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In the “honeymoon recap” area, I’ve been quite lazy. It’s not like we didn’t have the most amazing time of our lives in Maui, it is just the MASSIVE amount of photos Mr. Knight took on our honeymoon is making this task quite daunting. (Massive amount = 1,500+ photos = out of control Husband)

The view from our condo in Maui… just breathtaking. It was the best view on the island, and we’re not just saying that, we checked! Waking up to THIS every morning was heaven!
photo by Mr Knight

I don’t want to bore you with a bazillion pictures of us in romantic locations, so I’m going to try and condense our honeymoon recap (and give you a fabulous view of Maui) in as little pictures as possible. :-) If you haven’t seen our honeymoon video, then you better get your butt on over there and view it. It truly captured the feeling of Maui and our honeymoon perfectly.

In Maui there were lots of Mai Tai’s to be consumed:

Mr. Knight enjoying a Mai Tai at Mama’s Fish House

Lots of Luau’s to attend:

Enjoying a Mai Tai at the Old Lahiana Luau. Yums.

Lots of posing on volcanic rock:

Mr. Knight chill-laxin on some volcanic rock.

Lots of scenic pictures to be taken:

View from the Five Palms Restaurant at the Mona Kai in Kihei.

Lots of romantic bike rides:

28 mile bike ride down a volcano is not everyone’s idea of ‘romantic’ but Mr. Knight and I loved it. One of the top 5 experiences of our life (so far). Biking through 10 different climate zones (starting in freezing 26 degrees at the top and ending at the ocean) was unbelievable.
Mr. Knight and Mrs. Gator exhibiting the “Honeymoon Pose;” photo by our Maui Guide from Mountain Riders

Lots of yummy food to chow down on:

Enjoying some calamari, sushi and shrimp at the Five Palms. Yes that is two raspberry mojitos you see in front of me. I was out of control that night, but hey, you have to get a little out of control on your honeymoon, right?

Lots of champagne to be devoured:

Not only did the owners of our condo leave us champagne, but Mr. Knight’s Mom also sent us champagne. So we celebrated watching the finale of “Lost” (in HAWAII, where it was filmed) by toasting to them with lots and lots of champagne. By the end of the night, I was whining on the floor of our bathroom (after I had slipped on… champagne). No more champagne for me. Bad little gator.

Lots of guard rails to pose for pictures on:

Mr. Knight and I on the Road to Hana (one of the most treacherous roads to drive).

Mr. Knight and I in the ‘desert’ portion of the Hana Highway (this is way past the point where rental vehicles are prohibited from driving). Did you know there was a desert in Maui? Now you know. I told you Maui had some ridiculous climates.

Lots of shopping while eating:

Planning out our shopping attack while catching a bite to eat at the crazy-delicious Longhi’s.

Lots of water sports to partake in:

Mr. Knight tearin’ it up on a jet ski. He had sooo much fun. I, on the other hand, was terrified. I decided that being his personal photographer/videographer while he played in the water, was more fun. :-) I’m not even going to tell you how much jet ski rentals are in Maui, you might throw up on yourself.

Lots of silly-ness:

Actin’ a fool up at the Seven Sacared Pools of Hana.

Lei-making to be learned:

Mr. Knight showing off the plumeria lei he made.

Feeling snazzy with my lei and hair flower. Plumeria smell = AMAZING.

Massages to be received:

Mr. Knight getting a massage at our condo before his tattoo appointment. Later, we decided this was a bad idea, he should have had the massage AFTER the tattoo appointment. Oh wells, I still felt like I was on cloud 9 after his tattoo appointment. :-)

Lots* of tattoos to get:
*Maybe not ‘lots’ of tattoos, but one very important one.

Mr. Knight getting his honeymoon/wedding/we-love-each-other-so-dang-much tattoo at the Maui Tattoo Company. Every time I see it, my heart just goes a flutter. I love this man sooo much. :-)

Mr. Knight’s tattoo. A little math equation I came up with; our intials^squared = LOVE and our wedding date. I love it and so does Mr. Knight. It is soo US. Guess what makes it extra special? He got it in Maui, so it is a little reminder of the fabulous trip we had to that incredibly beautiful island.

Where are you going on your honeymoon? If you already went, where did you go? Was it everything you dreamed of? If your still on the search, I highly (HIGHLY) suggest Maui. :-)

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  1. LauraLou says:

    His tattoo is SO cute! We went to Cancun and it was even better than we dreamed of! We loved every single second of it and can’t wait to go back!

  2. Hannah says:

    We’re adventure seekers so we did the World Cup in South Africa. I’m a bit addicted to travelling and thank god I found a man who keeps up with my crazy ways.

    Our honeymoon was way better than I could ever imagine and we’re already talking about our next big, huge trip… Brazil for the 2014 cup!

    I might travel the world like a crazy person but that tattoo looks painful! Ouch!!

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