Our Wedding Color Evolution

If you haven’t noticed from the past two posts, our wedding colors have changed (or rather… evolved) slightly. I don’t expect any of you to remember what Mr. Knight and I’s Wedding colors are {those screaming orange and blue in the back, please keep it down! :-)}.

Originally our wedding colors were blue and green, with hints of brown (aren’t all these colors fun?). Mr. Knight styled our Wedding website in those colors (which by the way… needs a slight makeover to match our new scheme… just a little note for Mr. Knight :-)). While blues, greens, and browns will still make an appearance as secondary colors in our wedding, our main colors are aqua and yellow.

Our colors are aqua and yellow (as pictured above with the groomsmen tux, bridesmaid dress, and flowers) but the invitations have certainly taken on a more aqua, orange, peach and grey look. {aqua and orange…. how did those get in there?} :-)

Mr. Knight and I are very happy with the evolution of our wedding colors. They are bright, cheery, fun, and happy… just like Mr. Knight and I! Oh… I soo can’t wait to reveal some of the DIY projects I have in the works… so much fun stuff!! Ya’ll will just have to stay tuned!

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  1. I love aqua, those colors are so pretty!

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