Meet My Amazingly Awesome Bridesmaids

I have talked about my bridesmaids many times. I’ve spilled on the beautiful gifts I’ve bought them, what they will be wearing, and how sweet they are for helping me in my little endeavors. I think it is about time you meet these lovely ladies!

First, I would like to say that it is incredibly hard to have just 1 best friend. These first four ladies are indeed my BEST friends in the whole world. They are amazing and have changed my life in some way.

Sunny Maid of Honor (MOH for short) :-)
Sunny MOH and I met in my sophomore Fashion Marketing class in High School. We just instantly clicked. Not only did we ride the same bus to school but we also worked at the same Publix together. Through the years our friendship has grown. Sunny MOH means so much to me, she is the only person I kept in touch with from high school. She always has her priorities straight and is just an incredible person all around (and her husband is super cool too!). Her and her husband spend tons of their free time volunteering with refugee’s and volunteering at the Food Bank in Jax. They are even planning to move to Thailand after Mr. Knight and I’s wedding, so that they can further their humanitarian efforts. How cool is that? Sunny MOH is someone I truly look up too. On her wedding day she was the coolest bride around. No worries, she was all smiles. :-) She was more worried about how her bridesmaids were doing, then herself. Love her♥

Sunny MOH and Miss GatorHere is Sunny MOH and I at the Luau part her and her Husband threw last year.

Miss Gator and Sunny MOH at Sunny MOH's WeddingHere is Sunny MOH and I at her Wedding.
I think we were running around dancing or were apart of a Conga line… not sure. I love this picture because we were ‘caught’ in the moment of running around all crazy and dancing (of which, I blame on the sugar rush from eating two pieces of cake!). I couldn’t help myself, it was soo yummy. On a side note: Mr. Knight and I are cake tasting at Heavenly Cheesecake in Ormond where Sunny MOH and her husband got their cake. Gotta get myself some more of that sweetness!

Seminole Bridesmaid
Seminole Bridesmaid got her nickname on the blog because (as you have guessed) she attended FSU. But, that in no way defines her! She is a super fashionable, funny, all-round awesome gal… I should probably have nicknamed her Chic Bridesmaid. We met our first day of college at UCF (we both started out there before we went on to rival schools). Seminole Bridesmaid was my college dorm-mate and the first person I have ever shared a room with. I was incredibly nervous when I walked into our dorm for the first time and saw about 50 pairs of high heels piled high in a hot pink and leopard container. Living together and having several classes together really gave us the chance to open up and bond. I can say that my freshman year at UCF was one of the best (and stress-less) years of my life. We spent our time hanging out with our boyfriends (which are now our husbands/fiance’s), watching ridiculous TV, eating Cherrios and lean cusine pizzas, going to the gym and shopping after every test. It was AMAZING! They say that you meet friends in college that you will be friends with for the rest of your life, and I totally believe this. I can’t imagine my life without my best friend, Seminole Bridesmaid, she is ‘the awesome’!

Seminole Bridesmaid and I before her weddingSeminole Bridesmaid and I a few hours before her wedding.
I remember being sooo excited for her wedding… almost excited as if it was MY wedding. Seminole Bridesmaid will never forget me waking up at the butt crack of dawn on her wedding day, with the first words out of my mouth being “it’s time.” She still makes fun of me for it! haha.

Seminole Bridesmaid and I at the Kathy Griffin Show in OrlandoSeminole Bridesmaid and I this past summer at the Kathy Griffin Show in Orlando.
Seminole Bridesmaid and I love trashy TV and love love love Kathy Griffin. So what better then to see her live with all her Orlando Gays? It was amazing… only wish we could have seen her face and weren’t in the 2nd to last row. Oh well!

Happy Bridesmaid
I first met Happy Bridesmaid my sophomore year of college. We were both pledging the Architecture Fraternity on campus, Alpha Rho Chi. Our close friendship didn’t really start till we both attended the AIAS Convention in Boston over New Years 2007. Gator Bridesmaid, Happy Bridesmaid and I shared a room in Boston and instantly just clicked. We skipped out on the convention and frolicked all over Boston, playing in the snow and eating seafood. It was amazing! And we have been friends ever since! I always joke that Gator Bridesmaid and Happy Bridesmaid are my traveling buddies. Together we have been to Charleston, New York City (twice!), Boston, and have spent 2 spring breaks together in Flagler Beach.

Happy Bridesmaid and Miss Gator in NYCHappy Bridesmaid and I at Rockefeller Center last Christmas 2008.
Yes, Happy Bridesmaid is NYC Chic, while I am what a Floridian looks like when they go anywhere cold. I look like I’m wearing every piece of clothing I own.

Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I in BostonHappy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I in Boston the trip were we became best friends. This is a picture of us on the steps of Steven Holl’s Simmons Hall. We spent the day frolicking through the MIT campus trying to get in famous buildings.
Once again, I am wearing a ‘Florida’ coat and the Florida version of warm shoes. At least Gator Bridesmaid joins me in her Florida cold weather attire. As usual, Happy Bridesmaid looks chic and blends right in with the MIT crowd.

