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  • The Search for the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Dress

    The search is on!!!

    It is the holiday season, and you know what that means….tons of wonderful family time with the Gator Family {love them♥}  Plus… tons of sales on special occasion dresses after the holidays are over! I have been scouring the net for the perfect dress, since I’ve found my wedding dress, finding the rehearsal and bridal shower dresses are the next best thing!

    Our rehearsal is being held on the golf green at the country club Mr. Knight and I will be married at, along with a poolside dinner out on a beautiful deck overlooking a lake (okay… more of a man-made pond… bear with me here).

    Okay… so this isn’t the exact location on the golf course we will be married at, but it does give you an idea for the area, and how incredibly beautiful it is. You can see how Mr. Knight and I fell in love with this place. Did I mention it also used to be the site of a theme park in the 1970s, complete with tea cup ride and ferris wheel? I’ll save that for another post!

    This is an actual picture of our rehearsal dinner location. Pretty amazing, right?

    We are planning for some good southern food with pulled pork, corn on the cob, pasta salad, apple cobbler for dessert (Mr. Knight and I’s favorite) and Malibu Bay Breezes for drinks, along with Iced Tea and Lemonade. We really wanted something informal and fun, where we can mingle and just hang out with our friends and family.

    Now that I’ve given you an idea of the ‘scene’ for our rehearsal dinner, its time for some dress ideas!

    But, before I lead you through a ton of dresses I have been looking at to fulfill my need for the ‘perfect’ little rehearsal dinner dress, I must introduce you to the very first rehearsal dinner dress I ‘bought.’

    My first love…

    Phoebe DressPhoebe Petal Dress, Out of Stock… everywhere
    This dress was ‘the one’ for the rehearsal dinner… or so I thought. When I first saw it I ordered it immediately… and so did every other women in the United States {sigh}. I was so upset when I got the e-mail from Nordstrom that my beautiful Rehearsal Dinner dress was sold out and they would not be shipping her to me. But… as Gator Mom always says “if it isn’t meant to be, it isn’t meant to be.”

    And so… the search begins…

    Bushing Faille DressBlushing Faille Dress, Anthropologie, $188
    Mr. Knight and Seminole Bridesmaid’s current favorite. I have to agree. It is quite fabulous. But the price… not so fabulous. :-(

    Donna Morgan DressDonna Morgan Silk Chiffon Dress, Nordstrom, $138
    I like this dress a lot. But, I feel this is the type of dress I always go for… which is probably why I like it so much.

    Aidan Mattox DressAidan Mattox Dress, $158.39
    Can’t you just image this dress poolside, flowing in the wind. How beautiful!

    BCBG Laser Cut DressBCBG Laser Cut Dress, $119.90
    I’m a sucker for the laser cut dress. I included this dress in the mix, because I sort of like it… but I’m pretty sure it isn’t ‘the one.’

    Nicole Miller DressNicole Miller Dress, $160
    This dress may have a little too much going on… but I like it quite a bit. :-) I originally saw it on sale at Rue La La and almost bought it on the spot… I think I should have… because it was way cheaper then it is now.

    Nicole Miller DressFront of Dress

    Back of Nicole Miller DressBack of Nicole Miller Dress
    Veve Georgette Dress, $215
    Okay… so the dress price is a little high again, but I love the way this dress looks from the front and back. Maybe if I stalk it online long enough it will go on sale even more (it was originally priced at $430)!

    Nostalgia Dress, $89, Etsy
    This dress is super cute (despite the unimpressed look on the models face… you could smile, ya know?), and comes in 50 different colors. I’m actually thinking this may make for a really cute bridal shower dress in poppy yellow (since I love anything Daisy). Plus, purchasing this dress is helping a small business owner grow their business since it is handmade. Good price, AND helping the artist community, what more could you want? :-)

    Here are a few other dresses by Nostalgia on Etsy, all are $89, and are made to order:

    As you can probably see, I can’t seem to make up my mind whether to dress more formal in champagne, or dress more casual, in a light and flow-y printed dress. For me, I think I would feel the most comfortable in a light and flow-y dress. I love the long blue printed flow-y dress above, and would love to wear something similar in a shorter style maybe.

    But, seriously. I really need the help of my Gator Bride readers this time. What should I wear? Do ya’ll have any suggestions on sites to look at or dresses you have seen?

    with love from my orange and blue little heart♥,
    Miss Gator :-)

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  • Wedding of the Week: The AWESOME-est Gator Wedding I have Ever Seen!

