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  • Oh Inspiration Boards… How I Despise You!

    I’m really not one for inspiration boards. I feel their abundance in the bridal community is sometimes annoying. Just about every website you go to there is someone pushing an inspiration board in your face. While I agree that they are helpful, I do not agree with them being filled with images that are unattainable (umm Vera Wang gowns and Christian Louboutin shoes anyone?).

    So I have set out to make a very ‘realistic’ inspiration board of Mr. Knight and I’s wedding-to-be. I have been collecting images of what I feel define the mood/tone of Mr. Knight and I’s wedding for the past year now. I only felt it was necessary to jump on the inspiration board bandwagon so that I may show you all exactly what type of wedding me and my knight in shining armor are planning.

    Inspiration Board

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  • Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping Part Two: Solutions Bridal to the Rescue!

    Here comes the EXCITING part. Oh, I get so giddy wanting to tell you all how I found “the one”—the dress which set my little heart a flutter! It all started at the Solutions Bridal in Gainesville, FL. I walked in one (seriously HOT) afternoon to just ‘browse’ their selection of dresses.

    Solutions Bridal

    Photos of the Gainesville Location; taken from Solutions Bridal’s blog The Bridal Closet; look at the detail on those dresses! Oh my!

    I was by myself and had no intention of trying on any dresses. Well… that plan lasted for all of 5 minutes. Kari (who later became my super awesome bridal consultant!) listened carefully for everything I was looking for in a wedding dress. For those who didn’t read Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping Part One, here’s a recap… the criteria for my dream dress is:

    Sweetheart Neckline

    Mr. Knight’s criteria: butt touch-ability (so big fluffy gowns are out!)

    Kari was right on key and pulled a beautiful Wtoo by Watters gown for me. My first instinct was to politely decline trying on the dress until my parents were with me, but, once this beautiful dress was staring me right in the face, I just couldn’t say no! So off I was to the dressing room where I would soon realize this dress would be the dress of all my Gator Bride wedding dreams {blissful sigh} ♥

    As I turned the corner and stepped up onto the platform in front of the mirror, a sudden rush came across me. Now, I’m not a ‘crying’ bride—you will not catch me in a bridal gown crying over finding ‘the One.’ That just isn’t this girl’s style. I knew this dress was ‘the One’ because of how fast my heart was beating and the huge-gigantic-enormous smile I had plastered across my face.

    Watters gowns are known for their impeccable designer detail and their low cost. The price of my dress was well below any dress I had previously tried on or even remotely considered. It also has the most detail. While I will absolutely NOT reveal my awesome dress (as Mr. Knight is an avid reader), I will show you some carefully-blurred images from a Champagne celebration one of my awesome bridesmaids and I had while visiting my sweet dress!↓


    I apologize for the hot mess that I am in these photos. It was about a bazillion degrees in Gainesville.

    Now for the all and important PRICE $$$…

    My beautiful dress was $877. The Lori London flower hair piece (seen up-close here) I’m considering is $110 and the Lori London veil I am also considering is $260. Those two accessories are still up in the air. I have a few others I have been considering but I will save that fun discussion for another post (hip hip hooray!). You will just have to stay tuned my sweet sweet Gator Bride Readers!

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  • Oh My! Your Boudoir is Showing!

    I recently had the opportunity of accompanying a courageous friend to her boudoir shoot. Many brides choose to do a boudoir shoot before their wedding day, but my friend’s wedding day has come and gone so she has chosen to give the photos as a gift to her husband (lucky him!). I have been nervous about doing a boudoir shoot for quite sometime but know that this is something I might want to do for my hubby-to-be. There is just something about skimping down to my undies for a photographer I don’t know that sort of creeps me out… So, alas, my friend (we will call her the ‘guinea pig’) has tested the waters for me so that I may live vicariously through her!

    The photographer we went with was Jaime from JLS Photography out of Gainesville, FL.  Jaime held what she calls a “Rockstar Session” at the The Camelia Rose Inn (a local bed and breakfast) in the ‘Anticipation’ room (by the way, super awesome room). I have to say we were both incredibly nervous going into this but Jaime and her sister were incredibly nice and easy-going. We turned up some tunes and handed my friend (the guinea pig) some champagne as she posed (tastefully!) in her lingerie.

    Before diving head first into a boudoir shoot you will need to find some inspiration…

    Inspiration boudoirYou gotta keep it classy and tasteful girls!
    Left Source: Studio Nouveau Right Source: Spoiled Pretty

    Remember, boudoir shoots don’t have to be risqué—they can be very classy if the pictures are taken with the right photographer. Make sure to communicate exactly what you are looking for with your photographer.

    I definitely recommend bringing a friend that you feel comfortable with when doing a shoot like this (you will need someone to help you get ready, amongst other things). Be sure to have poses and ideas about how you want your shoot to go. My friend arrived hair glamorized and makeup completed. She did a fantastic job and her husband is going to be surprised and shocked when he receives his ‘little black book.’

    Here are some pictures of some of the other ladies who had their boudoir pictures taken by the lovely Ms. Jaime of JLS  Photography

    boudoir examples

    Here is my friend, the awesome and glamorized ‘guinea pig’ (I sooo need to stop calling her that!) and her beautiful photos. These are a surprise for her husband but she has been very kind to give Gator Bride’s blog readers a sneak peek (as long as we keep her pictures a secret!) ↓


    Jaime at JLS Photography will be having another Rockstar Session this fall on Saturday, October 24th. It is currently $250. The session includes:

    A Pre-Session Consultation
    1 hour of photography in the awesome Anticipation Room
    Champagne for those over 21
    a Little Black Book with 20 of your images
    and a Private Online Gallery for your Proofs

    And if you book by the 10th of July you will get $25 off! What a deal on something your man will absolutely love.♥

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  • My First Wedding Nightmare

    Yes I have had it…  My first wedding nightmare and it was AWEFUL!


    In the dream I was headed out to our rehearsal, except our rehearsal wasn’t on the beautiful green golf course we have planned, it was in a chapel in my parent’s front yard! What a chapel (that weirdly enough looked like the Baughman Center) was doing in my parent’s front yard… I have no idea. I only realized it wasn’t our rehearsal when I saw my Dad dressed in his tux and I was in my wedding dress… only my wedding dress hadn’t been altered! Can we say FREAK OUT! Not only was my dress not altered, I had forgotten to order flowers, I had no veil, and I looked like one hot mess.

    Thankfully I woke up and realized it was JUST a dream. But it certainly sent me into a bit of freak out mode and I was unable to sleep. So I got up and did what any good fiance does early in the morning… Mr. Knight’s laundry.

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  • An Underwater Wedding Proposal

    By accident (while looking for places to Scuba Dive in the Keys) I stumbled upon the dive blog of Rainbow Reef out of Key Largo. They had a unique proposal featured on their blog… an underwater proposal! How creative! Apparently Jake called ahead to alert the Rainbow Reef Crew that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Kim, underwater. The crew set everything up and even had one of the dive masters there to take pictures. Can we say AWESOME!

    Her answer? Well the pictures speak for themselves ↓

    Underwater Proposal

    She said YES!

    Picture 7

    Thumbs up from the Groom-to-be!

    Picture 8

    Honestly, how cute are they? Major props to the Groom for thinking up such a creative way to propose to his leading lady!