Meet the Groomsmen

Ya’ll have heard a lot about Miss Gator’s bridesmaids and how awesome and sweet they all are. Well, I have to agree with Miss Gator—they are all really the perfect bridesmaids. She’s been blessed with so many friends and family to support her on our wedding day. In fact, we’re both blessed in that sense. Sadly, you haven’t heard too much about the groomsmen, save the article about the best man’s Christmas gift to us… So, without further adieu, as promised, I’m going to attempt to create “interesting” aliases for my groomsmen (sorry if they suck) and give a brief back-story on each of them…

Little Knight (Best Man):
Little Knight is my little brother, hence the name Little Knight. In truth, he’s really not so little any more—he’s grown into quite a man in the past few years.

Mr Knight an Little Knight at the engagement party.Little Knight and I at the engagement party 2 years ago!! Can you believe it’s been almost two years since we got engaged?? Crazy…

Growing up, Little Knight and I were your typical brothers… arguing, fighting, name-calling, etc… it’s healthy brotherly-love and one of the reasons why we know each other so well. Of course, we weren’t always beating on each other; in fact, most of the time we were just good ol’ buds watching/playing football, playing video games, building forts, teasing Sweet Bridesmaid and Mama Knight, or finding something else crazy to do. We really are quite a dynamic duo when we work together.

Little Knight’s a free-spirited 19 year-old who’s still trying to find himself. He’s very intelligent and has incredible potential. In fact, he’s going to be making Miss Gator and I’s rehearsal dinner slideshow/movie since he has a new-found knack for video editing. Honestly, it’s hard to not like this guy—he’s going to make a heck of a best man and lifelong friend.

Proficient Groomsman

Here I am with all my siblings at Proficient Groomsman‘s wedding in 2008. It was a really awesome/beautiful wedding on the beach.

Proficient Groomsman
is my accomplished big brother. Unlike with Little Knight, Proficient Groomsman and I never really argued, fought, or name-called. Proficient Groomsman and I have a very different kind of relationship since we didn’t grow up in the same house. Of course, that doesn’t make him any less of my brother—it actually made him somehow more of a role model to me. Growing up, we usually only saw each other one or two weekends per month, if that. When he went to college at Clemson, we saw each other even less. But, just to give you an idea of what this guy’s like if you don’t know him already… He’s a helluva surfer, was a great soccer player, got a scholarship to Clemson for his amazing diving skills (on top of the fact that he had a 4+ GPA in high school), is fluent in Spanish, he could make a second career as a comedian, is a great father, husband, and brother, is a good Christian, and spends his days saving people’s lives as a paramedic. I mean… Come on… What a guy!

Geeky Groomsman
I think Geeky Groomsman and I have more in common that any of my other groomsmen. I’m pretty sure we met in cub scouts in first grade but I could be wrong… it might have been earlier. In any case, it turned out we lived basically just down the road from each other which made it easy for us to forge a lifelong friendship. We spent many-a-night together, staying up late playing TMNT on his NES. During the day we’d play two-hand touch with Little Knight and other kids from around the block as well as build forts way out in the woods. We’d also spend hours punting and throwing the ball back and forth in my cul-de-sac. Of course, when we got in high school we played football on the varsity team together. All those days spent punting back and forth was probably what made me a good enough punter to be the varsity Special Teams MVP in my junior year. Geeky Groomsman was a first-team all-state left offensive tackle in his senior year. In high school, we both became big computer geeks (not to be confused with computer “nerds”), hence the name, building our first computers in our freshman year. We both worked in construction for my dad which is why we’re now both IT professionals. We are still major geeks.

Justin and Mr. Knight chillin at the Knight/Gator Engagement PartyHere we are chillin’ out on Miss Gator’s parent’s  back deck during Miss Gator and I’s engagement party.

Geeky Groomsman is one of those guys that you know you can always rely on. He’s honest, fun, and has a great sense of humor. Plus, it’s always nice having a guy around that can lift three times as much as you.

Rocker Groomsman
Rocker Groomsman and I have a long history together—he was my first real friend. We met at Jungle Hut beach when I was only 3 years old. I think he may have been 4. We’ve been friends ever since.

Old picture of Mr Knight and Mark in the Blue Ridge mountains.Man, now this is an old picture. Definitely not the oldest I have, but, this is a classic… look at that fro! This is up in the Blue Ridge Mountain chain around Thanksgiving time in 2003.

