1 Part Blurb, 2 Parts Guestbook and A Whole Lotta Love

The day has arrived. Our Blurb Guestbook is here! I know I’m an early girl…I have been a very busy bride getting together details for Mr. Knight and I’s nuptials next year. And with that, I didn’t want to go with the typical wedding guestbook. You know, the one where everyone just signs their name, kind of like they are checking into your wedding, like its a hotel. Which I felt was kind of lame and totally not Mr. Knight and I’s style. So begins the story of our guestbook.

I wanted something where guests could leave more then just their name. I hope for guests to leave messages for us. So when looking through all the ways of making a non-typical guestbook I decided on using our engagement photos and compiling them into a Blurb book (ohhh another way to use them in our wedding..boy am I sneaky! After all the Starks did such an awesome job…how could I pass up using them!).

After downloading the Blurb software, it was super easy putting the book together. And when I say super easy… I mean SUPER easy. :-)

Check out our guestbook’s awesome-ness below ↓

blurbbook cover

Oh..it hurts to have to blur our beautiful font on the front but alas…privacy. The back cover has the date we started dating. It has been 6 1/2 wonderful years ♥

blurbbook copy

The pages were all made in Photoshop then placed as Jpegs in the Blurb software program. The book cost total about $35. This included 40 pages, image wrap, with premium paper, along with a promo code which gave me $10 off (covered shipping). There are promo codes for Blurb all over the Internet. I used hewlettpackard10. I’m unsure if the code still works but it is worth a try.

I’m so happy to finally be holding our cute little Blurb guestbook (it took about 2 weeks to get here!). It will not only be a guestbook for our friends and family to leave messages for us on our wedding day but it will also double as an album of our super awesome engagement photos. Hooray!

From the Baughman Center With Love ♥

Ahh the beautiful Baughman Center. For Gainesville Brides (and Gator Brides) this is ‘the place’ to get married. It is located on the UF campus and has been the center of many absolutely beautiful weddings. As I said in my previous post about the UF campus, there is no bad place to take a picture here. The area is full of fabulous spots…a photographer’s (and bride’s!) dream.

The interior of the Baughman Center. Absolutely stunning!

The interior of the Baughman Center. Absolutely stunning!
Source: Pure Photography


You have to just love door photos…so incredibly sweet♥
Source: Pure Photography


How beautiful at night!
Source: Jimmy Ho Photography


Source: Shaun Saxon Photography


Source: Shaun Saxon Photography


Source: SixGunPhoto

As for Mr. Knight and I, we will not be having our ceremony here (yes..how upsetting!). But by golly I am still a Gator Bride, darn it! Even though my little heels will not be gracing this beautiful building they will, however, be gracing a certain Country Club in Ormond Beach. Ohhh I feel another wonderful post on it’s way :-)

A reFRESHing Look at Love Story Videos

As I was satisfying my typical daily dose of Weddingbee I came across a post by the wonderful Mrs. Meatball. Her and her husband did a remake of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song for their love story video. I have seen other love story videos with just voice overs of the couple-to-be talking about how they met…but never have I come across such a unique and awesome love story video as this…just watch!

What a seriously awesome couple. How cute are they?

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