    I have stalked this wedding for quite sometime now. It all started with their Gator engagement pictures by Lindsey Tropf of Pure Photography. Then came their wedding photos. Every detail was amazingly Gator! When I first saw the pictures on Lindsey’s blog I could hardly contain myself! They made orange and blue work and it turned out amazing and incredibly chic and fresh! In the back of my head I made a mental note to feature this wedding on the blog.

    Well… weeks went by, school got busy and I quickly forgot about this amazing Gator wedding till one day I got an e-mail from Chan, the bride. She was incredibly sweet and sent me tons of beautiful pictures from her and her husband’s wedding. Her e-mail made my day. I mean… to open your email and have that many Gator wedding pictures in it? What Gator Bride would not be ecstatic? :-)

    But first, here is Chan and Tim’s Love Story (as told by the Bride):

    In 2006 a mutual friend at UF insisted that Tim and I had to meet. When we did meet we realized that we lived next door to each other–our rooms were 10 feet from each other. So the story goes we met by the dumpster (between our two homes).

    To say we are Gator fans is an understatement. During the 2006-2007 football season, Tim and I decided that we should go to every single football game that year, including the out-of-town ones. So minus the national championship game in Arizona, we went to all, including the SEC Championship in Atlanta. Was our first year dating honeymoon-bliss-esque because we were a new couple in love or cause the Gators were champs? Most likely, both ;) The idea of an orange-and-blue came almost naturally to Tim and I. I can honestly say it was a mutual decision. When we would tell people our color scheme, we got a lot of looks–but I was confident we could pull off a contemporary and fun orange-and-aqua-wedding look–and I think we did!

    Even picking our date was contingent on the football schedule. When our ideal date (Oct. 3–the byweek) was not available, we settled on September 12, a game we knew would be a blow-out. Our wedding ceremony was at the All Souls’ Catholic Church in Sanford, FL, and our reception was in the beautiful ballroom of Holy Trinity Reception Center in Maitland, FL. The priest opened up the ceremony by giving us the latest score of the UF-Troy game and intertwined our love for the Gators with our love for each other. Haha.  We were introduced at the reception via a friend who dressed on as Mr. Two Bits and came out to the fight song, of course. We also surprised our family/friends with a little two-minute dance number. A friend/guest actually played on the 2006 National Championship team and he had his SEC Champ ring on him–hence the photos of his ring and mine! Finally, our last song of the night was “We Are the Boys from Old Florida.” It was a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator WeddingA Mr. Two Bits entrance? AMAZING!

    Skip to the 4:38 mark to see Chan and Tim’s Gator Entrance!

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding

    Tim and Chan's Gator Wedding The even did the We are the boys of Old FLLLLLOOORRRIIDAAA! at the end of their wedding. How cool is that?

    I love every detail from this amazingly Gator Wedding. Thank you, Chan, for sending me all these amazing pictures! All photos are by Lindsey Tropf of Pure Photography.

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  • The Wedding’s of the Two Most Important Women in my Life

    And, who, might you ask, are the two most important women in Miss Gator’s life? That would be Gator Momma and Gator Grandma.

    They are the two women throughout my life that have always been there for me—the two women that I could tell just about anything to. Growing up, Gator Grandma took care of me quite a bit. We would play cards (rummy was our favorite game) and go for walks at the park. Even when I was ‘playing’ sick at school, she would drive 30 minutes to come pick me up. She would take me to Mc Donald’s (to get me my .99 cent happy meal), hang out with me for a while, and then take me back to school. She has a way about her that just cracks me up (I think it is the generation gap). When destroyed jeans were the ‘hip’ thing to be wearing, Gator Grandma would see me wearing them and she would ask me why I dressed like I was homeless. She then proceeded to offer to buy me a new pair of jeans. Explaining to her that I bought the jeans with the holes already in them, always seemed useless (haha). She called Mr. Knight ‘my friend’ until we were engaged (which always cracked me up). She would always say, “Where’s your friend?” At least now she says, “Where’s Mr. Knight.” :-)

    Anyways, a while back, Gator Momma‘s sister gave me a picture of Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa at their wedding. I love looking at wedding pictures, and love  looking at family wedding pictures even more.

    Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa on their Wedding DayGator Grandma and Gator Grandpa on their Wedding day

    Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa had 6 children (one of them being the lovely Gator Momma!) and what I love about this wedding picture is that I can see the face of my Gator Momma, my Aunt and all my Uncles in Gator Grandma and Gator Grandpa‘s faces. Gator Grandpa unfortunately passed away before I was born. I have such a strong connection with Gator Grandma, and I always wondered what it would have been like to have known and had a connection with the man my Gator Momma called Dad.

