Not Your Typical Wedding Invitation

So… I have been working on our wedding invitation design (which I’m really super excited about!) and have been browsing the internet for invitation, rsvp, etc. wording for the invitations. I came across cute a few really quite invites with fun wording and that I’d share them with ya’ll. (Plus… a little sneak peek at what my little Gator butt has been working on this week!)

source: Ritzy Bee Blog
Something about this one reminds me of Gator Dad’s humor… I think he’d enjoy this RSVP card. :-)

source: Beast Pieces
While the wording on this ceremony program is nothing special, it is the way the wording is presented that is most interesting. No script fonts here!! {hint: this may be a sneak peek image of what Mr. Knight and I’s invitations might resemble… exciting? YES!}

source: Honey & Bloom
A cute way to display meal choices!

source: Honey & Bloom
This would look so cute on the front of a ceremony program. Knight + Gator = LOVE!

source: Luke and Saddie’s Wedding Blog
Candy heart wedding invitation? Sweet.

source: unknown (found in my crazy big inspiration folder)
I love the images and how they help to tell the story of this couple’s love. Too cute!

So…. do ya’ll want a sneak peek at our wedding invitations I’ve been working on??? {Miss Gator imagining her readers screaming “YES YES YES!!!!”} Here is a tiny sneak peek (I will reveal the whole set once everyone receives their invites after March 1, our unofficial send out deadline).

A little snippet of the invitations, and rsvp cards, I’ve been working on this week. Do you see a daisy in there? Yup, that would be the beautiful daisy Mr. Knight made for our invitations in photoshop. He knows their my favorite!

I’ve already ordered paper samples (pretty Stardream Metallic paper) from Envelope Mall and are waiting for them to come in. We ordered our envelopes for our Save the Dates from Envelope Mall and were very satisfied with the quality and price. Their prices are right in the range we are looking to spend for the invitations, so we are hoping their paper is the quality and weight we are looking for. I will be ordering a color laser printer this week (which will not only come in handy for printing our invitations, but also for printing my architecture portfolio when I go on the job search in February).

I still need to design the directions/accommodations/our website card, and the back of the RSVP card postcard (we are doing an RSVP card postcard to save money on postage… did I mention we were on a budget? haha). I also need to make a map this week, of our wedding and reception location. The map I have gotten the most inspiration from is by Amanda over at Swoon Over It. She makes the most beautiful maps at a great price. But, since a custom map is not in the budget, and I have some design background, I doubt Mr. Knight would let me order one from her. Here is one of her custom creations:

source: Swoon Over It
Amanda’s custom maps start out at $99. Super cute.
I doubt my map will look as cute as her’s, but either way, it will get our guests from point A to point B. :-)

Well, I’m off to more invitation designing and DIY project making before my week of freedom ends (my last semester of Grad school starts Monday… ick!). I’m currently working on some adorable little drink flags for our bar area. Stay tuned to see how they turned out!

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  1. Miss Gator, you’ve done a stand-up job on these things. I can’t wait ’til they’re all done and printed. Of course, I had to give her a few pointers here and there, but… that’s just me—they could be perfect and I’d still probably change something. True art is never “perfect”.

    I really like the green one with the story on it. I think we should do something in that format for our “How We Met” on our website. That would be kinda neat (and much cheaper than printing one).

    Also, I like your idea on the cover of our program. People in-the-gatorbride-know would get it… others might just be like, “Huh? Whatever…”.

    Love ya darlin’!!

  2. @Mr. Knight: Thanks Babe! I can’t wait to finish these babies. They have been incredibly fun to work on!!

  3. marina says:

    Mr. Knight should ask his dad to do the map…he’s quite the artist! I’m sure he would be thrilled to do it. Btw, eveything you have posted is awesome :-)

  4. How sweet are you!? Thanks so much for your kind words about my work! :) I’m so glad you like it! If you need any help, please let me know!

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  6. Alan says:

    All I can say is “The Work Looks Great” and can’t wait to see the finished ones.

  7. I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations.;”‘

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