Meet Our Newest Family Member!

No… I’m not pregnant! Just have to get that out there to clear the air. I feel like as SOON as you are married is when the baby talk starts and it never stops. But, this post is about our little kitten-baby we adopted last week.

I’d like you all to meet Pepper.

Isn’t she beyond adorable?

The story of how we met Pepper:

Last weekend, Mr. Knight took me out for some walking around the stores on Archer Road here in Gainesville. I wasn’t feeling well and he knew that walking and window shopping would make me feel better. Isn’t he such a good sport? He even went into ROSS with me and picked out some kitchen utensils. He gets major brownie points for not complaining once!

Anyways, we decided to walk into Petsmart to pick up some treats for our sweet little Gator Kitty. There were about 4 different adoption and rescue agencies in Petsmart that day and we decided to take a look at all the cute dogs and cats who need “forever” homes. This was proceeded by me crying as I walked by every cage that held a dog or cat. I wanted to bring them all home at that very moment. Mr. Knight suggested we adopt a little friend for Gator Kitty.

I was hestitant at first. Another cat wasn’t really within our budget to adopt and Mr. Knight wasn’t about to help out with the feeding/cleaning/poop-scooping that envolves having multiple cats. So, we decided to go home and think about it. 4 hours later (and about 30 minutes before the Gator HC game) we decided to head back to Petsmart to see if we could catch any lingering adoption agencies and see if we could bring home a friend for Gator Kitty.

We adopted Pepper from Helping Hands. Helping Hands is an organization in Gainesville that picks up animals on the euthanasia list at the local shelters and fosters them before they are adopted by folks like Mr. Knight and I. Little Pepper was set to be euthanized along with her siblings. Just breaks my heart to think this little bundle of joy wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the people at Helping Hands.

And, how is Pepper and Gator Kitty getting along?

Just swell. :-)

Helping Hands comes to Petsmart every weekend. If you are looking to add a new member to your family, I urge you to look into adopting pets rescued from shelters. There are organizations in every city which do this. You can make a huge impact in the life of a sweet little animal by giving them lots of love in a “forever” home.

It was $75 to adopt Pepper and she was already spayed, had all her shots (except for a small round of shots she needs next week) and Helping Hands gave us a bag of the kitten food she has been eating. Petsmart also supports pet adoption by providing another bag of kitten food and a container of cat litter when you adopt a cat through one of their charities.

If you would like to somehow help but don’t have the means or lifestyle for an animal, you can donate items to local organizations where you live. Many take old towels, bright colored fleece blankets, cat and dog food, litter, crates, pet taxis and toys for the animals awaiting adoption. You can even donate your time to help set up during adoption days, among other volunteer opportunities.

Last Saturday, when I woke up, I didn’t anticipate adopting a friend for Gator Kitty, but I’m so glad it happened. Pepper and Gator Kitty are so happy to be together. Not to mention, Gator Kitty is looking a little extra tired lately from all the playing. A little exercise can do Gator Kitty good.

Be sure to check out Helping Hand’s Facebook page for pictures and stories of newly adopted pets.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Haha. We both have younger siblings at home and our parents know that children won’t be in our vocabulary until our 30s. (I have a lot of traveling and a doctorate to finish!) So thankfully we don’t get the baby talk!

    Tebow and I hit up PetSmart on the weekends and it always breaks my heart to see the cages upon cages. Tebow always wants to play with the caged dogs and it is so hard to not bring them home!

    Glad pepper found her forever home :)

  2. Tati says:

    She’s a cutie! What a good mommy you are! Congrats!

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m a huge animal lover and your new baby is too cute!

    Thanks for the Petsmart info too, I had no idea about Helping Hands and all that Petsmart does!

  4. Brandi says:

    Congratulations on your new kitty! Our boy, Toast, loves his new kitten – it’s always good to have a friend!

    And is there any better medicine than cuddling a couple of cute kitties?!

  5. kjpugs says:

    YAY!!! Congrats on adopting a friend for Gator Kitty! That’s great news :) She’s beautiful!

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