Mr. Knight Can Blog Too!

It went something like this:

Miss Gator:
You’re gonna write some articles for Gator Bride this week.

Mr. Knight:
What? Why’s that?

Miss Gator:
Because you are, and I said so, that’s why.

Mr. Knight:
Okay… What am I supposed to write about?

Miss Gator:
I dunno… something.

Mr. Knight:
[looks at Miss Gator like a student after being assigned a pop quiz]
I’m really pretty busy this week sweety.

Miss Gator:
[looks at Mr. Knight with eyes of discontent]

Mr. Knight:
Yes dear...

Mr Knight's LikenessIn reality, I’ve actually been thinking about doing this since the inception of Gator Bride but just haven’t quite had the time. Okay… that’s a lie—I have had a few spare moments; but, in those “spare moments”, I generally spent watching Dexter, Football, or sleeping. In any case, with Miss Gator possibly MIA for the next week, here I am on this not-so-lovely Saturday afternoon (the weather’s horrible) and I’ve got some spare time to figure out how to coerce you to keep reading my entries—I’m not quite as quirky/peppy as Miss Gator.

After some careful self-reflection and a small bag of Doritos, I think I’ve compiled a decent list of my entries for this week:

  • Meet the Groomsmen
  • Wedding Planning: A Groom’s Perspective
  • A Budget Bride = Thankful Groom
  • How to Make a Successful Wedding Blog

How’s the sound, y’all? Will those keep you entertained or will it have you running for the hills? If you have any suggestions for articles that only I could write, or questions you’d like to have me answer in a “Ask The Groom: Answers” article, please put them in the comments.

Mr Knight

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m very excited to hear about things from the grooms perspective! This is a great idea!! :)

  2. mrknight says:

    @Sarah: I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about it. :) I hope I can live up to your expectations.

  3. marina says:

    ….this should be interesting :-)

  4. Aweee I love your image! So sweet, thinkin of me! :-) I’m so excited you will be posting some entries this week! I can’t wait to read what you have to say my dear! Love you!

  5. Hannah says:

    Hopefully this blog: can give you some inspiration! I read it the other day and thought “hummm Mr. Knight should do a little cameo” and here you are :)

  6. mrknight says:

    @marina (Mama Knight): I hope I live up to your expectations.

    @Miss Gator: I thought you’d like that. :) I thought it was pretty accurate…

    @Hannah: Actually Miss Gator sent me the link to that blog before I started writing for Gator Bride but I didn’t read it until afterward. It’s a Pretty interesting and truthful blog.

  7. […] save the article about the best man’s Christmas gift to us… So, without further adieu, as promised, I’m going to attempt to create “interesting” aliases for my groomsmen (sorry if […]

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