Just Mauied :: Marrying Your Dad

Okay, so this post isn’t really about “marrying your Dad”  but the title caught your attention, right?

I’ve been told many times, little girls grow up and find someone like their Dad and marry them. Which probably explains why Mr. Knight and Gator Dad get along so well, they are so much alike. They both hatch up crazy ideas (that often are really incredible), can fix any electronic/mechanical device, can whip up yummy food in the kitchen, are super smart and have an entrepreneurial spirit, can strike up a conversation with ANYONE about ANYTHING, both are excellent at public speaking, both are the first ones to purchase that hot new gadget on the market, and both can talk websites/media devices/gators/inventions for hours, and I love them both with all my heart.

Which makes these next two pictures extra special for me. My two most anticipated moments on our wedding day was Mr. Knight seeing me for the first time (see: our first look coming up in an entry soon!) and my Dad seeing me in all my Bride-ness.

I love Gator Dad. Doesn’t he look very ‘Bond-like’ in his tux? :-)
Excellently captured moment by Amy of Starks Photography

So, if little girls grow up to marry someone like their Dad, who do little boys grow up and marry? Someone like their Mom? What do y’all think? Did you marry someone like your Dad or like your Mom?

And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

We got silly with our iPhones
The girls and I mastered laughing
put on that little white dress
The boys got full of themselves
I was hungover while getting our hair did
We rehearsed with yummy BBQ
The ladies lunched

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  1. Meghan says:

    have you ever taken the myers briggs personality test? my husband and my dad got the exact same personality type. it still amuses me to think about.

  2. LauraLou says:

    I definitely married someone like my dad! I am totally a daddy’s girl, and I’m so thankful I found someone that has the same huge heart and personality as he does!

  3. kjpugs says:

    I married someone JUST like my dad! (The good AND even the few bad things, LOL!) I wish they had gotten to meet before he passed away :( Alas, I did not know B yet! But he loves hearing stories about him. Also, my uncle was saying how he had one of my dad’s old guitars (my dad and hubby both are self-taught) and I am hoping he’ll give it to B.

  4. Mrs Gator says:

    @Meghan: I haven’t! I’ll have to make sure they both take the test!

    @kjpugs: Both self-taught on the guitar? Amazing!

  5. Brandi says:

    How very Freudian of us all! My hubs is just like my dad, too, good and bad. I love the photos of you and Gator Dad (he does look very Bond-like!).

  6. Gator Dad says:

    Well as for me, I like to think that some of it was destiny, but Kyle and I are definitely Buds…

    Welcome to the family Kyle!


  7. Gator Mom says:

    Gator Dad: You call it destiny, I call it FATE.

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