Keeping The Inner Bridezilla Under Wraps

Bridezilla Moment CardI work very hard to not become a Bridezilla… but I do have my moments. There has been times through the planning process (and through our year and a half engagement) where I have fully unleashed my inner Bridezilla and later realized that I was being a little unreasonable… okay maybe a lot unreasonable.

Case 1: Trying to convince Mr. Knight that $700 shoes for our wedding was something I absolutely needed.

Case 2: Arguing with Mr. Knight that we can’t just have a honeymoon registry, we still need to have a registry at a store. I think I won this one but when I look back I think… why did I care so much? Wouldn’t I rather have money for our honeymoon then place settings for 12? I barely have a table that can sit 4.

Case 3: Obsessing over a venue where the price per plate was so outrageous, we would have to cut out half of our family and no children could come, and I was actually considering this. It was on the beach, and absolutely fantastic! but… way out of control price-wise.

UPDATE: Case 4: Saying my wedding instead of our wedding when talking to people; I’ve only done this a few times and each time I feel that voiceover from the ‘Bridezilla’ show calling me a briiiiiiiiiidezilla.

Okay maybe these aren’t all ‘Bridezilla’ moments (I have seen A LOT worse on the actual Bridezilla TV show) but I still feel they are worthy of the 1/4 Bridezilla or 1/2 Bridezilla designation. We are still 10 months out from our wedding, and I’m sure I will have more to add to this list.

If you have had a Bridezilla moment, please share! Make this Gator Bride feel a little better that she isn’t the only one. :-)

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  1. Emily says:

    Those aren’t too terribly Bridezilla-ish:) Personally, I think that everyone around me became incompitent and i was the normal, sane person.
    The only thing I thought about doing that would have been crossing the line was to make my groom’s 3 siblings wait a few months to get their braces so they wouldn’t ugly up my wedding photos…
    Why did all three of them have to have freaking braces at the same time? It will haunt me forever.

  2. Emily says:

    And I told one of my bridesmaids to get rid of her blonde highlights and go back to brown becuase I thought it looked better, And I secretly wanted to be the only blonde…

  3. @Emily: You secretly wanting to be the only blonde… hilarious. If you told me that before your wedding you would have totally heard me say ‘briiiiiiiidezilla’ in a good/loving way of course!

  4. Kari says:

    Funniest post ever! Love it! Hahahaha, but doesn’t every girl need $700 shoes? j/k :O)

  5. marina says:

    I would’ve liked to have been a fly on the wall when you tried to convince my son that you needed $700 shoes,,,,lol!

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