One Wedding Regret – The Florist ‘who should not be named’

Okay, so I loved EVERYTHING about our wedding. Well, just about everything except for our darn Florist. He was ‘the suck.’

Poor Happy Bridesmaid had to carry such an offending bouquet. I don’t understand how a florist can get MY bouquet mostly right but completely mess up the bridesmaid bouquets. Yes, those are rogue daisy leaves left by our florist. You can see more pictures of these bouquets in my beautiful bridesmaids post.
photo by Starks Photography

Every time I think back to our wedding, I think about all the beautiful people and details… then I get to those dang bridesmaid bouquets and I just about want to cry.  Here was our plan: Mr. Knight and I would order/put together all the flowers for the reception (with the help from my AMAZING bridesmaids and day-of-coordinator) and the only thing we were going to order was the bouquets, bouts and corsages from a florist. Saving us some much needed $$$ since Mr. Knight and I were footing the bill for many of these wedding ‘accessory’ items.

A few months before the wedding we dropped by a florist in Ormond Beach near our wedding location. We only had time to visit one location since we lived out of town (2 hours away from our wedding location). We met with the owner, checked out all the beautiful pictures of flowers he had done and then showed him our inspiration (below).

Sweet, romantic and whimsical. Those were our 3 words. What did we get? I cringe every time I think about our bouquets. Cringe with embarrassment and cringe at their heinous weed/store bought/5-year-old craft/ugly-ness.
collage made from: Mtux, David’s Bridal, OnceWed, Project Wedding

He said that he loved my daisy look and thought I should make a big statement by having just daisies. I agreed with him and then we moved forward to bridesmaid bouquets and my bouquet. I was overall happy with our consultation and couldn’t wait to see how all the bouquets looked the night before the wedding.

Fast forward to May 14, the Friday before our wedding. I showed up at our Florist, with my bridesmaids in tow, to check out our bouquets.What did I see? Utter heinousness. From the GOLD ribbon he wrapped MY bouquet with, to the lack-luster bridesmaid bouquets that looked like a package of Winn-Dixie $3 daises were just wrapped in ribbon. Just awful. I was immediately let down. I didn’t really know what to do. I critiqued him, told him what to fix and to add tons more white daisies to my bouquet and my bridesmaid’s bouquets. But those bridesmaid bouquets were just awful and I didn’t know what to do.. and what is even worse is that the florist didn’t even recognize how bad they looked. I mean.. I was basically paying $45 a bouquet for him to drive to Winn-Dixie, purchase a $3 bunch of white daisies and wrap a ribbon around them.

Don’t they look like they just picked those daisies out of a random pasture, or rather WEEDS and bunched them up to make a bouquet? Ahh.. this is such a sore point for me.
Picture taken by one of our wedding guests

I was so busy the day before the wedding, so frazzled, so OVER IT, that I just let the bouquets go. I was just like ‘whatever I can’t handle this right now’ and we left the florist. I’m NEVER like this. I’m that person that has to critique something to the Nth degree. I believe I had just reached a breaking point and I decided… F itI don’t care (please excuse my profanity!). My bridesmaid’s were pretty silent as they looked at the bouquets in horror. Looking back, I wish they had spoken up to help me (sometimes I try to be ‘nice’ and not tell vendors how I REALLY feel). But if I were my bridesmaid’s I probably wouldn’t have said anything either.

Did I mention the florist forgot to leave me a ‘toss’ bouquet, as outlined in our contract? Details. Details. I ended up throwing my ACTUAL bouquet for the toss. One of my bridesmaid’s offered to give me her bouquet to toss, but I felt bad tossing a bouquet of weeds to our wedding guests.

On a happier note, the reception flowers were AMAZING. I couldn’t have asked for them to be any better! I remember walking into the reception, right before our ceremony, and seeing all the flowers, I just wanted to cry they were so beautiful. Exactly what I wanted in EVERY WAY.

Hello GORGEOUS, cheerful, bright and happy. I loved these arrangements our day-of coordinator put together with the flowers we bought. I nearly cried at how perfect they were.
photo by Starks Photography

Our Guestbook table with the cutest IKEA bud vases ever. Loving the fuchsia and white daisy combo.
photo by Starks Photography

Baby arrangement on the bistro tables during the cocktail hour. These are soo cute.
photo by Starks Photography; you can see what our table centerpieces looked like at the beginning of our wedding video.

We ordered white daisies from Fifty Flowers ,fuchsia gerbera daisies from Sam’s Club, and placed cut up lemons in all the vases. They showed up the Thursday before the wedding, and two of my amazing bridesmaids, Sunny MOH and Seminole Bridesmaid, helped me to cut/hydrate and transport them to our reception site.