Rocker Groomsman and Mr KnightA more recent picture of Rocker Groomsman and I at Miss Gator and I’s condo in Gainesville last summer. Bad angle for me…

We went to pre-school together but, unfortunately, we didn’t attend the same elementary or middle schools. When we finally got to high school, I think we only had one class together. Can you believe that? Nevertheless, throughout all those years, we stayed best friends because we’d make up for not seeing each other during the week by sleeping over each others’ houses basically every weekend (and basically every day during the summer). We’re both musicians but Rocker Groomsman has certainly taken his skills to a higher level than I have (can you tell by his name). He plays several instruments and has been in several bands, including his own. He plays trumpet, bass, guitar, and keyboard. I’m more of a “classical” [crappy] musician playing flute, oboe, and dabbling in piano/keyboard. I was also in the drumline in high school but that doesn’t really qualify me as a drummer. He definitely plays the drums better than me.

Rocker Groomsman has a really funny sarcastic kind of humor that makes him really fun to be around. I wish I got to see him more often.

Humanitarian Groomsman
Humanitarian Groomsman and I met through our better halves. Humanitarian Groomsman is the husband of the lovely Sunny MOH. We met before they were married (or engaged for that matter).

From Left-to-Right: Steve, Mr Knight, Miss Gator, and Sunny MOHSunny MOH and Humanitarian Groomsman had a really beautiful wedding just down the road from where we are having ours. What a good lookin’ bunch we are.

Lemme tell you something… this guy is impossible not to be friends with. He’s got this way about him that is just indescribable. For instance, he can’t be but a buck-fifty but can eat like a sumo wrestler. Or how ’bout this… he wants to make a website (just for the heck of it) that categorizes and shows-off paper restaurant napkins. He explains, “they’re so interesting… they’re all different”. But, of course, there’s a more serious side to him. He and Sunny MOH are both humanitarians through and through—they spend countless hours a week helping the poor and less fortunate. Whether it be working at the food bank, caring for refugees from places like Mumbai or Myanmar, or just taking care of his wife, Humanitarian Groomsman’s remains a model for selflessness.

Super-Fly Groomsman
Super-Fly Groomsman is Rocker Groomsman’s little brother. I’ve known him since he was an infant and he’s like a brother to me in some ways.

Old picture of Mr Knight and Kevin at Nana Jackson's House in Panama City.Another old-school picture from 2005. I think we were pleading to go water skiing up at my Nana Jackson’s house in Panama City. Check it out… I’m sportin’ my UCF Knights apparel…

Super-Fly Groomsman and Rocker Groomsman come from a family that is very close to my family and I. We’ve been on vacations to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Cruisin’ to Cozumel, and have taken a couple trips to Panama City to hang out at my Nana’s house. I consider them my second family and would do anything for them. Coming from such a good family, Super-Fly Groomsman has a strong work ethic and is planning to join the United States Air Force when he graduates from high school. He’s always been intrigued with air warfare history. He can pretty much name anything that flies (see what I did with his name…? It was Miss Gator’s idea… sorry…). He has other talents too… Like Rocker Groomsman and I, Super-Fly Groomsman plays the drums; and, from what I’ve heard of him, he’s really quite good.

Well, that pretty much sums them up. Sorry if that was boring for you ladies who come here to read about girly things like rehearsal dinner dresses, shoes, and inspiration boards. I’m doing my best here.

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  1. Super-Fly Groomsmen! I love the name! haha. Great article! I love how in the picture of you and Little Knight, you both are basically wearing the same exact shirt from Hollister. Hilarious!

  2. Christian Harris says:

    hahaha I love kevin’s picture. Can’t wait for paintball!!! I am fitted for my tux, seeing as I am the most responsible groomsmen.

  3. Grandma Gator Hazel says:

    Mr. Knight, the tradition continues… glad Miss Gator didn’t just leave us stranded with no wedding blog to read. I feel like I now know your groomsmen. Thank you. I can’t even begin to tell you how unbelievably creative you both are. After the wedding, the blog must continue until you are both great, great Gator Grandparents. So proud and love you so much.

  4. mrknight says:

    @Miss Gator: Thanks babel! But, Super-Fly Groomsman was your idea…

    @Christian (AKA Little Knight): That’s really good to hear man… I’m so glad you’ve gotten that done. To my knowledge, only two of you have taken care of that. :)

    @Grandma Gator Hazel: We have plans for the blog for after we’re married but we can’t spell out the details quite yet.

  5. I know! I was commending my awesome idea! haha :-)

  6. marina says:

    You did a fantastic job! But, then, you are the amazing Mr Knight!!!…

    PS… I wanna be ‘sun devil mama’.

  7. Knight Dad says:

    You know, the talented Miss Gator has set the blogging bar quite high….stratospheric….and you soared along with her. Great job Mr. Knight

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