Oh My! Your Boudoir is Showing!

I recently had the opportunity of accompanying a courageous friend to her boudoir shoot. Many brides choose to do a boudoir shoot before their wedding day, but my friend’s wedding day has come and gone so she has chosen to give the photos as a gift to her husband (lucky him!). I have been nervous about doing a boudoir shoot for quite sometime but know that this is something I might want to do for my hubby-to-be. There is just something about skimping down to my undies for a photographer I don’t know that sort of creeps me out… So, alas, my friend (we will call her the ‘guinea pig’) has tested the waters for me so that I may live vicariously through her!

The photographer we went with was Jaime from JLS Photography out of Gainesville, FL.  Jaime held what she calls a “Rockstar Session” at the The Camelia Rose Inn (a local bed and breakfast) in the ‘Anticipation’ room (by the way, super awesome room). I have to say we were both incredibly nervous going into this but Jaime and her sister were incredibly nice and easy-going. We turned up some tunes and handed my friend (the guinea pig) some champagne as she posed (tastefully!) in her lingerie.

Before diving head first into a boudoir shoot you will need to find some inspiration…

Inspiration boudoirYou gotta keep it classy and tasteful girls!
Left Source: Studio Nouveau Right Source: Spoiled Pretty

Remember, boudoir shoots don’t have to be risqué—they can be very classy if the pictures are taken with the right photographer. Make sure to communicate exactly what you are looking for with your photographer.

I definitely recommend bringing a friend that you feel comfortable with when doing a shoot like this (you will need someone to help you get ready, amongst other things). Be sure to have poses and ideas about how you want your shoot to go. My friend arrived hair glamorized and makeup completed. She did a fantastic job and her husband is going to be surprised and shocked when he receives his ‘little black book.’

Here are some pictures of some of the other ladies who had their boudoir pictures taken by the lovely Ms. Jaime of JLS  Photography

boudoir examples

Here is my friend, the awesome and glamorized ‘guinea pig’ (I sooo need to stop calling her that!) and her beautiful photos. These are a surprise for her husband but she has been very kind to give Gator Bride’s blog readers a sneak peek (as long as we keep her pictures a secret!) ↓


Jaime at JLS Photography will be having another Rockstar Session this fall on Saturday, October 24th. It is currently $250. The session includes:

A Pre-Session Consultation
1 hour of photography in the awesome Anticipation Room
Champagne for those over 21
a Little Black Book with 20 of your images
and a Private Online Gallery for your Proofs

And if you book by the 10th of July you will get $25 off! What a deal on something your man will absolutely love.♥

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  1. They are beautiful! Now I’m dying to check out this room you speak of…

  2. Well originally I had no intention of having any boudoir shots before my wedding, and to be honest I’m not even sure I have the time now, but seeing some of those shots makes it seem like a really cool thing to do.

  3. @Gauchegirl: Remember they don’t have to be for your wedding. They can also be great birthday and Christmas gifts for your man!

    @Amanda: The room is totally awesome, they have this super cool old victorian style couch that made for some HOTT photos. I will have to reveal more once her man gets his Little Black Book!

  4. Jaime says:

    Hey Kimberly! I just saw you posted this…. thanks for spreading the word! Boudoir photography is a super awesome gift to give your hubby, hubby to be, or even to just do for yourself! I hope your readers love reading about it, and head on over to check out some other photos at http://www.jlsphotographystudio.com/boudoir.

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