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    Having such a public blog, where both your family and friends follow, makes it difficult to really voice your opinions on certain subjects and just plain vent your frustrations of the Wedding Planning process. Brides, Stacy of You Can’t Take it With You and Kelly of Miss Pug’s Pawfect Wedding started The Pissed Off Bride blog, for well… some royally Pissed Off Brides.

    Here is an excerpt from their ‘About’ Section:

    Everyone has someone they’d like to tell off – but this site is for the pissed off brides out there.

    Did a baker completely screw up your wedding cake? Write them a letter here – as unprofessional as you’d like.

    Your great-aunt decide that the dress she’ll be wearing to your wedding will be… white? Tell us how you really feel.

    It doesn’t matter if you got engaged 3 minutes ago (and already are considering eloping) or got married 30 years ago (and still harbor hefty resentments) – this site is for you. So stop ripping out your hair! Spill your guts, breathe a sigh of relief, and anonymously commiserate with like-minded women everywhere.

    The Pissed Off Bride

    The post that was up there today is a Pissed off Bride who is tired of getting calls from David’s Bridal, and tired of receiving their copious amount of catalogs in the mail. I can’t help but laugh, because what she says is so true. Whether you need to vent something that has bothered you for days, months, or years, or you just need a plain old laugh, head over to The Pissed Off Bride Blog… it is bound to have you saying “OMG… that really happened?…. She did WHAT?” And… can put your own wedding planning in perspective.

    I have yet to submit anything to The Pissed Off Bride blog… but if I had… I wouldn’t tell you, now would I?  :-)

  • Wedding Fashion
  • I’m a Two-Shoe Bride

    Which is waaayyyy better then being a two-dress Bride. Right?

    Let me set the scene. I take the long drive (okay… maybe it was only 40 minutes.. but that is long for me!) down to Ocala to Alterations Unlimited, and ultimately to finally try on my dress for the first time in months (bringing along my brand new and adorable Nina Electras). I get there, slip into my huge dress (that is a whole other story) and slip into my satin Ninas. As Debbie, the wonderful owner, went over with me my options with the dress and what undergarments I should purchase for our next meeting, all I could do was stare at my feet. How could I have been so absent minded to not even try on my beautiful new shoes with my Wedding dress (which Mr. Knight asked me over and over again once I came home and told him the story)? All I could see is how balently the shoes didn’t match my dress, not in style, material or color!

    My dress is very light, air-y, lace-y and is devoid of any satin whatsoever (which is one of the reasons why I love it so much). So when I put on my beautiful satin, ivory, and bow-ed shoes with it, they just didn’t match. The shoes were meant for a more modern dress, and my dress has more of a vintage look to it. I think it was ultimately the big satin bow that threw off the whole look.

    I’m normally very good about these things. I think about every decision I make extensively… probably think about my decisions too much. At this point, usually Mr. Knight would come in and say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to the shoes and call it a day (relinquishing any worry I had about them not matching my dress). But, alas, we are trying to keep some part of our Wedding traditional, and Mr. Knight hasn’t seen my dress.

    I spent the 40 minute drive home from Ocala fretting about my shoes and what to do (I know… with so much going on in the world today and I’m worrying about a stupid pair of shoes… bridezilla much?). Then I had a sort of Wedding Shoe revelation. Not only was the bow on the Ninas a problem but so was the fabric, satin. I needed a shoe that was metallic, either silver or gold, to match my dress.

    When I got home, I immediately got on the internet and searched high and low for Real Wedding pictures of Bride’s in my dress (I only found about two Weddings), looking strategically at their shoes to determine if my revelation was correct… and wa-LA.. I was sooo correct.

    With the ‘okay’ from Mr. Knight I searched the internet for little metallic heels with a vintage flair (and with the same heel height as my previous Ninas) and came across these on eBay (one of my favorite shopping destinations):

    These are some J Crew Beauties from a season or two ago. They are Pink Metallic (which will match my hair accessories) with a Pave Crystal Jewel. They were for about 1/3 their original price on eBay. Gotta love eBay!

    I thought about these beauties for awhile (okay, maybe for all about 1/2 a day) and sent them over to Mr. Knight (who wasn’t very helpful… other then saying ‘Get what makes you happy’… ahh what a guy?). I ordered these beauties and waited patiently for them to arrive on our doorstep. I have to say, ordering them immediately calmed me down. I got really excited to get these little shoes in the mail, and to try them on with my dress (which my next alterations appointment is March 1st, where I will arrive shoes, veil, and undergarments in hand, to see the complete look).

    The perfect amount of vintage-y goodness to complete my look! Once again Gator Kitty giving the shoes the ‘once over.’
    (please ignore my feet… I’m sooo not a feet person.. so posting this picture of my own was hard)

    I do have to say that I’m incredibly embarrassed to blog about my two-shoe Bride-ness. I plan to keep the Nina Electra’s till after the Wedding and sell them (thank goodness I didn’t pay full price for them!). I’m a good little eBay Seller, so I’m confident I can get just about the same price I paid for the Ninas, back.

