Our Professional Pictures ARE IN!!!

Yes, you read that right. Our professional wedding pictures are in!

I nearly vomited on myself with excitement when I saw that little square envelope in our mailbox from our photographers. I’m having mini heart attacks of overwhelm-ment/excitement/obsession everytime I go through our pictures. While I spend the next 12 hours looking at our wedding pictures over and over and over again (till I’ve memorized every picture), I will leave y’all with a little sneak peek.

Our photographers were amazing to even get this shot without our videographer in it (our videographer is literally probably 1 cm to the right of this picture). I liked her being so close for video purposes, but we had more then a few disgruntled guests who weren’t able to see us get married. Looking back we probably wouldn’t have had her so close, and we would have bought a sound system (we were the only people who could actually ‘hear’ us getting married).

Hello amazing photographers. LOVE Ben and Amy Starks of Starks Photography. I shed a tear every time I think about us being their last wedding. They sent us TONS of sweet/amazing pictures from our wedding. I can’t wait to categorize them and prepare them for posts to share with y’all. There is so much FIERCENESS, GATOR LOVE (and chomp), and all around GOOD TIMES in all our pictures.

95% of the pictures, my mouth is in this position. You think I could have kept my mouth shut for one picture, just once? I was just way too happy that day, I couldn’t stop smiling/laughing/showing you my tonsils. :-)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Mrs Gator

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  1. @TheMrsGator YAY!!!! I don’t have to send UPS death threats! Haha. SO glad you got it & are happy with them! You guys made our job easy! ;)

  2. Tati says:


  3. Janna says:

    Beautiful! The last one looks like it completely captured your day! Love it! And I know that will probably be me in most of our wedding pictures since I was like that for a good portion of our epics!

  4. marina says:

    Very, very beautiful!! When can we see the rest?? Hurry, I can’t wait!

  5. How beautiful! You both look great! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more! :)

  6. Clare says:

    You look stunning and SO happy!! Cant wait to read more recaps! :-)

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