Just Mauied :: Gettin’ Our Hair Did

Where did we leave off? Oh right…

It is the day of our wedding and I’m slightly hungover.

Me at our wedding. You think I would have learned my lesson the night before?
photo by Gator Dad’s BFF, Sam Dobrow Photography, crap-o crop job by me

I hate using that term, because I NEVER drink (I can count on 1 hand the amount of drinks I’ve had this year – minus the rehearsal dinner). But, I had this grand idea the night before our wedding to have one too many Malibu Bay Breezes at our Rehearsal Dinner. Go me. Chose the PERFECT night to drink alcohol. The night before our wedding I spent staying up with Seminole Bridesmaid (who couldn’t sleep because she was waiting for her hubby to get into town) and Sunny MOH. I think I got a total of 4-5 hours of sleep in-between the tummy aches, head ache and the nausea. Looking back, I’m really not sure if it was the Mailbu Bay Breezes or my nervous-ness that the day we had been planning for 2 YEARS was finally upon us. Still not sure…

After Gator Dad made an emergency run to our Bridal condo the morning of our wedding to bring me Pepto and Asprin, we were off to the gorgeous Veranda Pampering Salon to get our hair did. By the way, I LOVE saying “gettin’ our hair did.” Makes me feel all gangsta.

Seminole Bridesmaid and Happy Bridesmaid posing with our food spread from PAN PAN (my nickname for Panera). Carbs never looked so good. What happened to the whole ‘dieting before the wedding/being in the best shape of my life’ thing? Yeah… that didn’t happen.

Don’t I look fabulous on my wedding day (sarcasm)? Yeah… I was a total hot mess. I even messed up my pedicure from the day before and had to drop by the nail salon to have it fixed. I was frazzled to say the least, but what Bride isn’t? If you weren’t frazzled and a complete train wreck the morning of your wedding, I can’t talk to you.

The pampering salon is in a little old house, so all the rooms are super small but have so much charactor. Absolutely love this place. We had a good time taking over EVERY square inch of this place with all our bags, food, and chatting.
Gator Bridesmaid chatting it up with Gator Momma’s Sister while Happy Bridesmaid looks on.

Eating my ‘last meal’ as a single gal with Mr. Knight’s sister, Sweet Bridesmaid. Activia Yogurt and a Coke is the perfect last meal. One is to keep me ‘regular’ (very important, even on your wedding day, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about) and the second is for energy.

With all that downtime (explained later) Sunny MOH had time to ice her knee. Our rehearsal wasn’t without a few mishaps, between me drinking too much and Sunny MOH taking a fall at our reception site. We were certainly a pair!

Lady Gaga (Seminole Bridesmaid’s nickname) doing my makeup. She is AMAZING with makeup. I strive one day to be just like her. I’ll buy a pair of shoes and be like ‘these are my Seminole Bridesmaid shoes’, or ‘this is my Seminole Bridesmaid purse.’ Yes, I’m a stalker, it’s okay, she knows.

Even sweet little Flower girls need some pampering. KK getting her nails painted by her Momma. Her little dress even had daisies on it… how appropriate!

The whole morning I was having weird ‘out of body’ experiences. I think during our whole wedding I kept saying “it is so weird, it is like I’m not even here and I’m watching it all happen in front of me.” Planning a wedding so long can do this to you, I believe. I tried my best multiple times throughout the day to take a moment and say “This is our wedding day” over and over again till I was ‘back in my body.’ I just couldn’t believe that the day we had been dreaming about for 7.5 years was FINALLY here. It was just unreal. That is the only word I have to explain it.

Thanks to my good planning (yes I like to praise myself; weird, I know) we had plenty of time to get our hair done, eat lunch and lounge around till the wedding started. I think we had a total of 2 hours downtime. Which was WONDERFUL. I just hung out with my ladies, ate food, watched TV, chatted, snuck a peek at our ceremony site, bossed people around, tell them I love them afterwards, text my groom, get phone calls from a florist who doesn’t know where to deliver their shiz, receive frantic phone calls from my groom over not knowing which boutonniere is his, facebook, twitter… all sorts of fun and relaxing things. It was THE BEST. I highly recommend having some ‘downtime’ worked into your schedule.

And because I love y’all so much, click here to download our wedding schedule. I think the key factor in all of this was our hair stylists. They finished 6 Bridesmaids, 1 Bride and 2 Momma’s within 2.5-3 hours. They were AMAZING.

When our videographer and photographer called, that is really when the shiz hit the fan. I went into full on BRIDE MODE and started freaking out. It was here. I was getting married!

Up next? Time to put on that little white dress, and take some pictures with the family and friends (my awesome support team). Here’s a little sneak peek, captured by Knight Mom.

I remember being super annoyed when Knight Mom took this picture. It was HOT (May in Florida… need I say more?), I had just taken a bazillion pictures with my maids, family, and future hubby (yes we did the ‘First Look’, you know you love it) and hungry. Don’t come between a Bride and food on her wedding day. Looking back I’m so glad Momma Knight captured this moment. My face says it all. :-)

Okay… so serious update on our photography and videographer situation (which has been the reason for my absence, miss y’all!):

  1. Supposed to receive our pro pics this week. They were sent to us but then returned because of an ‘insufficient address’. I don’t appreciate the mail man coming between me and my pictures!!! So…. must wait EVEN LONGER. Is 2 months not enough??
  2. Met with our videographer last weekend (she is amaze-balls, affordable and I can’t wait to tell you ALL about her) and saw our ‘highlights’ reel. It was beyond amazing. Epic is the only word I had to describe it. Just EPIC. Sometime next week I will have it posted (I hope). I can’t wait! :-)

So the whole  ‘no pro pics/video’ has been killin’ be these past few weeks. I have started about a bazillion blog posts but find myself not being able to finish them for lack of the appropriate picture. I’m been waiting so long to rip our florist a new one, but with no pictures, how am I to show his unprofessionalism and bad handy work? Bummers I know. Even my MOH agreed that our florist was ‘the suck.’

I’ve missed y’all so much and can’t wait to say ‘I’m back.’ Should be soon. :-)

{heart} y’all like WOAH
Mrs Gator

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  2. Janna says:

    Love your hair! If that salon was closer- I’d so look at getting them to do our hair! Their timing was great for all of yall! And I’d love to have some extra time for just enjoying the day with my girls!

  3. kjpugs says:

    “Lady Gaga” did a GREAT job!!!! And the hair looked great!!! Can’t wait for more pictures!

  4. Mrs Gator says:

    @Janna: Yes the hair was fabulous! The Veranda did an amazing job!

    @kjpugs: Yes. LOVEEEEE ‘Lady Gaga’!!!

  5. LauraLou says:

    You look gorgeous!! SOO excited to see your pro pics!

  6. Emily says:

    Haha! Love you too! I so hid it from you but you were my first actual bride that I’ve done the makeup for, usually I do bridesmaids or prom girls.

    1. Malibum Rum is the devil
    2.Veranda was amazing!
    3. You need written permission to use a non-madeup photo of me (JK)
    4. You make me laugh :)

  7. Mrs Gator says:

    @Lady Gaga: I knew you were awesome from the get-go. And yes, Malibu Rum is EVIL!

  8. Great post darling. The last two pictures are my absolute favorite. You two are so gosh darn cute.

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