3 of the 5 buckets of flowers we had. Sooo gorgeous. And those fuchsia gerbera daisies were beautiful!
photo taken on Mrs Gator’s iPhone

Loading the flowers into Mr. Knight’s truck. The truck was a recent purchase on our part and we are so thankful that we took the plunge and got a new vehicle a few weeks before the wedding. We wouldn’t have been able to transport all our wedding goodies/our honeymoon goodies/gifts/and Gator Kitty without this truck (and my little car).
photo taken on Mrs Gator’s iPhone by Gator Momma

Looking back on our wedding I know, without a doubt, that I could have made our bouquets everything I ever wanted, if I had done them myself. My stomach churns just thinking about how much we paid for those terribly sad looking bouquets. I look back at all my friend’s weddings that I was a bridesmaid in and remember how beautiful my bridesmaid bouquet was. I expected something amazing and I was let down by our florist. If you are looking for a florist in the Ormond Beach, FL/Daytona Beach area, contact me first so I can tell you who NOT to go to. Let me save you the embarrassment!

Our total on reception flowers (not even going to talk about wedding flowers because I despise our florist):

  • 23 bunches of Vero White Daisies; Fifty Flowers; $171.19
  • 100 Stems of Fuchsia Gerber Daisies, Sam’s Club; $136.58
  • Lemons from Publix; $25
  • Rectangular Vases from Michael’s $45 (40% coupon)
  • Misc blue vases from Target and white IKEA vases; $10

Total for Reception Flowers: $387.77
16 centerpieces and 2 large arrangements; $21.54/per arrangement
Amazingly the price per arrangement above doesn’t even include the many bud vases all over our reception. So ‘technically’ the per arrangement cost is even lower then I calculated! It certainly pays to do your own flowers!

Which I believe to be pretty darn amazing! We paid more on our ceremony flowers from the florist ‘who should not be named’ then for our BEAUTIFUL reception flowers. :-)

Phew… feels so good to get this all out. I’ve had all this pint up anger towards our florist, but I feel soooo much better now! But still… $45/per bouquet for what he showed up with was a little ridic.

Did you have any wedding day regrets? Did you wish you had gone with a different vendor or spoken up about something you didn’t like? Do you give anyone at your wedding/vendor/family member the ‘he who should not be named’ treatment after what they did at your wedding? Please SPILL!

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  1. I’m almost certain we’ve talked about this, but my one regret was our awful photographer. Oh, the ridiculous irony. ;)

    We don’t mention his name in our house either…it just fires me up all over again. Haha. But at least we were able to use it as a learning experience as to how NEVER to treat our couples!

  2. Mrs Gator says:

    @Amy: We feel so very lucky to have found you and Ben. You both were absolutely amazing. We couldn’t have asked for better photographers! And those pictures Ashley McCormick took of y’all in your wedding day gear were beautiful!!

  3. Mrs. ABC says:

    Hi Mrs. Gator!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and love it! My husband and I are the opposite, I’m a Knight and he is a Gator…& we married on 05.16.10. :)
    I did love our wedding soo much and a lot of things went perfectly or much better than expected. EXCEPT, our officiant. Such a disappointment. We met with him months before the wedding, did a run through, watched videos, got references and to only be hugely disappointed with his delivery the day of. I cringe every time I watch the video because it was just that bad. (you can actually see it w. all my subtle facial expressions since the camera was on my face the whole ceremony).
    I had no clue he would behave the way he did and during the ceremony, I was in shock. But, at the end of the day, we still got married and are starting our lives together and there isn’t much I can do but laugh at the fact :)

  4. Mrs Gator says:

    @Mrs. ABC: I was a little upset with our Officient too. He didn’t even ANNOUNCE US when we turned around to face the crowd. I had to lean back and remind him. Then he started frantically looking through his notes because he didn’t even know our NAMES. Embarrassing, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Still, not worth the ridic amount of $$$ we paid him.

  5. Hannah says:

    Ugh. I feel so bad that you paid that guy! I wish you would have called me, I would have stopped by Winn-Dixie and bought $20 of daisies and made beautiful ones for ya. I think you should write this guy a complaint with a few photos. He needs to know how bad this really was. Maybe he was on drugs?

    On another note, are you still in town? We should get together over drinks and talk weddings. I’d love to hear about yours over drinks!

  6. We heart you guys too! The best wedding for us to end on! :) And thank you! It’s definitely nice to have some shots in our wedding attire to make up for the suckiness of our photographer. :)

  7. Brandi says:

    Our florist screwed up too, although thankfully, all of the bouquets were lovely. We also didn’t get the toss bouquet as per our agreement, and our flower girl was supposed to have WHITE DAISIES, which, in retrospect, does sound a whole lot like ORANGE CARNATIONS, right?

    But your reception flowers look AMAZING!

  8. Emily says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post since the fateful May 14th meeting. I do want to add that I remember speaking up about your bouguet when he all the sudden couldn’t dye the centers like he promised you. I said he should do all small or large and he said “That wouldn’t look good at all” I feel like I know more about flowers than he ever will. Some florists are bad because they are old fashioned and not modern, others are just crooks. Period. Terrifying that he thought they looked ok.

    I’ve said it before but in photos they still look lovely! I sware! Better than in person fo sho!

    I was pissed that my photographer screwed up the family photos, which ruined the schedule for my whole day. I gave him a list of shots of who goes with who and embarrassingly had to tell him about family drama so he wouldn’t step on any toes and also that I didn’t want anyone making requests. He basically screwed it all up. By the time I said something it was too late.

