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Love dem der boys
I was feelin’ a little redneck up in herrr. Be prepared for a full on southern language post.

A long time ago, in a far and distant pre-marriage world, I spoke about how I would be outfitting Mr. Knight and his groomsmen. On our wedding day, I was so happy to see all the boys outfitted in our selections. Them boys sure did look snazzy.

There some good lookin’ boys right there. Mmm hmm.

Getting the Bride’s Approval from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.
Mr. Knight is so silly. He even took a video with his iPhone, so that I could see that the boys were all accounted for, in their tuxes, and were wearing the right boutonnieres (as Mr. Knight was originally worried about who had which boutonniere… you think it would be obvious). Love him and his silly-ness.

I love this picture of the boys and how it looks like they are nonchalantly going to go bust a cap on someones a**. The boys knew how good they looked and even had a full on Facebook conversation with each other about it (related to this photo).

Them boys be out of control.
Conversation taken from Facebook

Love ‘in the moment’ pictures of Mr. Knight. My happy little Groom!

I think Mr. Knight was more excited about having all his friends in one place and hanging out with them then us actually getting married. None of our friends live near us, so having them all there for our wedding was like Christmas (or the best wedding gift ever).

Yellow daisies and aqua ties. Love it. Let me guess, who’s unshaven face is that? They DID know they were going to a wedding, right? And that they were IN the wedding? It’s all good though. As much as Mr. Knight probably doesn’t want me to tell y’all, he had crazy bursting nose hair the day of our wedding. I was like “It’s our wedding day and you forgot to cut your nose hair when you shaved? Fabulous.” Not like anyone was close enough to tell. Just another funny memory from that day that I love. ♥

What’s even more out of control then the Facebook love-fest? Our two youngest groomsmen smoking cigars at our wedding.
Taken via random guest’s camera

I probably should have had Mr. Knight recap his pictures with his groomsmen. He could have provided  more insight into what was really happening while these photos were taken.

Stay tuned as I prepare one of the most awesomest posts EVER… our Wedding Highlights video. It is nothing short of AMAZING and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. :-)

All the photos above were taken by the husband and wife team of Starks Photography unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Emily says:

    Hahaha, that conversation is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. Mrs Gator says:

    @Emily: My favorite is when Mark says that he is “too sexy for the ground”

  3. Janna says:

    That is too funny! The guys all looked great- and seemed like such a fun bridal party!

  4. – Yes, my guys are the best. Don’t know what I’d do without them. I consider each one of them my brother (especially, um, my actual brothers). Having them there was definitely one of the best parts of the wedding. We need to get together more often.
    – Yes, we are an extremely good-looking bunch of badasses. /humbleness
    – I have never shaved my nose hairs—-that’s just weird—I have manually pulled an occasional unnaturally-long one out though.
    – I gave the cigars to CJ and Kevin–they looked deserving.

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