Just Mauied :: First Dance Nerves

In my last recap, I mentioned my favorite moment from our wedding day – having our first dance as husband and wife in the men’s locker room.

This was right after “zipper-gate.” The zipper broke on the back of my dress, but I wasn’t going to let anything get me down! A quick safety pin recovery by Gator Momma and my cousin Lisa, and I was good to go!

Now, it was time to have our first dance in front of our closest family and friends. We were nervous. Okay, maybe I was nervous, Mr. Knight never seems to get nervous. He’s good with attention, while I really dislike having any attention on me (which makes birthdays, presentations, bridal showers, our wedding, etc. really tough). When the attention is on me I usually end up with blotchy skin, sweaty, and, at times, shaking. It’s really bad.

So, why did I decide to have dance lessons instead of just swaying back and forth?  I did because I LOVE to dance, and I figured having formal dance lessons with Mr. Knight would be a ton of fun and give us another level to connect on (plus, boost my confidence). We had SO MUCH fun at our dance lessons. Mr. Knight started off super shaky, even falling on the floor laughing when he would mess up. He did this in front of our instructor… yeah, I was mortified.

Do ya’ll want to see our un-aired, unseen footage of our practices? Lucky for you, you don’t have to make that decision, I’ve already made it for you! :) Check the fun little trailer I made below, through Apple’s new iMovie. Enjoy!

Our First Dance Trailer from Mrs Gator on Vimeo.

I can’t believe this video is on the internets. There you can truly see the practice it takes to learn formal dancing. We had so much fun during our practices. I had a smile on my face the whole time. :)

I love it when he spins me. ♥♥♥ So wonderful!

So, how did that translate at our wedding? Sure, we messed up… alot. But it was so much fun to show everyone what we had learned, and to do something a little unexpected. I’ll never forget how happy our grandparents were to see that we took lessons. Lessons also gave Mr. Knight some dancing confidence, especially since he NEVER dances. When I say never, I mean it. He doesn’t booty dance, or shake it to anything but slow music (which makes me ultra sad). One day I will break him out of his shell. One day. :)

Our first dance was wonderful, cheery, happy, beautiful, floaty, perfect. I loved every moment of it, and having our family and friends surround the dance floor felt so amazing. I don’t know how it happened but our guests started breaking our clapping to the music while hooting and hollaring. Yeah… totally felt like a movie and we were the stars. ♥

Our first dance, sealed with a kiss.

Do/did you plan to take dance lessons in preparation for your first dance as husband and wife?

All photos by the FABulous Amy and Ben of Starks Photography.

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  1. Gator Dad says:

    It all went so well.

  2. We’re going to release a bloopers video of our dance practice sessions. Should be pretty funny.

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