Just Mauied :: Rehearsing for the Big Day

I have one word to describe the rehearsal dinner… perfection.

Okay, two words… perfection and hot (as balls).

Mr. Knight and I had our rehearsal and yummy southern-style rehearsal dinner on the same property our wedding and reception would be the next day. Our wedding venue was a one-stop shop for everything we needed, which made it so easy to book when we realized that not only can we have our reception at the Plantation Bay Country Club in Ormond Beach, but we could also have our wedding ceremony, our rehearsal dinner, and rent a condo for my girls and I that is within walking distance from all three of these events. Can you say perfect, or what?

Now before I start the our rehearsal dinner recap, we are going to play a little game called Where’s Mr Knight and Mrs Gator? (a rip off of Where’s Waldo?).

Can you spot us? (click the image to enlarge)
45 of our nearest and dearest partying it up with us the night before our wedding!

How GORGEOUS is our rehearsal dinner venue? Amazing, right!? The night was absolutely perfect weather, hot and with a nice cool breeze.
photo taken by Mr. Knight with his fisheye lens

And what was on the menu at our rehearsal dinner? Southern yummy’s, of course! We had pulled pork, grilled corn on the cob, italian pasta salad (my fav!), warm apple pie ala mode, and Malibu Bay Breezes. The food, company and weather was the perfect start to our wedding celebrations!

From left to right: Groomsmen M, Sweet Bridesmaid, Knight Dad, Little Knight’s GF, Little Knight, and Groomsmen K.
photo taken by Mr. Knight – Yes… he took the pictures at our own rehearsal dinner… what can I say, can’t pry the camera away from him!

Some of our Newfoundland relatives enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather.

Me with some of my favorite peeps- Little C, Sporty Bridesmaid, Seminole Bridesmaid, Sunny MOH, and her husband, Groomsmen S.

Mr. Knight with his childhood best friend (they met when they were 3), Groomsmen M.

And what would any monumental occasion be without a tear-inducing video made by Little Knight?

Rehearsal Dinner Video by the Best Man from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

Little Knight sure knows how to get my tears flowing, complete with a super awkward 5 minute hug from me. What can I say, I’m the sentimental type. :-) Little Knight played this for all our closest family and friends, it was such a nice touch to a perfect night.

Okay so there may have been one potential mishap that was thankfully averted by Groomsmen S (who quite possibly saved our marriage). As the night drew to a close, I said goodbye to our guests then started to look around for Mr. Knight. He was no where to be seen! The only people left were me and my bridesmaids. A few minutes later, Mr. Knight came running in to say goodnight to me. Turns out he was outside, in his truck, and about to pull away when Groomsmen S asks him “Hey did you say bye to Miss Gator?” All of the sudden Mr. Knight felt incredibly awful that he had forgotten to say goodnight to his bride and came running back in to pick me up and carry me to my car. How sweet! Good save on Groomsmen S’s part, for sure. I think I would have certainly cried if he had pulled away without saying goodbye. I sort of understand though.. Mr. Knight can be little absent minded (love you Mr. Knight!!!) and we certainly had a LOT going on. :-)

Mr. Knight carrying his bride (that’s ME!!) to her car the night before their wedding. Yes, it is strange that I just got all third person on y’all but that’s just how I roll. :-)

Mr. Knight and I would like to thank Knight Dad, Momma Knight and Western Cowboy for throwing us this amazing Rehearsal Dinner. We are too blessed to have y’all in our lives. It was a fabulous party that we won’t soon forget!!

Professional Photos Update:
It has been 1 month and 22 days since our wedding (but whose counting?) and we still haven’t received our professional photos. Impatient much? Mr. Knight believes that we just took really bad pictures and that our photographers have been super busy trying to photoshop the heck out of our pictures. I hope it isn’t true! I just know they have been super busy, as they have been transitioning out of the wedding photography business (sad, I know!) and I want to give them as much time as they need to get our photos done. But… our wedding guest’s pictures of our wedding is no longer tiding me over. I’m super excited to see what actually happened at our wedding, as Mr. Knight and I can barely remember/recollect.

This weekend we are headed to meet with our videographer who has been working hard on our wedding video, complete with a cute little highlight video to sum up our big day for all my lovely blog readers, family and friends. If the highlight video isn’t enough for y’all, you can always come over to our place for popcorn and watch our full on documentary style video. We’d love to have ya!

Stay tuned for more recaps! Including a rather honest post about our florist, and when I say honest… I mean an honest “hey our florist sucked a** and I’m going to rant all over the internets about it,” complete with pictures of the weeds he called flowers.

{heart} y’all
Mrs Gator

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  1. The rehearsal dinner was great. Good good, good fun, and lots of laugh and tears of happiness.

    But, just for the record, it actually wasn’t Groomsman S. that saved the day… it was your lovely maid of honor, Sunny MOH (wife of Groomsman S). She was a brilliant MOH and I will forever be in her debt for that one, haha.

    I can’t wait for your recap of our florist—should be a good one!

    I love you Mrs. Gator (aka Mrs. Knight).

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