More Than A Bride

Throughout the planning process most Brides are not only a Bride, they are many things; a mother, a fiance, a daughter, a housekeeper, a friend, a meal maker, a peace keeper, an employee, a student (you get the point). All of which have very important responsibilities. There is a delicate balance between wedding planning being a part of your life and it consuming your life. Oh! How I envy those Brides who are just simply a Bride. But, alas, I must get over it because girl…  I got a heck of a lot goin’ on. Which is one reason Mr. Knight and I have chosen to have such a long engagement (2 ¼ years! Can you believe it? More on that later…I promise!).

I started remembering that I am more than a Bride when one of my Graduate School projects was recently featured on UF’s School of Architecture Website. I remembered… hey I’m an architecture student too!

Miss Gator's Grad 1 Project

Miss Gator’s Grad 1 Project

This summer has been long one and I’ve had basically negligible educational responsibilities (aka I’ve had a lot of time on my hands). My summer has been the jump start of Mr. Knight and I’s wedding planning and it has all but consumed my every thought since May 15th (the day I first stepped into a bridal shop). My daily Internet reads include wedding websites, wedding blogs, and searching for wedding items on Etsy and Ebay.

Wedding Conversation Somee Card

I’ve become “that Bride.”

…the one who has to control how much she talks about her wedding in front of her friends and family, as to not scare them away. When someone asks me how the wedding planning is going, I have to take a deep breath and say ‘great,’ instead of spilling my guts over every single detail. No one cares that I have had knots in my stomach over our budget, getting ahold of our maybe-videographer, and what Mr. Knight will be wearing. {take a deep breath Miss Gator, this post shouldn’t be getting you worked up}

And if I hear one more vendor say “your wedding isn’t till May” when I ask them to do something for me, I just might FREAK! What is up with people waiting to do things till the last minute?! People suck (except for the ones that don’t).

But sometimes I just can’t help but spill (I apologize to anyone who has witnessed my wedding info spill sessions firsthand!). I have to realize that being a Bride does not define who I am… I am more than that. I’m a Grad Student, a Teacher (I teach Freshman Design), a fiancé, a friend, a crazy laundry washer and ironer, a clean freak, a lover, a cat pleaser, an Intern, a daughter, and many more things. Sometimes you need to just take a step back and relax.

Yes, weddings take a whole bunch of planning… but, in the end, it is just you and your hubby up there confessing your love for each other in front of all your friends and family. And, really, that is all that matters (at least that is what I keep telling myself). No one is going to remember what shoes I was wearing, or that Mr. Knight’s socks matched his Tie (even though I wish they will remember it!).

So ladies, remember this if nothing else… You are not just a Bride, you are so much more. Try not to let it consume you—turning you into a crazy wedding-blabbing monster. It’s all about that delicate balance between crazy and just normal everyday-woman crazy.

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  1. mrknight says:

    Haha. Very cute honey. I appreciate every single thing you do for us (for me in particular). You really are amazing. You work so hard at school and work and writing this blog and you still find plenty of time for me. I couldn’t ask for anyone more awesome to be my wife (because they don’t exist).

    Love ya,
    Mr. Knight

  2. Erin says:

    aww ur so amazing Miss Gator! I totally understand what u r going through!!! I wanted to strangle vendors too when they would tell me ” oo you have tons of time before your wedding, we can finalize things later”….”No I want them finalized NOW!” hahaha

    Your totally right though..all that really matters in the end is that you and Mr Knight get hitched and live happily ever after! yay!
    I love you!!!!

  3. Lauren says:

    I feel exactly that way about work sometimes. Someone will ask me something random about UClub and 15 minutes later we are taking about market surveys, irrate parents, etc. And it doesn’t help that all my friends (and boyfriend) are residents.

    I literally can’t comprehend how you have the time to plan a wedding, be a student, GTA, etc. So go ahead and talk about your wedding all you want. You totally deserve to be a bit obsessive right now :)

  4. marina says:

    Just take time to breathe….your wedding will be beautiful mostly because of the evident love between you two! I am amazed by your organziation and skillfulness in planning what is going to be an awesome wedding; but, more importantly, an amazing life!

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