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  • A Bridal Shower Invitation with Character

    Dear Mr. Postman,

    Thank you so much for bringing me such joyful things in the mail… as a few days ago I opened the mail to an invitation for my bridal shower next weekend! Looking forward to more joyful mail (please no bills!).

    with love,
    Miss Gator

    bridal shower invitation montage
    by Miss Gator

    I totally just received the cutest bridal shower invitation in the mail (I might be biased, since the invitation is to my bridal shower, but, what can I say?).  Mama Knight ordered super cute invites and enlisted the help of Knight Dad and Mr. Knight to make a cute little map to the shower, and a theme/registry info card (plus, I heard that Sweet Bridesmaid helped address them). It was truly a family affair! I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have such an awesome and thoughtful future family!

    Oh yes, and the invitations certainly included my alter ego, Miss Gator. Look how happy I look in the little sketch Knight Dad did of me for the map? My eyes are practically jumping out of their sockets! I also heart {like real bad} that it actually says on the invitation that the bridal shower is hosted by “Mr. Knight’s Mom.” How adorable is that?! Gator Bride ALL THE WAY!!

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  • Staying Grounded

    I’ve gotten to the point in Mr. Knight and I’s wedding planning process where I no longer look at inspirational wedding websites. There’s no more clicking through the pages of Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, or Southern Weddings (and wasting 3 hours of my Saturday/Sunday… or School day). The only wedding websites I stick to these days are still my trusty ol’ Wedding Bee and the sites of my blogging Brides that I love to follow (you can find them on the left, in my link list). Just when I thought I no longer needed my sweet Wedding Bee, it presents me with something that keeps me coming back for more. This time, it is Heart Stoppers.

    I’ve had the problem of my wedding shoes slipping on carpet, and since there is tons of carpet at the Country Club where we are having our reception, I knew I was going to have issues. I hadn’t really began the search for a remedy and then {wa-lah} I came across a blogging bride on Wedding Bee who mentioned these lovely little heart shaped shoe grippers. I was smitten! I immediately ordered these and are now waiting patiently for them to come in the mail.

    source drugstore.com

    Heart Stoppers, $7
    source Alexandre Weddings

    How adorable are these? Plus, you know I love a good photo op!
    Cuteness + Practicality =  a Winner!

    Did you ever find something completely unexpected while browsing your favorite blogs/websites that caused you to jump up in the air and cheer? Okay, so maybe I didn’t jump up in the air and cheer when I saw these, but I definitely let out a little squeal of excitement!

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  • New Year, New Wedding Website

    Mr. Knight immediately started building us a wedding website the day after we got engaged (a whole 2 years ago). So, at the time, we quickly picked some wedding colors (blue & green) and he got to work. Now that our invitations are about to head out in the mail on Monday morning (eek! I’m jittery with excitement!), we felt we needed to update our wedding website, since we are referring our guests to our website in our invitations, for further details (directions, detailed menu, registry, etc).

    Okay… so I have to tell you, Mr. Knight and I have been putting off the wedding website re-design for weeks. As I like to say ‘we were avoiding it like the plague.’ This past weekend, Mr. Knight took matters into his own hands and forced both of us to sit down and re-design the site. I was kicking and screaming the whole time, as I felt watching my recorded shows, Grey’s Anatomy and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, were more fun.

    With the re-design (well it was more of a color change, and landing page change), our new color scheme (aqua & yellow), and our new design palette I developed over winter break, were incorporated.

    Before: our old design colors and fonts…

    The picture the slide show is currently on is from Mr. Knight’s 21st Birthday Party. Mama Knight surprised him by flying in from Arizona for it! Of course, Mr. Knight said he wasn’t surprised and said that I gave it away because I kept saying “We have a super big surprise for you, for your birthday!” over, and over again, for the week leading up. What can I say? I get really excited about surprises!

    After: our beautiful color and header change!

    Do you recognize that picture? Yup, that would be from our UF Engagement shoot, shot by the wonderful Ben and Amy of Starks Photography. Umm… do you totally love the little ‘love birds’ kissing on our header? I DO!!! (wait, let me practice for the big day)
    I do, I do, I DO!

    The changes included:

    • New header
    • Color change and font change on each of the pages
    • Slideshow of our Engagement Pictures and Blue Springs pictures on the main page (it was originally a mash-up of pictures of the two of us over the 7 1/2 years we’ve been together)
    • addition of the “Videos” page
    • addition of the “Registry” page (my new favorite page, but not my favorite for what you think… check out below!)

