Miss Gator’s Veil Status: Finally Done!!!

This past week I met up with Debbie of Alterations Unlimited at Solutions Bridal to check out my wedding veil she was altering. From previous posts, here,¬†you can see that I decided to have a designer make my veil to look like one of the fabulous $630 veils I loved at Solutions Bridal (at 1/6 the cost!). Well, that didn’t turn out all so well. Mostly the reason it didn’t turn out well is because I didn’t speak up when I didn’t like the outcome of the veil that was made for me. I have a tendency to do that. I just didn’t want to hurt the designer’s feelings when I didn’t like the cut of the veil. I should have realized then that I paid her good money to make me a veil that I wanted and that I need to get it fixed so it was just the way I imagined.

Soo… last August, when the veil was finished, I just went with it. I tried it on for Mr. Knight and agonized over the cut of the veil for months. What was wrong with the cut you ask? Well I wanted a cut more like this, straight and over the shoulder, like all the past veils I tried on:


And the designer cut the veil with these ‘wings’ I called them, more of a mantilla cut, like this:


Seems like a simple fix, right? Well, since I never spoke up, it wasn’t a simple fix. I later went back to the designer, paid extra money, and had the designer change different things about the veil that I didn’t like. Which was bringing up the price of the veil overall. After my first alteration with the designer and added expense, I decided to just let my veil ‘be’ and that I would see how it looked with my altered dress.

Fast forward several months and here I was trying on my veil, for the first time, with my altered dress at Alterations Unlimited. When Debbie saw the veil she let out a small scream and immediately pin-pointed the cut of the veil as a problem (not to mention the comb was sewed on backwards). She offered to fix my veil for me, and make it the beautiful over-the-shoulder look I wanted, and the comb, for… wait for it… FREE. Umm.. I love her!?

She said it was no problem and it would be a quick fix for her… she is seriously my angel for rescuing me from the heinous-ness of a veil with ‘wings.’

Want to see the final product????? Check it out!

The perfect ‘over the shoulder’ look I wanted! It seriously felt AMAZING to put this veil on. This veil made my week!
image by Debbie on Miss Gator’s iPhone

I guess I was so happy I couldn’t even keep my eyes open! haha. The veil is now PERFECT! Totally up to this little Gator Bride’s standards!

Who knew a veil would cause so much drama?

Did you have any issues in your wedding planning process that just drove you nuts and you just couldn’t keep it off your mind till it was fixed? My agonizing lasted for 7 months, how long was yours?

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  1. I hate how things that should be so simple turn into major complications! I’m really glad it all worked out for you, the veil is really lovely!

  2. Gator Bridesmaid says:

    yay i love it!!! Perfect!!!Well u know my veil drama… How i bought a fingertip lace veil and blusher combo at the bridal store at the same time i bought my dress- after only being engaged and wedding planning for about a month! Then after a couple months of looking at other brides pictures I saw how beautiful cathedral length veils looked and wanted one 2! So i bought one off of ebay and decided it would be my ceremony veil( since i really did love my original 2!) Well this veil had a blusher with it 2 and decided i didn’t want that so one crazy night i actually CUT the blusher off my cathedral veil with scissors!!! Long story short i decided i wanted a blusher again for my ceremony veil and abought one from david bridal…

    Soooo in the end i had a cathedral veil with a separate blusher for my ceremony and then changed into my lace fingertip veil for the reception! PERFECT!!!

  3. Emily says:

    Ahhh veil drama! It is perfect now!

    My mom picked up my dress and veil because I was away at FSU and I got home and freaked out. It wasn’t shimmer tulle, had the wrong edging, and was super poofy it also was supposed to be a two layer cathedral with the long part on velcro to be removeable! I called them and the manager herself took my order and called it in right there. I was still nervous that it was too poofy up to, oh, I don’t know about to walk down the aisle.

    Veil drama.

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