Miss Gator’s Easy DIY Daisy Pomanders

What are ‘pomanders’? Well, when Mr. Knight and I jumped on this crazy ride called ‘our wedding,’ we had no idea. I simply dubbed them ‘daisy balls’ till I could properly pronounce their official name (thanks to some help from Seminole Bridesmaid aka the wedding guru).

image from WeddingBee classifieds

After seeing these daisy pomanders in the WeddingBee classified section for $75 for 10 of them (not including shipping or shepherds hooks to hang them on), I figured I could tackle these myself (and since the listing quickly sold, I had no choice but to make them myself). So, on I went to Wal-mart to purchase 6 green floral foam balls (only 6, not 10, because we are on quite the budget), yellow ribbon, and several bunches of daisies.

These beautiful daisy pomanders are super easy (and really quite fun to put together).

Step-by-Step Instructions: (I apologize I don’t have photos, I made these last May, before my sweet little blog was created)

  1. Cut the faux daisy off the bunch at about 1.5″ from the flower
  2. Take the flower stem and stick it into the floral foam ball (I originally bought a hot glue gun to glue the daisies into the ball, but found that simply just sticking them into the ball, held them enough)
  3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat until the green of the floral foam ball is no longer seen
  4. Then take a strip of ribbon, fold it over into a knot. String a large metal paper clip through the ribbon and stick the paper clip into the floral foam ball.
  5. Adjust the daisies until the paper clip is no longer seen.

photos courtesy of Mr. Knight

And… WA-LAH! You have a Daisy Pomander, ready to hang on a cute little shepherds hook, or chair arm.

  • faux white daisy bunches $4.50/bunch
  • green floral foam ball $2.37/piece
  • 40 inch Shepard’s hook $5.97/piece

Total per Daisy Pomander set = $13.28
Grand total for 6 sets = $79.71
all items bought at Wal-Mart

The ad on WeddingBee classifieds charged $7.50 per pomander (no hook), and I made them for about $7.31 each (no hook).  Which I think, isn’t quite bad at all!

Our ceremony decor hanging in our wedding closest. Mr. Knight even installed a light in the closest, so I could better see and organize all our wedding stuff. What a sweety!

These babies are now hanging peacefully (as long as Gator Kitty doesn’t get to them!) in our wedding closet. Yes…. we have a closest mostly devoted to all things wedding. We are very lucky to have this extra storage space to hold our items safe from the grips of Gator Kitty.

Are any of you planning on DIY decor for your ceremony?

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  1. Jesselyn says:

    I love Wah-lah. I say wah-lah all the time. My ghetto version of “viola”. lol.

  2. giovanna says:

    oooh, thanks for posting. i think i’m gonna try my hand at these. i’m not very crafty, but i really like them, and i want to try it.

  3. Yeah, Miss Gator is quite ghetto…

  4. […] sticking faux daisies in floral foam and wrapping the foam with left over yellow ribbon from our pomanders. I affixed the little sign to the front of the basket with paper clips taped to the sign and […]

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