Just Mauied :: Our Wedding Video!!!


That is the only word I have to describe the amazingness of our wedding video. I love every second of it, every frame, every moment… everything. Watching it takes me right back to our Wedding Day. Since y’all weren’t invited to the wedding (I’m sorry but it just wasn’t in the budget), here’s a taste of what you missed. :-)

Kim + Kyle // Wedding Highlights from Erika Rydell on Vimeo.

Things that I love from our Wedding Video:

  • How me and my ‘maids are THE BEST at fake laughing for pictures and video. I love how we totally don’t hide our fake laughing in the video. We were pro, for sure.
  • How crooked our altar looks in all video/photos. The wind was INTENSE on our wedding day and our altar just wasn’t havin’ it.
  • My ugly cry throughout our whole ceremony. All it took was Mr. Knight choking up and I went into full on ugly cry.
  • My Dad’s speech. He had such a sweet speech. ♥
  • Mr. Knight’s face after I kissed him during our First Look. Priceless.
  • Us showing off our rings and Mr. Knight saying “Now we’re married… just kidding.” What is he trying to say here? Silly Mr. Knight.
  • Hello, I have the most beautiful bridesmaids ever, and this video shows it.
  • The “Gator Mom” tag on the back of our getaway car. Classic. Y’all can’t see it but, I know it’s there, which is all that matters. :-)
  • How sweet, meaningful and very ‘us,’ our wedding video is.

Erika Rydell, our lovely videographer, did an amazing job. She was there (with a 2nd shooter) for something like 12 hours, and made sure to capture every moment of our day. Her packages run from $700-$1600, making her super affordable in the HD wedding videography field. I’ve been dying to tell y’all all about her, since it is incredibly difficult to find fabulous videography on a tight budget (I know, I’ve looked). If you are interested in more information, you can contact her at rydellproductions{at}gmail.com (her website is currently being built, as I type!).

I have easily watched this video 20 times. And you know what is even more exciting? She isn’t done yet. We still have an full on documentary-style wedding video coming our way. Yippee!!

Do you plan on hiring a videographer for your wedding?

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  1. Hannah says:

    I absolutely love the video! I usually never spend time to watch the entire thing but I <3 you and it was super cute. I even noticed how they sing "flower in your hair" and its spans over your hair flower!

    So cute. Love it.

    And don't worry – I ugly cried too.

  2. Mrs Gator says:

    @Hannah: Aweee you are too sweet! Yes, the ugly cry is hard to avoid!

  3. LauraLou says:

    I love it! You looked SO gorgeous!

  4. Janna says:

    Love love the video! It was amazing!

    and I’m sure I will ugly cry too! I’m a crier regardless so B is already expecting it!

  5. Mrs Gator says:

    @LauraLou: Aweee thanks!!

    @Janna: I’m typically a crier, but I held it together pretty well, but then Mr. Knight started to tear up and I just LOST IT.

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