing Cinematic Wedding Video

    Okay… so I know I posted a Cinematic Wedding Trailer last week (I’m so bad!), but I can’t help but post another completely awesome video I found on Mrs. Kitten’s blog. There is just something about these video’s that just gets to me. The video is a little longer, and totally tells the story of this couple’s wedding day in a very cinematic way… ↓

    kimmie + trevor’s highlights // toronto from StillMotion on Vimeo.

    The video totally has a different vibe then the video I previously posted but I still LOVE it. The videographer really captured the emotion of this couple’s wedding day. While this may not be something Mr. Knight and I are interested in (I’ve always been one for comedies not dramas, I just love laughing!), it is still a very awesome and epic wedding video that I love. I think I’ve watched the video like 6 times… obsess much?

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  • Give Some Love♥ for Gator Weddings

    Yes… I have been bad. It has been quite some time since I have posted anything Gator related (oh the HORROR!)… I certainly have not been living up to my name as Miss Gator. So here is a post to start catching my little Gator-Bride-butt up. :-)

    The campus is a beautiful place for photos, as seen in Mr. Knight and I’s engagement photos (LOVE THEM!). Many Bride and Grooms flock to the University of Florida campus on their wedding day to capture some awesome photos of their alma mater, their favorite team, and the beautiful campus. Check out how some of the area wedding photographers have captured very Gator engagement sessions and unique wedding photos that I’m sure the Bride and Groom will cherish forever… ↓

    blog-23 How excited are this Bride and Groom to get to pose with the awesome Albert and Alberta?
    source:  Pure Photography

    stadium1source:  Jimmy Ho Photography

    kelly P-020 (single)Channeling a certain Beatles cover, are we?
    source:  Powers Photography

    blog-1-41source:  Pure Photography

    kelly P-025 (single)source:  Powers Photography

    blog-11source:  Pure Photography

    laurendarren-1-14What a fun picture!
    source:  Pure Photography

    Picture 4Umm… don’t you just love us?
    source:  Starks Photography ←absolutely LOVE them

    Mr. Knight was initially skeptical of having our Engagement shoot on the UF campus (being that he is a knight and all). He was worried my Gator-love would get out of hand. But I kept it under control and remained the cool, calm, collected Gator Bride that I am. The results… pictures we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

    Don’t forget the beautiful Baughman Center is on campus, another photographer’s dream location. Photos on the campus are definitely an awesome, very GATOR, and unique way to capture your love ♥ of the Florida Gators.

    Stay tuned for an entry about how to incorporate the awesome-ness that is UF and the Florida Gators, tastefully (oh yes… we gators are a classy bunch!) into your Wedding details.

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  • I Have to Confess… I am Absolutely in LOVE with Cinematic Wedding Videos!

    When I first started looking into videography for our upcoming nuptials I knew I didn’t want something ordinary. When I came across Mrs. Kitten’s wedding video over on WeddingBee, I immediately fell in love with ‘cinematic’ wedding videos. They are more then just a documentary of you and your hubby’s special day, they re-tell your wedding day in an epic way. Don’t take my word for it, check out Mrs. Kitten’s video below ↓

    How cute and cinematic is Mrs. Kitten’s wedding video?

    Umm… I think I’m in love ♥ {swoon}

    Unfortunately these videos sometimes come at a hefty price tag (this company running $2500+ OUCH!). I’m currently out there searching for local companies who do this at a reasonable price. I will report my findings to all my Gator Bride-er’s soon. :-)

    Mr. Knight and I are currently working on securing a videographer to capture our wedding in a cinematic way (more on that to come!). Once we have worked things through with them, I will reveal their awesome-ness to you (and their good price!). Stay tuned my little gators!

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  • Preserving Your Beautiful Bouquet

    Before coming into this world of “everything wedding”, I had never heard of bouquet preservation. After hearing from a bride who had hers done, it only seemed like the perfect answer. Many brides obsess over their bouquet for their wedding (umm..I’m guilty!) and even have a few nightmares over flowers (uhh..that would be me too!), so it only seems fitting to have the awesome bouquet you toted around on this very special day preserved. Now I’m not talking about having it in a little glass dome on your coffee table… can you say tacky? There are so many new ways of preserving your bouquet for years to come.

    One company that preserves wedding bouquets is Keepsake Florals. A friend of mine used this company to preserve her bouquet and it turned out beautiful! You can choose every little detail in preserving your luscious flowers, it is completely custom. So no worries about the old-Grandma-type glass dome (even though they do make them… eek!). They can do just about anything you want. Check out some of their work below ↓


    how-it-worksThis one is my personal favorite! How cute would this be hanging in a guest room or baby room? Okay… maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself with the baby room. :-)

    If your wedding day has come and gone, they can then do a reproduction of your bouquet. Simply send them a picture and they will recreate your bouquet for preservation as close to the original as possible.

    My friend had this to say about Keepsake Florals:

    It takes quite a few weeks to get but is worth it.  I would definitely give them 5 out of 5 stars for service. They made an appointment on the phone to personally pick everything out and give suggestions to me.

    Her bouquet was composed of Roses, Ranunculus, Stephanotis with rhinestone centers and Ostrich feathers. Check out her before and after photos ↓

    Emilys bouquet

    The keepsake came out to be exactly what she wanted. It is absolutely beautiful and incredibly detailed in person. The picture does not do it justice. There are many places on the internet that do bouquet preservation. If you have worked with another company and had a great experience, be sure to leave a comment and let everyone know!

    Just another unique idea that could only be found in the wonderful world of everything wedding. Who knows… you may see my bouquet beautified and preserved in the future. :-)