Gator Bridesmaid
The very Gator-licious Gator Bridesmaid and I first met through Alpha Rho Chi. She was pledging Alpha Rho Chi the semester the three of us (Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid, and I) attended the AIAS Boston Convention. We connected from the start and we both have married/or will be marrying our high school sweethearts. I have to say that Gator Bridesmaid is Gator in everyway, she truly bleeds Orange and Blue. I love talking ‘gator’ with her. But, not even the Gators could steal her away from her FSU -lovin’ husband. She is a Gator Bride living in captivity up in Tallahassee with her FSU hunny.

Gator Bridesmaid and I at the UF Homecoming Parade this yearGator Bridesmaid and I at this years UF Homecoming Parade. Only at UF do you have a 2 1/2 hour parade. haha
I told you she was Gator-ific! Don’t you love our ‘I heart Tebow’ pins?

Happy Bridesmaid, Gator Bridesmaid and I on University Ave the night of the 2007 Football championship winHere is Gator Bridesmaid, Happy Bridesmaid and I the night the Gators won the 2007 National Championship in Football.
We call this our ‘Annual Championship Police Officer picture.’ We also have a picture of the three of us with a Police officer the night the Basketball team won their first National Championship. They call that ‘the night the streets exploded.’ Because University Ave literally exploded with people. It was INSANE… insanely awesome, that is.

Sweet Bridesmaid

Sweet Bridesmaid is Mr. Knight’s little sister (and soon to be my little sister!). How does she get her nickname? She is called Sweet Bridesmaid because she is so gosh darn sweet! In the past 7 years dating Mr. Knight, I have got to witness Sweet Bridesmaid grow up. I still see her as this sweet little girl… when in fact she isn’t really little anymore… she’s 16 and driving!

Sweet Bridesmaid and I in NewfoundlandSweet Bridesmaid and I in Newfoundland last August.
We totally look like we are posing for a postcard or something. This must be Mr. Knight’s doing. He had  just got a new camera before the trip and spent the whole trip with a camera in everyone’s faces… he must have taken 2,000 pictures (with probably 1,500 of them where Sweet Bridesmaid and I were the subject).

One of the 1,500 pictures Mr. Knight took of Sweet Bridesmaid and I in NewfoundlandHere is another one of the 1,500 pictures Mr. Knight took of Sweet Bridesmaid and I in Newfoundland.
I think we were trying to get him back by recording him while he was taking pictures of us. Yeah… we had a lot of time on our hands!

Sporty Bridesmaid

Sporty Bridesmaid is my sweet cousin. She is my one cousin that I feel I connect the most with. I remember when my aunt was pregnant with her and I remember holding her at the hospital when she was born. I even became a certified Babysitter by the American Red Cross (yes… they do have this program) so that I could babysit her and her brother. Sporty Bridesmaid (and her brother) are certainly the thrill seekers in the family. They LOVE roller-coasters. We’ve been to Busch Gardens and Disney together several times. They go on the rides that I’m terrified to even go on (umm… the crazy swinging boat at Busch Gardens… no thank you!). Through watching Sporty Bridesmaid grow up I’ve seen her come into her own and become a beautiful young lady. I’m an only child and Sporty Bridesmaid is the closest I’ve got to a sister. I only wish we got to see more of each other! :-)

Screen shot 2009-11-20 at 12.50.17 AMHere we are at Busch Gardens together last January.

Mr. Knight with Sporty Bridesmaid and her Brother at Busch Gardens Here is Mr. Knight with Sporty Bridesmaid and her brother at Busch Gardens. They had just gotten off the roller coaster that goes just about 90 degrees straight down. Thank goodness Mr. Knight loves roller coasters just as much as they do. I think they went on this roller coaster 3 times that day. I just don’t have the stomach for that!

I’m so happy ya’ll have gotten a chance to meet my lovely ladies. Aren’t they fabulous? I don’t know where I would be without these 6 ladies. They are all so important to me and will be for the rest of my life. I’m so happy they have agreed to be my bridesmaids and be my sweet ladies in aqua dresses (which by the way… is going to look fabulous on all of them!) in 5 1/2 months at Mr. Knight and I’s Wedding.

How many bridesmaids do you/did you have? Did you have difficulty choosing who they would be?

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  1. Emily says:

    I loves you:) Not only will I remember you as the person that slept next to me my last night as a single lady and shot up out of bed to say “It’s time” but I will also remeber you trying to shove water down my throat the whole day so I wouldn’t be dehydrated. I will be as excited on your day as my own as well:) CANT WAIT

  2. @Emily: I completely forgot! haha. I was trying to pack water in you like crazy. I thought you were gonna faint from the heat and the hair and the make up and the dress. Ahhh fun times.

  3. Erin says:

    aww soo cute KIM!!! I love you too!!! We will always be “travel buddies” ready for our next adventure together!!! Cant wait for your big day!!!

  4. marina says:

    Very sweet! Good to get to see your bridesmaids…especially MOH and sweet bridesmaid (who wasn’t so sweet this morning when we had a good ole mother-daughter bruhaha! :-) But she is a sweet, sweet girl who absolutely ADORES both Mr.Knight and her soon to be sister!
    sure do luv ya gator bride :-)

  5. @Erin: Yess.. Travel Buddies!!!! I know.. we need to plan at trip to visit Nessa soon. Maybe next Fall? Before it starts snowing in the Big Apple! :-)

    @Marina: haha.. you crack me up with you and Sweet Bridesmaid’s bruhaha. Can’t wait to see you both over Thanksgiving. Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble!! :-)

  6. Turkey Turkey Gobble Gobble?? WTF? Haha.

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