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  • Lovely {handmade♥} Gator Bridesmaid Dresses

    Boy, it has been quite the week for bridesmaids over here at Gator Bride. First we had beautiful flower hair pieces, then I revealed my lovely bridesmaid dresses, and now we have actual GATOR bridesmaid dresses. I can’t think of a better way to finish out this week!

    One of the lovely ladies from the Florida Bride’s Blog left me a comment with a link to these spirited bridesmaid dresses. I just couldn’t help but blog about them right away! They are made by Haute Fan Couture (email Jana at HauteFanCouture@gmail.com or facebook her) and come in many SEC team colors. Perfect for game day or a spirited orange and blue wedding. Love them!

    Gator Bridesmaid and Flower girl DressesWouldn’t this little girl make the perfect Gator flower girl?
    Photography by Pink Coffee

    UCF Knight and UF Gator Bridesmaid DressesMr. Knight would love this dress in his Alma Mater colors (Black and Gold). But really, everyone knows the dress on the right is way cuter!
    Photography by Pink Coffee

    I think I may just have to get one of these dresses. They are just too cute to pass up!

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  • A Budget Bride’s Search for the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

    When I first started looking for bridesmaid dresses I knew one thing: I didn’t want to get them at David’s Bridal.

    I know this is silly. David’s Bridal has about a bazillion dresses in hundreds of colors. I just felt that purchasing from David’s Bridal would be like buying from ‘The Man’—a company built around playing on the emotions of brides and gorging the pockets of their bridesmaids (but what bridal store doesn’t do this?). Plus, purchasing bridesmaid dresses from a huge bridal warehouse didn’t really jive with me (and I thought their dresses were low quality for the price). Yes, I was crazy.

    I was obsessed with finding a dress under $100 and one that my gals could wear again. I began my search online at Macys, Dillards, and Nordstrom. I thought it would be easy to find a light blue dress for our little garden wedding…but GEEZ I couldn’t find any dress remotely near the color I was looking for (or in the price range I was looking for).

    While on one of my (many) trips to Solutions Bridal in Gainesville, I came across a beautiful Watters bridesmaid dress. But, once again, the price was a shocker coming in at about $204. J Crew makes a similar dress priced at $180. I was left disheartened by how much I loved both dresses and that I was extremely uncomfortable asking my bridesmaids to pay so much. My wonderful bridesmaid, Emily, saved the day and found a ‘knock off’ of both dresses as an ‘online exclusive’ at David’s Bridal. And the price? $120. I was SOLD! Plus I found a discount code which took $20 off each dress (put in 0029RWD1 at checkout), putting them right into the price range I was looking for. Hooray!!!

    Now for a comparison between these three gorgeous (and garden style) dresses:

    Bridesmaid Dress Comparisons

    From Left to Right: Watters $204; J Crew $180; David’s Bridal $120 ($100 with coupon)

    Here’s a picture of the J Crew dress in action:
    J Crew bridesmaid dress modeled in Real Weddingsource Once Wed


    Here is a picture of the dress (David’s Bridal #83362) in ‘real life.’ Picture came out a little more turquoise then it really is.

    I have to say I was a little skeptical about the David’s Bridal version but was pleasantly surprised when the dresses came in. They were even more beautifully crafted then I expected (and I got them within 3 days of ordering). All of my bridesmaids love them. I certainly give David’s Bridal brownie points on this one. I won’t be so quick to judge in the future after seeing the beauty this company has produced. :-)

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  • A Tasteful Gator Wedding of the Week

    This is a cute (and very GATOR) bride and groom I came across while visiting OnceWed. While I’m unsure if this couple knew that they were ‘representin’ for the Gators on their wedding day, I do know that they certainly have a fabulous color combination. They prove that you can certainly incorporate that swanky orange and blue into your wedding day attire.

    Bride and Groom dressed in subtle Gator colorsUmm… that dress = AMAZING!
    source OnceWed

    Pictures of the Orange and Blue dressed Bride and Groomsource OnceWed

    Whoever said blue seersucker suits were out of style?

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  • Little Beauties for My Beautiful Bridesmaids

    At first, I really didn’t want to reveal any gifts I would be giving my beautiful bridesmaids. But, I declared that not showing these little lovelies would be a disservice to my awesome Gator Bride readers. They are just so incredibly beautiful. I only had them in  my hot little hands for 5 minutes and here I am writing a post about them! So here is my story on how these little babies got to be in my Gator Bride hands…

    After choosing (and my bridesmaids purchasing) an aqua colored bridesmaid dress, I decided that, without a doubt, they would need a hair flower to grace their lovely locks. It would help complete the look of Mr. Knight and I’s romantic/garden wedding. The search for a bridesmaid dress was long and discouraging at times, but I will save that story for another day. When searching for a hair flower I immediately got on Etsy and found the store of the seller JMGJewelDesign. I loved her flower hair piece called ‘beach wedding’ but had a difficult time with paying $36 a piece one for my bridesmaids. I’m a budget bride—this was WAY out of my budget. So I messaged her to see if she could make them in a smaller version for me (and since I would be ordering so many, if a discount could happen as well). She quickly responded that she could make me a smaller version for $14 a pop. SCORE!

    They are made of hand-trimmed ivory silk, ivory and powder almond Swarovski pearls, aqua tulle and felt petals. Check them out↓

    Beautiful Hair Flower for Miss Gator's Bridesmaids

    I highly recommend JMGJewelDesign. She did an amazing job and I am sure my bridesmaids will love their custom (and handmade!) hair pieces.

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  • The Etsy Way of Outfitting Your Groom

    I very much believe that, when you can, you should buy handmade. Not only are you getting an item which is (at times) completely custom but you are also supporting an Artist (and their art) and usually getting a better deal over factory-made items (which is always a plus!).

    There are so many talented Artists and Designers over on Etsy. When looking through the wedding category, I am stunned by the amount of talent and beautiful items that are being sold. Any idea you have ever had for your wedding, chances are there is someone who can make it for you on Etsy. Just about anything in a Seller’s shop can be altered to fit your wedding. Mr. Knight and I had some pretty awesome custom Gator cake toppers made through Etsy. My bridal consultant Kari had her Groom’s cake toppers custom made through Etsy too. So, without further adieu, here is a small taste of items available on Etsy to outfit your Groom on your Wedding day ↓

    Etsy Groom Accessories

    MichelleVerbeeck His/Hers Hitched Cuff $14; ErinBorges “In Case You Get Cold Feet” Socks $30; Cuftlynx Custom Cuff Links $60; MeandMatilda Black Damask Tie $19.99; JMGJewelDesign Flower Fascinator and Boutonniere $45; Somethingbluedesigns I ♥ My Wife Shirt $14.95; InitialImpressions Personalized Grosgrain Ribbon Tag Set (for Dress and Tie) $13; MeandMatilda Modern Ring Bearer and Tie Set $38.99

    Sometimes we are so concerned with what we (as brides) are wearing that we forget how important the groom’s attire is in relation to the bride. It is important to remember that the groom’s attire is JUST as important as the bride’s. I know… you all are say “What are you thinking Miss Gator? The bride is the most important!” Well, it is important the groom and bride compliment each other. You can really make a bold statement with the groom’s attire, which often makes for some pretty SWEET pictures. Check out below↓

    Very Dashing Bride and Groom Kissing

    Complimenting Bride and Groom My little heart skips a beat every time I see this beautiful wedding. I just love the look!
    source: Once Wed