Invitations Part 1: The Great Assembly

Mr. Knight and I have been very busy bees (or should I have said, a busy gator and knight?). We have been working, over the past week, on assembling our invitations… and boy theses babies sure are a labor of love.

Check out those sweet wrap-around address labels.
Photography by Mr. Knight (of course!)

I think I must have cut a gazillion sheets of paper. Good thing I have experience with blades (architecture student… enough said)! Poor Mr. Knight was a hopeless mess at cutting invitations.. all the ones he tried to cut came out crooked. But, he has found his calling as the ultimate gluer! Truth be told, these babies are taking an incredible amount of time. But, are sooooo worth it!

The best part about working on our invitations? Spending some much needed quality time with Mr. Knight. :-)

Sometimes its really nice to turn the TV and computer off, and do something together. When Mr. Knight asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, I said that I just wanted to do something together. So… we are not only working on invitations, but have decided to tackle cleaning, painting, and organizing our laundry room this weekend (I’m probably the only person who finds this exciting).

Almost 2 weeks out from the date we plan to send out invitations, and we’ve almost finished assembling them. How awesome is that?

Did you DIY your invitations? Did they take much longer to put together then you expected?

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  1. Yeah, you are such a pro at cutting those invitations… must be all that experience making models (of which I have, basically, none of). And thanks for being generous with saying I “found my calling” gluing the invitations—I kinda sucked at that too… Oh well, we’re halfway done!

    I love spending time with you… I’d rather do that than anything else in the whoooole world.

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