    I did feel like a crazy women, driving home and immediately ordering a different pair of shoes for my Wedding dress. But, I know that these are ‘the ones’ for sure. And if not, well I’m going to wear them ANYWAYS!

    I have been joking to Mr. Knight that they are a little more uncomfortable then my Ninas, and as a result, I’m making him carry me everywhere at our Wedding. He usually responds that he better start lifting weights more often. I’ve worn more uncomfortable shoes then these before, and for many hours and been fine (I guess that is what dancing in pointe shoes for years will do for you). So, I’m not worried at all. Hey, beauty is pain, right? haha.

    Was there a moment in your wedding planning process/or wedding where you felt you were a total mad, crazy, bridezilla women?

  • Ceremony
  • Hydrating Your Guests :: DIY Modern Wedding Water Bottles

    Our Wedding Ceremony is in May… in Florida… outside… and in the afternoon. Quite possibly one of the hottest times of the day (besides noon). Granted, it will be absolutely beautiful being married as the sun sets behind us, our Guests may become quite parched. So, we’ve planned to have water bottles in ice at the ceremony to hydrate our thirsty guests.

    We ran out to Sam’s Club (with our newly minted Sam’s Club cards, courtesy of Gator Mom and Gator Dad) and purchased over 192 water bottles (we only need 180… but pre-packaging makes it difficult to get the exact amount needed). We also ordered 180 polyester water-proof labels from Online Labels (specially sized for water bottles!). Then, it was time for me to get designing (my favorite part!!), and this is what I came up with: (I normally hide our names or blur them out but, these labels are too cute… and if any of you did a little searching on the internet, it would probably be easy to find out our names)

    Aren’t they cute? I knew I wanted something modern, and a few variations of it (to make it more fun for the guests… or maybe more fun for me to design!).

    After printing all our labels on our Lexmark Color laser printer (which has been an invaluable investment not only for wedding related activities but, for graduate school, and work), Mr. Knight got to work de-labeling and re-labeling the water bottles with our custom labels.

    Mr. Knight even had some help from Gator Kitty!

    And on to the final product!

    I think they turned out fabulous! The only issue we ran into was storing them. After Mr. Knight figured out this situation wasn’t going to work (he couldn’t even pick up the container!):

    We opted for 3 smaller plastic containers to store them in until the wedding (in 3 short months!).

    We are planning on displaying them in galvanized containers (which we have yet to price or purchase..eek!):

    Okay… and now for the cost break-down:

    • 192 Aquafina Water Bottles bought at Sam’s Club $31.26
    • 180 Labels from Online Labels (including shipping) $22.34
    • Printing $0
    • Mr. Knight’s Labor paid through kisses :-)

    TOTAL:  $53.60
    Which comes out to about  .30 cents a water bottle

    This is a super easy, and relatively inexpensive, way to add that ‘little somethin’ to your Wedding! There are tons of free online templates for Water Bottle Labels that can be easily customized for your Wedding (which can be found here, here, and here).

    If you really want something custom and don’t have the design/software experience to do so, you can always contact me and we can work something out! I love designing Wedding items and would love to help!

    Miss Gator

  • By the Groom/Husband
  • Making Time for One Another

    Miss Gator and I spend a lot of time working. I work 70 hours/week between three different web programming contracts/jobs,  Miss Gator is in her final semester of grad school (and still manages to keep the house tidy), and we’re planning a wedding. Trust me, we don’t get a whole lot of truly free time.

    When we do get some free time, however, we like to spend it together either watching a Netflix movie on-demand (or the shiny disc kind), watching recorded TV shows that have been sitting on our DVR for weeks, playing with Kuma, our adorable Bengal, driving around aimlessly trying to find somewhere to dine out at, shopping for random stuff, or even playing board games.

    Tonight, in lieu of not really caring too much about who wins the Super Bowl (even though I sorta despise the Colts), we played some good ol’ fashioned Monopoly.

    As you can see, I have all the money and all the properties. Miss Gator has a bunch of mortgaged properties and no money. She is the loser.

    Miss Gator was the little Scotty. He was no match for …

    … the infallible Monopoly Car.

    Moral of the Story:
    Take a minute or two out of your day (and as often as possible, really) to spend it with the one you care the most about. If Miss Gator and I didn’t do that, we’d probably go insane—well, more insane than we already are.

    It was nice blogging for guys this week. You can rejoice that Miss Gator should return to her loyal readers very soon. I’ll keep posting from time-to-time so keep you eyes open.

  • By the Groom/Husband
  • Wedding Planning: A Groom’s Perspective

    As far as I’m concerned, there are four levels of involvement:

    1. Interested
    2. Unqualified
    3. Utterly Confused
    4. Bringer of Monetary Sanity

    Interested: Proposal. Outcome: Success. But, good lord… Can you imagine how this guy felt??

    In most cases, I end up either interested or utterly confused. Of course, there are times when I’m simply unqualified for the task at hand. For example, I couldn’t have possibly been qualified to help determine what wedding dress Miss Gator chose because I’ve made a commitment to wait to see her in it on our wedding day. Being completely uninterested, for me, is rare enough to ignore for this list.

