Let Them Eat CAKE!

And without further adieu… I present {to my lovely Gator Bride Readers} our Wedding Cake! {courtesy of MUAH for sketching it up… just had to get a little crafty for my wonderful readers!}

*Please click to enlarge :-)
Cake Stats: 3 white square tiers with whipped cream icing; accented with yellow bands, white pearl dots, beautiful white daisies, and our lovely custom cake toppers in our likeness.

A few weekends ago, Mr. Knight and I made a trip home for a cake tasting at Heavenly Cheesecake in Holly Hill, FL. Sunny MOH had her cake made there. It was so incredibly delicious that I had TWO pieces at her wedding (which was immediately followed by a sugar high where I danced around her reception like a crazy mad women… but that is another story!).

When Mr. Knight and I arrived we were quickly seated and greeted with this:

From left to right: White Cream cake with Strawberry filling, Tropical Carrot Cake, and Chocolate Cream cake with Raspberry filling

Now I must say… Mr. Knight is NOT an icing person, so when I saw Mr. Knight not only eat ALL the icing on his samples, but the icing on MINE, I knew we had a winning baker. :-)

In the end we went with the Tropical Carrot Cake (made from scratch and with pineapple! What the baker calls a ‘true’ labor of love… which will come to bite us in the butt on cost), and White Cream Cake with Raspberry filling.

Mr. Knight posing with a square cake about the same size ours will be! Hooray!

I have to say I’m SUPER excited about our cake. Our cake is going to be delicious and makes me feel incredibly fancy… okay, maybe the ‘fancy’ part comes from the chic square silver cake stand we are renting for it.

Here comes my confession

Mr. Knight and I had no idea how much our beautiful dream cake was going to cost in the end. We were really quite shocked when we were told the price. But, in retrospect we should have expected it. Not only did we pick out a more expensive icing (per Mr. Knight’s taste bud request), but we also picked out a labor intensive flavor (uh… that Tropical Carrot Cake is AMAZING) and the cake is rather large, feeding 165 people (and the layers are really thick and tall… so it could probably feed more). Why such a big cake to feed so many people, when we are only expecting 150… and possibly less?

Well.. Mr. Knight and I already know that this Tropical Carrot Cake is going to be a hit (heck… we wanted them to make us a cake to-go!) and we want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE we get as much Tropical Carrot Cake as we want… hence the top of the cake will be nicely perserved for eating after our honeymoon (as suggested by the baker) or on our 1 year anniversary.

If our cake is as delicious as Sunny MOH’s cake was… I’m sure it will be gone by the end of the night… cause I know I wasn’t the only person to eat two slices at her wedding!

When researching online (mostly to make myself feel better about our cake price), I found our cost per slice of cake is in the mid-range… which certainly eases my little Gator Bride mind. {ahhh}

What was the one item you ended up splurging on for your wedding?

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  1. Emily says:

    I don’t think your mock up is detailed enough! Haha I like the “ohh, fancy” part. I love swiss dot, I love the ribbon, love the flowers. It will be great and I’ve had that kind of cake before and it will be a hit! Great choices as always!

    For my wedding I wanted to splurge on the more memorable and impactful items. Dress, cake, location. My fave splurge was we hired a friend with dj equipment instead of a pro dj and used the $$$ saved for a classic Rolls Royce exit. You have saved enough in other areas to go for the cake guilt free! You’ve been well behaved so far. Sorry this is really long…

  2. Angela says:

    Yummy,you make that cake sound damn good. It doesn’t matter the$ as long as its tastes better than you could dream and look even better.

  3. @Emily: Lovvvveeeddd your Rolls Royce!! And your cake was AMAZING! We sort of feel the same way, cake is important, a good splurge item!

    @Angela: I know, I can’t wait to eat that dreaming Tropical Carrot cake. YUM YUM!

  4. Also, it kind of looks like my cake topper is trying to eat Mr. Knight’s cake topper, totally not intentional! haha

  5. That looks wonderful! We’re doing a small wedding cake and then sheet cakes to save money. I’ve never heard of pineapple with carrot cake, maybe I’ll have to give that a spin!

  6. mrknight says:

    The cake is amazing. That is all.

  7. Janna says:

    That cake looks amazing!! The tropical carrot cake sounds delicious!
    Btw- I left something for you on my blog!

  8. Emily says:

    Kim, It doesn’t look like the gator is going to eat the knight it just looks like the knight said something stupid and the gator is giving him the evil eye!!!

  9. Haha. The Gator is TOTALLY giving the Knight the ‘evil eye’! The Knight looks like he is shivering in FEAR! haha. Man… so much can come out of my little sketches!

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  11. mrknight says:

    I guess you guys didn’t know–Kim can draw the future…

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