Meet Kimberly & Kyle of Heart Happy Films


Hey Guys! Just you’re friendly neighborhood filmmakers dropping in for a quick hello!

I’m Kimberly, he’s Kyle, and this is our crazy little family. When we aren’t filming, editing, meeting with clients or consuming mass amounts of caffeine –you can find us enjoying lazy weekends with friends and family. Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is pretty gosh darn awesome. We like to take life slow, live in the present and enjoy all the little moments life has to offer. Our goal in life is to spread joy, love and kindness, and we try to do so in everything we do.

We’re so thankful for all our wonderful followers! We have so many beautiful stories to share with you–stories that will enhance your life, bring you joy and make your heart so so happy.❤️

We’re so glad you’re here.

Photo by our photog bae Matt Whytsell Photography