• A Very Special Custom Wedding Map

    Wow… how did I get so lucky as to have such awesome future In-Laws?? Not only is Mr. Knight’s Mom throwing me a Bridal Shower (which I’m super excited about) but, Mr. Knight’s Dad has made us a super sweet map for our invitations!

    Mr. Knight and I have been busy working on our invitation design, and when it came to making a little map to let our guests know where our ceremony and reception will be, we were stumped. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to draw (as you can see in my little cake sketch), but for some reason I just wasn’t getting pumped up about this map. So, we enlisted the help of Mr. Knight’s Dad, who whipped us up 2 drafts in about a week. We just received the final copy of the map this week and are quickly sending it off to the printer to have it printed with our RSVP cards, accommodation cards, and Menu Cards.

    But, I just had to give ya’ll a sneak peek at this cute little map. I will be having the ‘big reveal’ of our invitation suite after all our guests receive their invitations (sometime around the March 10th mark). Enough of my jibber jabbering, check out this sneak peek for yourself!

    Um… How cute is our likeness drawn at our ceremony site? LOVE IT! And those palm trees? Beautiful!
    Map drawn by Knight Dad

    We are so incredibly happy with how the map turned out, Knight Dad did an amazing job and we are so honored that he did this for us. I just can’t get over how cute this little map is!

    I have to say that everything is really coming together with our invitations. I am having a ton of fun designing all our stationary and wedding paraphernalia. Maybe I should make a business out of it? It sure has crossed my mind a few times in the past weeks.

    We also just finished designing water bottle labels for our ceremony. They are all printed and ready to go… now we just need about 180 water bottles. :-) Stay tuned!

    On a side note:

    I have been a very stressed out little Gator Bride, and I’m about a week out from my midterm presentation for Thesis. So… if I go MIA for a few days… or maybe a week, please bear with me! I will return to my little Gator Bride Readers!! You may be having a guest blogger in the next few days… So certainly stay tuned for that! It is about time ya’ll heard from my other half, Mr. Knight. :-)

  • Honeymoon
  • We ♥ Hotwire

    If you haven’t heard of Hotwire and are planning a trip, it is the place for booking amazing hotels for cheap!

    Mr. Knight and I first used Hotwire for Mr. Knight’s 23rd Birthday weekend in Orlando. We rented a 4 star hotel (the Rosen Shingle Creek) for $60 a night. Can you believe that? Just $60 a night… and the hotel was AMAZING!! The deal with Hotwire is, you select the general area you would like to stay and the amount of stars. They don’t tell you the name of the hotel till after you have booked. We had such a great experience the first time around that Mr. Knight and I decided to book our hotel night (before our big plane ride to Maui) in Jacksonville.

    And look at this super chic and modern hotel we got near the airport for $70 a night:

    Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels

    Can’t wait to chill out here with Mr. Knight, the night before our big Maui flight. :-)

    All images taken from the Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels website

    Wow… I feel incredibly hip right now.

    I went to the Aloft: A Vision of W Hotels and checked the price they were offering for the same room and the same timeframe. They are offering the room for $112 a night, while we got a deal of $70 a night via Hotwire. Saving $42 a night on a super sweet hotel? That’s what is called “awesome” in our book. :-)

  • Reception
  • Let Them Eat CAKE!

    And without further adieu… I present {to my lovely Gator Bride Readers} our Wedding Cake! {courtesy of MUAH for sketching it up… just had to get a little crafty for my wonderful readers!}

    *Please click to enlarge :-)
    Cake Stats: 3 white square tiers with whipped cream icing; accented with yellow bands, white pearl dots, beautiful white daisies, and our lovely custom cake toppers in our likeness.

    A few weekends ago, Mr. Knight and I made a trip home for a cake tasting at Heavenly Cheesecake in Holly Hill, FL. Sunny MOH had her cake made there. It was so incredibly delicious that I had TWO pieces at her wedding (which was immediately followed by a sugar high where I danced around her reception like a crazy mad women… but that is another story!).

    When Mr. Knight and I arrived we were quickly seated and greeted with this:

    From left to right: White Cream cake with Strawberry filling, Tropical Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Cream cake with Raspberry filling

    Now I must say… Mr. Knight is NOT an icing person, so when I saw Mr. Knight not only eat ALL the icing on his samples, but the icing on MINE, I knew we had a winning baker. :-)

    In the end we went with the Tropical Carrot Cake (made from scratch and with pineapple! What the baker calls a ‘true’ labor of love… which will come to bite us in the butt on cost), and White Cream Cake with Raspberry filling.

    Mr. Knight posing with a square cake about the same size ours will be! Hooray!

    I have to say I’m SUPER excited about our cake. Our cake is going to be delicious and makes me feel incredibly fancy… okay, maybe the ‘fancy’ part comes from the chic square silver cake stand we are renting for it.

    Here comes my confession

    Mr. Knight and I had no idea how much our beautiful dream cake was going to cost in the end. We were really quite shocked when we were told the price. But, in retrospect we should have expected it. Not only did we pick out a more expensive icing (per Mr. Knight’s taste bud request), but we also picked out a labor intensive flavor (uh… that Tropical Carrot Cake is AMAZING) and the cake is rather large, feeding 165 people (and the layers are really thick and tall… so it could probably feed more). Why such a big cake to feed so many people, when we are only expecting 150… and possibly less?

    Well.. Mr. Knight and I already know that this Tropical Carrot Cake is going to be a hit (heck… we wanted them to make us a cake to-go!) and we want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE we get as much Tropical Carrot Cake as we want… hence the top of the cake will be nicely perserved for eating after our honeymoon (as suggested by the baker) or on our 1 year anniversary.

    If our cake is as delicious as Sunny MOH’s cake was… I’m sure it will be gone by the end of the night… cause I know I wasn’t the only person to eat two slices at her wedding!

    When researching online (mostly to make myself feel better about our cake price), I found our cost per slice of cake is in the mid-range… which certainly eases my little Gator Bride mind. {ahhh}

    What was the one item you ended up splurging on for your wedding?

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  • The Countdown Has Begun…

    And no Wedding countdown is complete without a long ‘TO-DO’ list taped to your dining room wall, like so:

    I believe there is about 60 items on this list? Mr. Knight left no stone unturned. He wrote down EVERYTHING we have to do before the Wedding. I have a love/hate relationship with this incredibly organized and massive TO-DO list.

    Mr. Knight has been pestering me about making a list with him on what is left to do before our wedding. Truth be told, I was avoiding the subject because I feared how long the list would actually be. Now I have a list staring me in the face every morning as I eat my breakfast, reminding me what needs to be done. Some are easy things to mark off, like buying stamps for thank you cards (and ordering thank you cards), and some quite harder like, design and print invitations… wow that task will easily take a few weekends.

    Mr. Knight even organized the entire list by due date, so I know what needs to be done the soonest, a man after my own heart :-).

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  • Hangin’ with Gator Dad

    This past weekend Mr. Knight and I spent our time back home in beautiful Flagler Beach. We met with our florist, a baker for our cake, and had a tasting at our reception location. But, one of the best parts of the trip was getting to spend some time with Gator Dad.

    If you’re ever in Flagler Beach and craving a killer fish sandwich, be sure to hit up Snack Jacks. Can’t beat a great fish sandwich with a view!

    Can you believe this is Florida in winter? We truly live in a beautiful place!

    All photography by Mr. Knight. Isn’t he such a good little photographer? Love him♥.