Our Most Surprising Wedding Gift

I have to start off by saying that Mr. Knight and I seriously have the most thoughtful and sweetest family and friends. So many people contributed to our special day. Our wedding would not have turned out as perfect as it did without the help of our family and friends, most notably, our parents: Gator Dad, Gator Momma, Knight Dad, Mama Knight and Western Cowboy. They all contributed their time, effort, love and finances to making sure Mr. Knight and I’s wedding went off without a hitch. They are the most selfless people I know, and I’m so thankful for being blessed with such amazing parents and in-laws. ♥

Gator Dad and Knight Dad looking swanky at our wedding.
photo by Gator Dad’s best friend, Sam of Sam Dobrow Photography

And with that being said, we received a pretty amazing Wedding gift from Knight Dad, when we returned home to Gainesville. For days/weeks/years Mr. Knight and I have wanted to have a nice front planter, complete with plants (we used to have just dirt), pavers, and pretty-ness, outside the front of our condo. We have envied our neighbors who always have nicely trimmed and manicured plants.

Here’s what our front porch planter used to look like, pre-Wedding gift from Knight Dad:

Yeah… we have dirt… that’s it. A paver or two, a gardenia bush on the fritz, and…. dirt.

This was taken one weekend when Mr. Knight and I were ‘trying’ to make it look nicer. We bought a gardenia bush and some roses… still couldn’t mask the ugly dirt, icky wood border (which we swore to tackle later this summer), and all around ugly-ness. That would be our neighbor’s (in the building next to us) cute little dog, coming over to say hello to Gator Kitty. :-)

And here is our competition… our next door neighbor:

Our next door neighbor has owned her condo for 10 years, so she has had plenty of time to beautify and maintain her planter. Okay, so we have ALOT of competition. You like those nice orange flowers on her doorstep?  Yeah… they are faux flowers that look awesome all the time. I am too chicken to put faux flower on our porch. One day I may give in.

But, when we got home from our honeymoon, we were greeted by a wonderful Wedding gift by Knight Dad that put us many BIG steps in the direction of having a beautiful front entryway:

Apparently, Knight Dad drove to Gainesville the Sunday before we returned from our honeymoon and did all of this for us. He put a ton of work into this, and we are ever so grateful. We were in COMPLETE shock when we pulled up, we had no idea. We just got out of our truck and just stared blankly at our front entryway. We had no idea who had done it and just couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Knight Dad did what we had been wanting to do for months/years but didn’t have the finances/time/energy to do. Now I just have to nurse our roses (in pots on our front doorstep) back to health/life and we will have a beautiful front entry way. :-)

This is by far the most unique Wedding gift I have ever seen/received, and one of the best, for us. We couldn’t be happier. I get to see Knight Dad’s Wedding gift every time I pull up to our little condo. I love it. Plus, he has provided the stepping stone for us to add more character and beauty to our front entryway (which I’m excited to start this summer!). Knight Dad has even said he would give us a plumeria plant to grow. A little taste/smell of Maui? I like! He didn’t just stop at our front entry way, he even added some much needed love to our back porch:

Knight Dad made us a wind chime, with a custom cut ‘K’ for our names, along with planting some pretty flowers for us to enjoy while hanging out on our porch. Can you say, awesome?!

This summer we are thinking of adding a nice big bougainvillea to our front entry plantar (since I killed our baby bougainvillea), and some beautiful angel palms to our back porch area (great shade and wonderful to look at). Seriously excited about the transformation of our cute little condo landscaping. :-)

What is the most unique/unexpected gift you have ever received?

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  1. Seriously, when I drove up to park, I was just like, “WTF? Where did those blocks come from that are lining our ‘garden'”. I didn’t even notice the rest of it until I got out of the car… then I was really like, “WTF!?”. I thought at first maybe one of our neighbors got a crazy idea or something. But, then we saw the letter and card Knight Dad left us on our doorstep and I was like, “Oohhh…”.

    I definitely left me very surprised. We texted him right away to thank him (as we were still unpacking and didn’t want to get into a long conversation yet) and he replied “check the back too”.

    What a great surprise and unique wedding gift! Something we’ll see every day when we come home from work.

    Thanks Knight Dad!

  2. Knight Dad says:

    So glad you like it. Wish we could have seen the look on your faces when you drove up. I always like surprises. Luv you both and see you soon.

  3. Gator Dad says:

    Knight Daddy …. you outdid yourself :)

    Thanks G. D.

  4. Gator MOM says:

    Very nice Knight Dad!!!

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