I Have to Confess… I am Absolutely in LOVE with Cinematic Wedding Videos!

When I first started looking into videography for our upcoming nuptials I knew I didn’t want something ordinary. When I came across Mrs. Kitten’s wedding video over on WeddingBee, I immediately fell in love with ‘cinematic’ wedding videos. They are more then just a documentary of you and your hubby’s special day, they re-tell your wedding day in an epic way. Don’t take my word for it, check out Mrs. Kitten’s video below ↓

How cute and cinematic is Mrs. Kitten’s wedding video?

Umm… I think I’m in love ♥ {swoon}

Unfortunately these videos sometimes come at a hefty price tag (this company running $2500+ OUCH!). I’m currently out there searching for local companies who do this at a reasonable price. I will report my findings to all my Gator Bride-er’s soon. :-)

Mr. Knight and I are currently working on securing a videographer to capture our wedding in a cinematic way (more on that to come!). Once we have worked things through with them, I will reveal their awesome-ness to you (and their good price!). Stay tuned my little gators!

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  1. CTS861 says:

    This is VERY cool. Never seen anything like it.

    Random, hopefully not creepy question, did you TA for Robinson spring semester by any chance?

  2. Kari says:

    Dear Mr. Knight,

    The Plunge is actually written by guys (surprisingly enough)! I received an email from one of the creators the other day personally apologizing to my fiance for costing him several hundred dollars in flowers!! LOL, how funny is that?!? :O)


  3. mrknight says:

    @Kari: I was going to apologize… I ended up spending about an hour or so reading articles on there while at work (shhhh). In fact, I think I’ll do that now on your article.


  4. Stephanie says:

    Well my plan is to hire some semi-experienced students to do the shooting and then do all the editing, etc myself, perhaps with the help of a couple friends. (My undergrad is in Production from UF.) Perhaps if you talk to some of those students or video professors you could get something in your price range.

  5. @ Stephanie: Thanks for the advice! I will check into it!

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  8. Vanessa says:

    hey hey! I share the love of cinematic wedding vids (but who wouldn’t) and I’ve been looking for a fantastic affordable one too! Just wondering if you ever found one?

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