Michael + Gina’s Hammock Beach Resort Wedding

Michael + Gina // Feature Film from Gator Bride Videography on Vimeo.

Michael and Gina's Hammock Beach Resort Wedding

It was a crazy foggy day in our home town of Palm Coast, FL. Gina and Michael were married at the ocean-side Hammock Beach Resort. We could barely see 30 feet ahead of us during their ceremony, but we roughed it out and managed to pull off our first “Feature Film.”.

Gina and Michael have a beautiful story. We felt they were the perfect candidate to debut our newest offering, Feature Films, because we felt a Highlight Reel just wasn’t long enough to give their story justice.

Feature Films are basically extended versions of our Highlight Reels. More great footage, more story, more music, more fun! We love these versions of our videos because we don’t have to cut anything out we feel is important. So many times we were editing Highlight Reels and felt we were leaving important story-lines, speeches, clips, etc. out. And it was bumming us out majorly. So, it dawned on us, why not make longer Highlight Reels? And so, the GBVideo Feature Film was born.

And what’s even better? All ourĀ Feature Film packages come with an additional 2 hours of coverage. Awesome-sauce.

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  1. I watched your film:) When did I become so sentimental ? Almost crying,but I loved the happy end! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Our pleasure! So glad you liked it! :-)

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