Mama Knight Redeems her Christmas Present

We’re back, and boy does it feel AMAZING! I can’t say enough how wonderful it feels to be home. They always say, it’s nice to go, and it’s nice to come home.

The past day or so has been spent organizing, unpacking and relaxing. The husband (oh how I love calling him mah husband) and I have been exhausted. And I have to admit, I have been avoiding answering e-mails as along as possible. I’ve enjoyed my break from the Internet, however little of a break I actually took. But now it’s time to get back to business. :-)

But first, before I start recapping the most amazing week/day/moment of my life, I’d like to start with this adorable photo shoot our wedding photographers, the wonderful Ben and Amy of Starks Photography, did of Mama Knight and her husband, Western Cowboy (father of Western Sistah, who you met in my Bridal Shower post). Mr. Knight and I gifted them with a gift certificate towards a photo session with the Stark’s and they finally had the chance to use it, before they move back out West (we’re gonna miss them) {sad face}. Check out these sweet pics the Starks grabbed:

So cute!

All the photos were taken near their home in Palm Coast, Florida. They live near the intercostal waterway, which provided some pretty amazing backdrops for their shoot.

All photos by the amazingly talented Ben and Amy of Starks Photography

When Mr. Knight and I came home to Gainesville, we were greeted by a pretty awesome wedding gift that left us completely shocked and stunned for about 10 minutes, as we just stared with our mouths wide open (trying to figure out how/what happened). Stay tuned to find out what our amazing wedding gift from Knight Dad was that left us shocked and suddenly giddy, like two kids on Christmas morning.


Mrs. Gator

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