Our Wedding Lives On

Look what Mr. Knight and I found hiding in Gator Dad and Gator Momma’s pantry…

Gator Dad and Gator Momma have been drinking these babies since our Wedding, over 4 months ago.

And our altar fabric lived on at our cousin’s Wedding this past weekend…

Hello GORGEOUS Casa Monica Wedding. Not only are our cousin’s the cutest couple to get married EVER, but the Bride wore an orange and blue garter embroidered with “Gator Bride.” Can we say AWESOME? Love her.
source Emily E Martin Photography

Mr. Knight and I took TONS of video footage at their Wedding. There was so much love, happy tears, laughter, gator chomps, and down right crazy shenanigans for us not to! Look for a video/photo recap soon… well, as soon as I can get Mr. Knight away from the TV. He has been watching football ALL DAY!

And if you haven’t entered my giveaway for a $25 Olive Garden gift card, then you better get your butt over there and do so!

Have you found your wedding items living on in ways you would have never thought?

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  1. Ansley says:

    I’m getting married in that same room July 16th! It’s beautiful!

  2. Mrs Gator says:

    @Ansley- You are? Lucky gal because that room is beyond GORGEOUS!

  3. Janna says:

    Such a gorgeous room for the wedding! And I love how you are having some of your wedding items be used- my cousin has already asked if my veil can be her something borrowed for her wedding next July.

  4. Clare says:

    I have our invitation displayed in a green frame to match our wedding colors…our green and white straws are used all the time and our DIY table numbers will be displayed on our shelves once we have them back in our house!

  5. Aunt Theresa says:

    Did you notice that your sending-off bubble test tubes were incorporated into Christmas present ornaments for Kayla, Brandon and Hailey? I filled them back up with soap … also gave Maya and Isabel a little bit larger bubble-makers on their gifts..was so busy with Mom I didn’t see if any of them were bubbling…Did you?

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