    I also regret not sticking up to my inlaws before the day, which of course led to them making the day miserable!

  9. kjpugs says:

    I read this at work but wanted to comment at home because… HOLY CRAP.

    I think you still have the opportunity to say something. You need to review (WITH NAMES) if you are unhappy. The vendors have a responsibility to check with you and see if you’re happy, and it seems like that wasn’t done as much as it could have been. Additionally, just because the event is over doesn’t mean you can’t be dissatisfied. You need to express your concerns. If they are unapologetic (and don’t offer you something- which they should- be it a refund or a free holiday arrangement or something) then it is your RESPONSIBILITY to name names and let the blogosphere know who to avoid. Don’t you wish someone warned you ahead of time?

    In any case, I didn’t even NOTICE until you pointed it out, since your wedding is overall just GORGEOUS. A few icky bouquets don’t matter as much in the long run… you still had an AMAZING wedding! (Case in point, the gorgeous reception flowers!)

    Thanks for sharing this so honestly.

  10. Mrs Gator says:

    @Hannah: Yes, we must spill our wedding guts to each other!!!

    @Emily: Your photographer was wayyy whack. I’m still in shock of the whole ‘him trying to sell your mom canvas he already printed’ deal. With all those suck up emails then throwing in your private family matters in order to sell these canvases he had lying around. OMG. You have to write about that one SOMEWHERE.

    @kjpugs: I know I should name NAMES. I feel like I must. I named names once for the bridal brunch we went to and the lady contacted me since I said her place smelled ‘old,’ and she said some nonsense about having a classy establishment for decades.

    I guess I’m one of those non-confrontation types of people… till I’ve gained enough confidence to hit it head on. I have to figure out how to tell them how I feel. I’m just not sure how to go about it right now. :-/

    The place was called A FLORAL BOUTIQUE. I’m going to put him on BLAST pretty soon.

  11. OMG. This post struck SUCH A CHORD with me. Like, you have no idea. My florist was my one MAJOR splurge at my wedding (like almost a quarter of my wedding budget!) and the ONLY thing he got right was my bouquet. My colors were burgundy and coral… the colors that showed up? CHERRY RED and HOT PINK – TOGETHER. OMFG SDKJNSD:KSDNKJSDN! MAKES ME SO MAD. My amazing photographers did a stunning job capturing everything…. and yet, I have trouble looking at our wedding photos because they make me so mad. At least for you, you can minimize the use of the ones with the bouquets in them…. it’s hard to avoid the bouquets, the bouts, the centerpieces, THE CHAIR COVERS (yep, cherry red – I let him do those too!). Then, he even shorted us on a corsage (so my mom didn’t get one) and gave us pin corsages instead of wrist corsages – which wouldn’t work with some people’s dresses. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

    But my biggest regret? I never confronted him. Several weeks later I ran into him and he apologized and I just kind of nodded and moved on. But when you pay THOUSANDS to a florist, I should have gotten most, if not all, of my money back. It’s two years later and you know what irks me the most? STILL that I never said anything. There are SO MANY things I’d like to say to him. So, the moral of all this… please, if for no one else, for ME stand up to this person. You owe it to yourself and don’t want to regret it for years to come.

    Phew! Glad I got that off my chest. P.S. If you want to read the whole story, it’s archived here:

  12. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    Aww Poor Kim!I dont think anyone(like ur guests) would have noticed the BM flowers unless u said something ( like most wedding disasters) but i def. understand ur frustration!

    At my wedding my DJ( which wasn’t even the one we wanted because he had cancelled on us 2 weeks before the wedding… yah i know….)sucked really bad. He made the huge mistake at our Grand Entrance announcing that we were going to do our first dance when i clearly told him our reception schedule and had it printed out in front of him! He also did the other announcements crappy 2…I really think he was either high or really slow…

    I got back at him by telling my mom not to give him the tip envelope i had originally made for him… so i never posted a bad review or anything.. but maybe in retrospect that wasn’t enough and should spread the word of his terribleness..

  13. Alison says:

    My flowers were a quasi-disaster too! I used a local florist that my family had gone to for years. The guy I worked with really seemed to get what I wanted and was great. HOWEVER, he decided to quit the morning of my wedding so the other morons there had to piece together my flowers from his notes. The bouquets were beautiful with the exception of the hideous ribbon holding them together. It was all wrong and looked so cheesy. There’s even a picture of me holding it in disgust, showing my husband how bad they looked. Fortunately, I had spare ribbon that worked and one of my bridemaids was able to rush over to my house to get it.

    The reception flowers were just plain all wrong. Supposed to be bright vibrant gerbera daisies–and I got maroon carnations! Seriously! We made do the best we could. Fortunately it was pretty dim in the reception hall, so they didn’t show up too much. And the photographer did her best to avoid them in the photos.

    We did confront the florist after the wedding and were given a credit at the store for part of our bill. Too bad the florist went out of business before we could cash in on that : (

    Don’t sweat it too much. I doubt many guests even noticed it. And you’ll be able to laugh about it someday.

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