Oh Inspiration Boards… How I Despise You!

I’m really not one for inspiration boards. I feel their abundance in the bridal community is sometimes annoying. Just about every website you go to there is someone pushing an inspiration board in your face. While I agree that they are helpful, I do not agree with them being filled with images that are unattainable (umm Vera Wang gowns and Christian Louboutin shoes anyone?).

So I have set out to make a very ‘realistic’ inspiration board of Mr. Knight and I’s wedding-to-be. I have been collecting images of what I feel define the mood/tone of Mr. Knight and I’s wedding for the past year now. I only felt it was necessary to jump on the inspiration board bandwagon so that I may show you all exactly what type of wedding me and my knight in shining armor are planning.

Inspiration Board

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  1. Emily says:

    Don’t knock the inspiration board…it helps create a cohesive wedding look as well as having a visual way to have all vendors on the same page as you for the tone and concept of the wedding. You have one you just don’t know it, I had a binder of inspiration and you have everything on your computer…same concept.
    And as far as unattainable things, they give you key notes to look for when you look in your price range. Everything I did for mine was a version of a very high end inspiration but I picked what would have the biggest impact out of those to do.

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