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I’m that person who arrives 30 minutes early for EVERYTHING. I have this fear of being late. Even when it looks like we will be a millisecond late for something, my stomach will start to turn and I will get uncomfortable and jittery. So, it came to a surprise for me that I was late for Mr. Knight and I’s wedding ceremony. I blame Seminole Bridesmaid for making me take off my beloved Skagen watch.

Only kidding! I totally love Mrs. Seminole Bridesmaid but, it was seriously too much fun making this image. I think deep down I’m having Seminole Bridesmaid withdraws.
photo by Starks Photography, culprit stamping by Mrs. Gator

Let me set the stage for a complete Groom freak-out. My bridal posse and I are still at the bridal suite and it’s 5pm (our ceremony is at 5:15PM). We have NO CLUE who is going to take us to the Clubhouse where we will be transferred (via golf cart) to the ceremony on the golf course. So, my ladies and I pile into our cars and drive our butts to the Clubhouse where the staff starts to bring out cheese and fruit trays, along with drinks, for us to pig out on. We cool off and pig out for a few minutes then realize, where are these dang golf carts? Finally, golf carts show up and start whisking away bridesmaids… 1 at a time. Que freaked out Groom.

Look how excited Mr. Knight looks, thinking I’m going to be there any minute. To my defense, I do see bridesmaids in golf carts in the background. We are trying to get there on time. Mr. Knight is walking with our Rent-a-Priest. No, really, we went to Rentapriest.com and found him. We are cool like that.

Out of nowhere my iPhone starts ringing. Yes, I carried my iPhone in my clutch. I’m ridiculous I know. Anyways, on the phone is Mr. Knight. He’s at the altar, the trio is playing, and everyone is waiting for me! He says a quick “You better get your  butt over here right this instant,” then hangs up. At this point, my stomach turns and I start to get jittery and uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe I was late to MY OWN WEDDING!!!

I think by the time I got to the ceremony we were running 15 minutes late (although Mr. Knight will say it was later). I wouldn’t have felt that bad (as weddings do run late sometimes) but our guests were sitting in the sun on a hot May day in FLORIDA. Our poor guests, good thing we provided them with cute packaged water bottles!

Our guest’s LOVED them. You can find this design (among MANY others) in my Etsy shop. Shameless plug, I know but, gosh darn it, it’s hard to find cute water bottle labels!

Needless to say, Gator Dad came to the rescue and got me to altar before Mr. Knight at a conniption. :-)

But, not before these sweet young thangs walked down the aisle. Seriously, Little K and B are the CUTEST EVER. B’s suit and vest combo is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

And the way B helps Little K down the aisle. Adorbs.

Now, it’s Gator Dad and I’s turn. I have to admit, at this point I was getting pretty nervous. Nervous to walk on the grass in 3″ heels without stepping on my dress. Nervous to walk through that crowd of people before finally getting to my sweety. Nervous because the time had finally come (after 8 long years) for Mr. Knight and I to get married, and I wanted it to be perfect (and it was).

Gator Dad helping with some last minute adjustments and, we’re off!

For me, the walk felt like FOREVER. Our aisle was relatively short, but having so many eyes on my Dad and I made me SUPER nervous. I’m not really one to want to be the center of attention, so this was almost more then I could handle. I just held on tight to my Dad, took and deep breath, and walked towards my future husband.

Hello Mrs. Gator’s nervous face. So glad you could join us during this special moment when a GAZILLION pictures will be taken. Gator Dad saves the day by looking so good in his Bond-esque attire.

Nerve racking moment #2 – not being able to see my groom as I walk down the aisle. I blame the SUN for being so gosh darn bright that day (although I prayed for good weather for 2 years, so my prayers were answered and I’m eternally grateful). Seriously, my eyes watered most of the ceremony (okay, so maybe there were a few tears of joy) because I was staring into the sun during our vows, but I’ll save that story for another day. :-)

Gator Dad looked so good on Mr. Knight and I’s  wedding day. Even with all my crazy nervous bride-ness he always managed to keep a cool head (even showing up to a frantic bride at 7 in the morning with pepto, tums and aleve). I’ll never forget him walking me down the aisle (it’s currently my iPhone screensaver). Gator Dad has always been a huge influence in my life. He introduced me to UF and the “order” as he calls is: school, college, marriage, babies. Maybe the new “order” is college, marriage, ARCH LICENSING, then babies. When I would have ideas about doing things out of  “order,” Gator Dad would always set me straight. And you know what? I’m so glad I listened. 

