My Favorite Wedding Moment

Looking back on our wedding day, there is one moment in my eyes (and heart) that stands out as the best moment. During this moment we weren’t surrounded by bridesmaids, parents, guests… not even our wedding photographers and videographers were there to capture it. Nor do I think they could capture such a perfect moment (corny, I know).

Let me set the scene:

It’s 6:30pm. We’ve just come in to the Men’s locker room of the clubhouse after spending time out in the hot Florida weather (hello, MAY) taking all our family and bridal party shots at the ceremony site. We’re sweaty, a little tired, nervous for the next part of our Wedding (the first dance), and ready to sit down and take a breather. Sunny MOH and Seminole bridesmaid are there to help me take off my dress (to use the bathroom and air out), put me back in my dress and bustle me up for the reception. After they leave, it’s just me and Mr. Knight in the Men’s locker room. Just the two of us. And so began my favorite moment ever.

We sat for a few moments on the couches, just looking at each other. Excited, exhausted, and overwhelmed with happiness. Mr. Knight then took my hand, we walked into the bathroom portion of the locker room, and he turned on our first dance song on his iPhone. Right there, by ourselves in that bathroom, we had our first dance as husband and wife.

One of my favorite photos ever.

It was so wonderful. We weren’t on display for all our guests as their entertainment (which at weddings, I’ve always believed that the Bride and Groom are the entertainment… tough job). We were just us. Tripping over our steps, laughing, smiling wildly at each other…. sneaking little kisses. It was so wonderful to only hear the sound of our song, and our footsteps.

I don’t need any photos or video to help me remember that moment, because, I feel, it is one I will probably never forget. It left such a lasting impression on me. When I think back to our wedding, I always think back to our special moment, dancing in the men’s locker room.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding day? If you’re still waiting for your nuptials, will you make time for just you and your groom to have a moment together?

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  1. Abby says:

    Aww, such a sweet memory! :) I had one of those, during the very last dance of our receiption. Nobody was paying attention to hubs & me, and we were totally in our own little world. So much so that hubs recently suggested that our “last dance” song become “our song”. ;)

  2. That is an adorable pic of a wonderful memory. :)

  3. LauraLou says:

    What a wonderful memory! I wish we would’ve had a couple minutes like that, but ours was our drive to the reception site. We were so happy we were giddy (and we tried to go through the McDonalds drive thru for a drink and realized we didn’t have our wallets) and both still amazed by the fact we were finally husband and wife! Definitely moments I’ll never forget.

    That picture is SO cute!

  4. Brandi says:

    I love how romantic this is! I don’t think we had one single moment alone on our wedding day, until we got back to the hotel (and even then, we changed, and went to my uncle’s room for an after-wedding beer before we hit the hay!). I can only imagine how amazing that few moments alone must have felt!

  5. Hannah says:

    We planned in a few “lets just be us moments” that were there incase we got behind schedule. Thankfully, my crazy propensity to do things on time or early gave us those moments to relax and take it all in!

    And even though our first dance was “the center of attention” I don’t remember anyone else except for the two of us twirling around without reason on the dance floor!

  6. I agree. Completely.

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