Not Your Typical Wedding Nightmare

I have to say that I daydream about Mr. Knight and I’s Wedding everyday. I think about every detail and go over and over in my head how the day could go. I dream about the photographers capturing me and my bridesmaids getting ready, putting on the dress, slipping into my heels. I dream about every picture and moment that could be captured. I dream about doing a ‘first look’ with Mr. Knight. What will his face look like when he sees me? How will I feel?

My mind then begins to worry about the little details. How to get from point A to point B without all of our wedding guests seeing me. What if my hair gets caught on something, what if my dress doesn’t fit just right, what if it rains.  As I lay in bed at night all these thoughts keep me awake. I can’t help myself. My mind just goes over and over and over them.

Upset Bridesource

Just this past week I dreamed that our wedding is over and it happened way too fast and that I couldn’t remember it happening. In my dream my bridesmaids never show up, and Mr. Knight is standing on the wrong side of the altar. Later in my dream, Mr. Knight gets into a fight with someone in a pick up truck and he pulls the person out of their car window (yes I really did dream this.. I have no idea why because Mr. Knight is not the fightin’ type, maybe we watched too much “Police Women of Broward County” that night). All I can think is that my wedding nightmare has become a Redneck wedding nightmare. It is really quite funny looking back at it. Totally not funny during. For sure. My dream ends with me crying in a restroom stall wondering what happened to our wedding. I remember waking up and thinking “wow did that really just happen.” I then looked over and saw Mr. Knight fast asleep and I was instantly set at ease for alas… it was just a dream.

What was your worst wedding nightmare? If you haven’t had one yet… just wait till your 6 months out. They will come… oh they will come.

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  1. Ahhh, I’m like, 8 months out and having nightmares! I shudder to think what they’ll be like as the wedding gets closer!

    I must admit, the image of your man pulling someone out of a car window is humorous!

  2. I don’t like guys that drive pick-ups, it was the only logical reaction. Haha. /sarcasm

    No, but, for real… there’s nothing to worry about sweety—I’m gonna make sure everything goes exactly the way you want.

  3. @Mr. Knight: Awe Babe! I know you will. :-)

  4. marina says:

    Ya know, there is no wedding that goes perfectly, kinda like real life :-). But those moments will be the ones you laugh at later! A PERFECT wedding is one where the two people love each other as much y’all do! Remember this when your nightmares come. Oh, and Mr. Knight has pulled many of redneck out off his truck and…..ran to his car and sped away.

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