And finally, it’s time to make this shiz LEGAL!

Are you like me? Obsessed at being on time for EVERYTHING, but found yourself late to your own wedding?

And in case you missed it, this is what’s happened so far:

All images by Starks Photography

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  1. Emily says:

    Haha way lame. When I saw my picture I thought you were gona say how I got an intense urge to pee right before we left. My mission was to make sure you didn’t wear your watch with your dress. I stand by that:)

    Totes planner and golf cart peoples fault!!!

  2. Okay, to set a few facts straight…

    I wasn’t at the altar waiting for you to get there. I was standing in the back with everyone else (including all the poor grandmas who had to stand for 10 extra minutes waiting for ya’ll) while everyone else (and I mean pretty much everyone else) was sitting in the blazing sun staring back at us like “WTF… the sun is hot, what are you waiting for?” I had to endure that pressure for 5 minutes before I called you (5:20). I then waited another 5 minutes. Then, around 5:27ish (12 minutes late!!), we finally saw one bridesmaid riding over so we decided to start walking the parents and grandparents down. It wasn’t for at least another 3-4 minutes that you started pulling out of the clubhouse…

    You can’t be a minute late to a simple birthday party but can be 15 minutes late to the biggest event of you life (so far).

    I still love you though. More than anything ever—but I’m never going to let you live this down.


  3. Gator Mom says:

    Great description of that day. To be remembered forever along with all the rest of the good stuff.

  4. Gator Dad says:

    Sometimes you just need to lose fifteen minutes.

    For Daughters and Daddy’s there is a magic moment that destiny will not allow to be denied.

    I remember the moment well. After rushing around for months, weeks, days …. that very moment for us just happened – time just seemed to stop. I was so very happy to be there for “Our Moment” and will remember it forever. It was that special moment when life turns the page and just before……. time just stops….if only to lose 15 minutes.

    And, Yes, I remember thinking that, one day you would understand.

    To borrow a famous quote: “You have built your castles in the air, now build the foundations under them.”

    I am so very, very proud of you and Kyle, honey. I know that for you guys, waiting and doing things according to ” The Daddy Order” seemed very difficult and odd.

    But life is a journey and like I always taught you, never start any journey without a plan.


  5. mama knight says:

    I am soooo much like you Kim! I HATE being late and I also get all nervous and freaked. Rick arrived 5 minutes before our wedding while I had my mom saying “He’s not gonna show”, oi!!!! It was hard living with someone with no concept of the passing of time….yes Rick, I mean you :-), the king of late!

    Kyle, jeez…don’t be so anal! Actually counting minutes? You’re nuts kid.

    I don’t remember any guests complaining so don’t fret Kim, it was an absolutely perfect wedding, best I’ve ever been too and I’ve been to a lot!

  6. Hey, I just wanted the record to reflect what actually happened in case I need to use this later on as leverage. You know?

  7. Even though the ceremony started a little late, everything that day turned out very beautiful and very special for the both of you and all of us!

  8. Any Sunny MOH withdraws? I wish we were able to spend more time with you and Kyle before we left. I know with everything that was going on this year (wedding, graduation, work, etc.) it was busy for everyone. I think about when the next time we will get to have nice dinners with you two and weekend tubing trips in Gainesville. I want you to know that I miss those times and even though we are far away and it will be a while until we reunite (in person) I do miss the Farris’ and all the wonderful memories we have!

  9. October2011GatorBride says:

    I came across your website a few weeks ago and have to say I love it! It wasn’t until reading this post I realized you’re an architecture major (as am I!), I laughed at the “new order” of license then children. I know as soon as I’m married the children questions will start but I can’t think of that until after all the licensing stuff is completed. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful, congrats!

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