Our Adorama Wedding Album Sneak Peek

Are you ready for this? I’ve been chomping at the bit to share what I’ve been working on these past few months. Putting our wedding album together has been an incredible undertaking. Who knew putting together a modern and simple album would be so involved? Well, it only became “involved” because I tend to make any project I do spiral out of control. I totally understand, now, why clients pay their photographers the big bucks to put these babies together.

That’s a shiz load of albums right there!

What? You want to see them NOW? I’m sorry my beautiful readers, these are Christmas gifts for our family! I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise of what’s inside, now would I? But, being that I spent so much time (i.e. blood, sweat, tears, coca colas), I wanted to share a little “peek peek” with y’all.

Stay tuned after the holidays for a full write-up on these babies!

Did/do y’all plan to put together your own wedding album or was an album by your photographer’s included in your package? If you plan to put your own together, what company do you plan to go with? I highly suggest AdoramaPix, the quality is RIDICULOUS amazing.

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  1. Emily says:

    You better not forget this when you come!

  2. Clare says:

    I cant wait to see what youve created! I plan on creating albums for all 3 sets of parents as well as ourselves. I started organizing and choosing photos and then our power source died on our desktop computer. Its been over 2 months without being able to do anything on our albums!! I cant wait to get a new power source and get this project going again!

  3. Katie says:

    Ah – I can’t wait to see how they turned out! I am thinking about using Adorama to make an album for my parents and for myself!

  4. Aunt Theresa says:

    Grandma Carlson loves the album, er a ..I would call it a book and claim that U R published!!

    Giving the book to Mom is a gift to all of us as everyone has to pick it up when they come to visit and oo and ah over it!

    Thank you sooo much!!

  5. Susan says:

    Was there ever a big reveal? Love your designs, would love to see how your albums turned out.

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