    Still need to do:

    • “How We Met” Page –  Yes… I know this should be the ‘easiest’ page, but Mr. Knight and I’s story is a long one that spans several years, so it is tough to get it all out in print. A few summers ago, we went back home and visited all the ‘big’ places in our lives (our schools, and the auditorium where we first started dating) with a video camera and taped our “How We Met.” But… I was in a grumpy mood that day, and was extremely uncomfortable standing with a video camera outside our old schools video taping, so I’ve deemed all the footage ‘un-watchable.’
    • “Wedding Details” Page – This page will be filled with information from directions to our Wedding, Accommodations, and detailed Menu information (of which, Mr. Knight is currently working on).

    I said above that my new favorite page is our Registry page. Not for the reasons you might be thinking, but because of the great design of it! Check it out below…

    I absolutely love the palm tree on this page, and the little wrapped gifts. Can you guess who made those? Mr. Knight!! I feel so lucky to have such a creative and talented sweety. By far, one of the prettiest pages on our wedding website!

    Did you have to make any changes to wedding stuff you had already done/created because of a wedding color/theme/style change?

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  • Miss Gator’s Easy DIY Daisy Pomanders

    What are ‘pomanders’? Well, when Mr. Knight and I jumped on this crazy ride called ‘our wedding,’ we had no idea. I simply dubbed them ‘daisy balls’ till I could properly pronounce their official name (thanks to some help from Seminole Bridesmaid aka the wedding guru).

    image from WeddingBee classifieds

    After seeing these daisy pomanders in the WeddingBee classified section for $75 for 10 of them (not including shipping or shepherds hooks to hang them on), I figured I could tackle these myself (and since the listing quickly sold, I had no choice but to make them myself). So, on I went to Wal-mart to purchase 6 green floral foam balls (only 6, not 10, because we are on quite the budget), yellow ribbon, and several bunches of daisies.

    These beautiful daisy pomanders are super easy (and really quite fun to put together).

    Step-by-Step Instructions: (I apologize I don’t have photos, I made these last May, before my sweet little blog was created)

    1. Cut the faux daisy off the bunch at about 1.5″ from the flower
    2. Take the flower stem and stick it into the floral foam ball (I originally bought a hot glue gun to glue the daisies into the ball, but found that simply just sticking them into the ball, held them enough)
    3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat until the green of the floral foam ball is no longer seen
    4. Then take a strip of ribbon, fold it over into a knot. String a large metal paper clip through the ribbon and stick the paper clip into the floral foam ball.
    5. Adjust the daisies until the paper clip is no longer seen.

    photos courtesy of Mr. Knight

    And… WA-LAH! You have a Daisy Pomander, ready to hang on a cute little shepherds hook, or chair arm.

    • faux white daisy bunches $4.50/bunch
    • green floral foam ball $2.37/piece
    • 40 inch Shepard’s hook $5.97/piece

    Total per Daisy Pomander set = $13.28
    Grand total for 6 sets = $79.71
    all items bought at Wal-Mart

    The ad on WeddingBee classifieds charged $7.50 per pomander (no hook), and I made them for about $7.31 each (no hook).  Which I think, isn’t quite bad at all!

    Our ceremony decor hanging in our wedding closest. Mr. Knight even installed a light in the closest, so I could better see and organize all our wedding stuff. What a sweety!

    These babies are now hanging peacefully (as long as Gator Kitty doesn’t get to them!) in our wedding closet. Yes…. we have a closest mostly devoted to all things wedding. We are very lucky to have this extra storage space to hold our items safe from the grips of Gator Kitty.

    Are any of you planning on DIY decor for your ceremony?

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  • That ‘Something Blue’

    As the old saying goes, the Bride is to carry…

    Something Old, Something New,
    Something Borrowed and Something Blue

    on her wedding day for good luck. I actually love this tradition, and have finally found my ‘something blue.’

    I originally thought my cute orange and blue garter, I picked up a few months ago, would be my ‘something blue.’ But, when I really thought about it, I wouldn’t be wearing my garter for the whole wedding (probably slipping it on a few minutes before the garter toss), and felt I needed a ‘something blue’ that would be with me throughout the day. Little did I know that my earrings would become my ‘something blue’!

    Check out these beautiful Aquamarine drop earrings Mr. Knight bought me!
    You know they are a winner when Gator Kitty gives her ‘paw of approval’!
    (Yes… that would be my wedding shoes in the background. I decided to have a wedding accessory photo shoot one afternoon.)

    These earrings are absolutely beautiful in person (pictures do not do them justice!), and the Aquamarine is such a pale blue that it will be barely noticeable (plus the vintage look of them goes perfectly with my dress).

    So… this is my status so far:

    Something Old: Still searching, though the vintage lace I bought on eBay to make my veil would suffice. But, still looking.
    Something New: My dress! (and just about everything else I’m wearing that day)
    Something Borrowed: Still searching!
    Something Blue: My earrings!

    So, as it stands, I still need my ‘something borrowed’ which could also work for my ‘something old.’ Any suggestions?

    What are you planning to wear/wore on your wedding day to satisfy this time-less tradition?