    I’m going to try and briefly detail each level of involvement to help you get a better understanding of what you (for any future grooms reading this) or your spouse-to-be should expect to feel during the course of planning your wedding…

    Honestly, I like this one the most. As you can tell, I’m a proactive groom… I mean, heck… I’m blogging on my bride’s wedding blog. From what I’ve heard, most brides can’t even get the groom to help pick out a cake (cake testing is FREE… come on…). But, I digress. Miss Gator and I are both designers by trade and hobby—we like getting involved in making cool things that others can enjoy. Simple as that.

    So, here’s a list of the things I’ve been most interested in during this looonnggg wedding planning escapade:

    The beaches of Maui. Oh and look! Orange & Blue… how appropriate! Source: Hawaiian

    • The technical stuff (our wedding website, this blog, you name it…)
    • Planning the Honeymoon (how could you not be interested in going to Maui?)
    • Music for the Ceremony (love me some strings)
    • Videography (Miss Gator will be doing an article on this once we get it all finalized)

    Of course there have been a few times where I’ve been highly interested and then had to be the bringer of monetary sanity. One shining example is the wedding ceremony chairs. Miss Gator wanted these white wooden chairs for the ceremony—you’ve all seen them, they’re very nice—but, you see, the problem was that we are planning a wedding with 150 guests and an approximately 15-20 minute ceremony.

    White Wooden Chairs

    From what I recall, the rental of these chairs was somewhere in the realm of $350! Can you believe that? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the chairs were nice but there’s just no way to justify that kind of expense for such a short amount of time… It’s not Miss Gator’s fault though; she was blinded by a most- innocent lust for a beautiful wedding—the wedding she deserves.

    Being UCF alumnus, the occasion in which I would find myself unqualified for a particular task is highly unlikely. Program advanced digital interfaces? Sure. Build a robot? Piece of cake. Calculate the world’s new highest prime number in my head? Verging on impossible, but, sure, why not? Choose the flowers for our wedding… I think not.

    Miss Gator’s inspiration board

    Men (most of us anyway) are just not wired to think about, let alone understand, all the minute details of life. This is why we have women in our lives—to make sure we don’t forget birthdays and to remind us to send thank you cards to the people who care about us… Frankly, I think this ineptitude probably stems from my (and probably many men’s) general lack of attention to the trivialities of life. I’ve found that I’m more adapted to thinking about the grand or, rather, long-term goal. The downfall with that way of thinking is that I sometimes might miss out on key opportunities to actually achieve that long-term goal—and that’s where Miss Gator comes in. We make such a great team because she frets (healthily) about the minutiae of everyday life while I focus on our longterm stability (of course, we both dabble in each other’s forte from time to time) . In any case, I was not qualified for concocting the grand plan for this wedding, so I guess my argument is moot (Miss Gator hates that word) anyways.

    Some things I found I was unqualified for:

    Utterly Confused
    Being utterly confused is really more a part of being a guy than it is about being a groom. Women are, all too often, confounding, confusing, and complicated. One particular instance comes to mind, actually, and it has to do with photography. A second round of engagement photos, in fact. My first thought was that our photo shoot with Starks Photography was already amazing, why do we need more? Also, the idea seemed presumptuous—who the heck is going to want to see all these new photos?? Of course, some of you know already that we actually won the second shoot with Lindsey of Pure Photography.

    Super cute photo from Miss Gator and I’s second engagement shoot.

    Even though we had won the session, I was still skeptical of what the heck we were going to do with the photos. I just didn’t understand… you might say I was utterly confused. Needless to say, Miss Gator is very convincing and, so, we went through with it… and now I see why. The pictures were awesome, they were free, and the whole experience was just fun. Sometimes you just have go have some fun.

    I would compile a list of the things I don’t understand, but without understanding them it’s hard to list and describe them. If I think of some, I’ll update the article.

    Bringer of Monetary Sanity
    Yes, sometimes Miss Gator gets a liiittle bit outta control. The poor girl, she just wants the perfect wedding—the wedding of her dreams—the one she’s been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Then the big mean Mr. Knight has to come and yank it out from under her. Naturally, it’s got to be more like when someone rips the table cloth off a table that’s covered in fine china without disturbing a single piece of it—I don’t want to crush her dreams, I just sometimes need to remove the fancy table cloth. Know what I mean? I wish I could give her everything she deserved… and, maybe one day I will be able to.

    A few examples of nixed ideas:

    • Crazy-expensive wedding shoes: $298
    • Millions of bridesmaids gifts
    • Reception at a number of really expensive venues (we would’ve had to reduce our guest list by 1/3).
    • Honeymoon to Europe (we kinda both came to this conclusion)

    Overall, the wedding planning experience (so far) has been a testament to how blessed Miss Gator and I’s relationship is. When we work together, anything is possible even if it means that I have to crush dreams of a fantastically-perfect wedding to settle for the practically-perfect wedding. Or that she has to drag me to a photo shoot at Blue Springs to prove that it’s worth it. I love her and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life working towards our goals together.