Let the Honeymoon Shopping Begin!

I picked up my first dress for our honeymoon next May in Maui, HI! I know it’s early… but what can I say… when you find something you love, you just have to get it (plus, it helps having Gator Mom and Gator Dad there to give the okay too and provide the $$. Thank you!). We picked up this lovely little dress at Rochelle’s Clothing in St. Augustine (located right before the Bridge of Lions on the Beach side). Super cute shop with lots of unique dresses (they also carry name brands like Citizen for Humanity and Hard Tail).

Rochelle's Clothing StoreLove this!

Rochelle's Clothing Storesource

Miss Gator's Honeymoon Dress

Tropical dress from Rochelle’s Clothing, $88.
Wearing the dress to Momma’s Fish House in Maui with your new Husband, Priceless.

When did/will you all start shopping for your honeymoon?

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  1. Just for the record… Miss Gator looks really hott in this dress. Sorry, just thought I’d let y’all get a little bit jealous because I have such a beautiful bride. You know you’re jealous.

  2. Awww, that’s really nice Mr. Knight, you’re right, she does look smokin’!

  3. Awe Thanks @Mr. Knight and @Stacy Marie! I can’t wait to get my shop on after Christmas during all the sales. Luckily in Florida they are always selling beachy dresses and sandals… even in December. Heck.. I went swimming in our pool one year on Christmas Day!

  4. marina says:

    Mr. Knight, you have one gorgeous fiancee!!! Love the dress!

  5. Leah says:

    I highly recommend Momma’s Fish House. I went there with my family and it is AMAZING! It’s so good we went there twice in one trip. It’s very romantic too.. make sure you walk out to the beach there is an awesome spot to take pics that’s kinda to the right of the restaurant. Oh and make sure you have the dessert that comes in a cookie oyster shell. I can’t remember what it’s called but it should be a drug it’s so good:)

  6. @Leah: We’ve heard that several times from several people. There is no doubt that that place is amazing. We will definitely be hittin’ up that joint (probably a few times).

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