    On Gator Momma‘s wedding day, two of her brothers walked her down the aisle.↓

    Gator Momma's brothers walking her down the aisleDoesn’t Gator Momma look beautiful? It had just rained before Gator Momma and Gator Dad‘s wedding, so the ground was still a little soft. My Uncles literally carried Gator Momma down the aisle so her shoes didn’t get dirty—which I think is incredibly sweet. :-)

    You May Kiss the Bride!!!You may kiss the bride!
    Hey… who’s that little girl that is just outside the left side of the picture holding the basket? Is that Miss Gator? Why, yes it is!!

    Gator Momma and Gator Dad on their Wedding dayGator Momma and Gator Dad on their Wedding at the beautiful Ormond Memorial Gardens.
    Mr. Knight and I are getting married in Ormond and even looked at this location for our ceremony. It was surprisingly smaller then I remembered when I was younger. Funny how you get older and everything appears smaller, isn’t it?

    I loved being apart of the wedding and the wedding planning process with my parents. Okay… so maybe I really didn’t do that much. All I can remember is not doing my job as the flower girl. I was supposed to hand out roses as I walked down the aisle, but I didn’t. I wouldn’t walk with my cousin (the ring bearer) and we refused to hold hands. I remember being a brat because I couldn’t ride in the limo with my parents from the wedding to the reception and crying when they left for their honeymoon because I had never been away from them for that long. Yes… I was a brat on my parent’s wedding day. Just call me Miss Gator, the brat. Either way, there aren’t many people who can say they were there for their parent’s wedding and remember it—which I think is pretty darn special. Yes… I’m a special little brat. :-)

    Gator Momma, Gator Grandma, and Miss GatorGator Momma, Gator Grandma and Miss Gator

    Us, Gator Women, have certainly been blessed with wonderful men in our lives. I will be marrying my knight in shining armor in 4 months and 27 days… 4 months and 27 days!?!? Where has the time flown!

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  • We Can Decorate a Tree in 2 minutes… Can You?

    Yesterday was my BIG HUGE SUPER MAJOR final jury for Grad 3. Boy, am I glad that’s over! I still have quite a bit to do for Thesis and a paper to write for another class, but I chose to take the night off and finally relax. Mr. Knight and I watched the Disney movie Up and decorated the house and our Christmas tree, while listening to cheery Christmas music. It was amazing, and relaxing, and I even got to wrap a few gifts for loved ones (did I ever tell you how much I love to wrap gifts? All the ribbons, and bows and paper… ahh I just love it!).

    Mr. Knight and I thought we would have a little fun this year and share our major fast decorating skill-z with our lovely Gator Bride readers. So, turn up the volume, jam out, and watch us decorate (at super lightening speed!) to Jingle Bell Rock by Straight No Chaser. :-)

    How to Decorate a Tree in 2 Minutes Flat! from Miss Gator on Vimeo.

    Okay… it actually took us about an hour and a half to decorate but doesn’t this video make it look incredibly easy?

    Over the holiday break Mr. Knight and I plan to have our complete invitation design finished, rings (possibly purchased) found, cake tested and ordered, and many little DIY projects accomplished. We put quite a bit on our plate, and I can’t wait to share with you all our journey through it all.

    As for now, Happy Holidays my beautiful Gator Bride-ers!

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  • The Status of Miss Gator

    I apologize for being MIA lately. I can’t believe I went a whole week without posting 1 entry. I feel horrible about neglecting my beautiful Gator Bride readers. I miss you all so much (as I hope you miss me too!). Life as been incredibly busy with finals, thesis writing, and holiday celebrations. I have so much to share with you all, but little time to share it. I promise I will return soon. My last final is on the 15th of December, and I promise I will be back soon after with lots of fun entries. :-)

    This past weekend Mr. Knight and I went back to our hometown and did a little Wedding planning. We met with an Officiant and booked him, and met with our Wedding Coordinator at our Ceremony and Reception location, and signed the contract. We also secured the Bridal Suite I will be staying in with my ladies the night before the wedding (I wish I had taken pictures… what was I thinking?!), and drew up a plan of the seating arrangement and altar placement at our ceremony site.

    Mr. Knight and Miss Gator standing at their Ceremony LocationMr. Knight and I standing in the exact spot where we will be married in May. Check out that sky? Love it!

    The ball is certainly rolling on our wedding, and it is rolling fast! I get super happy when I get to check off one last thing on our extremely long wedding checklist. I have tons of DIY ideas for our wedding and have been collecting supplies. I can’t wait to share them with you all.

    As for now, I will leave you with an image of what my desk looks like at school at the moment.

    Miss Gator's desk at school

    I have to keep telling myself that I only have 2 weeks left of this. 2 weeks… 2 weeks…

    Love and miss you all!
    Miss Gator