I Did It Again…

I did it again to my beautiful readers… I went M.I.A.

But… for a very very good reason… to prepare for my final Thesis presentation on MONDAY!!!! I can’t believe it has come up so fast. I remember last year worrying more about having to get over this big ‘hump’ that is thesis, before our wedding, but the day has finally come. I was more nervous about doing a thesis, then preparing for our wedding. Thesis for Architecture students at UF is very different then thesis for other majors, here. Yes, we did have a written portion (which I did last semester) but, what is different is the second part is project-based, often called a Master’s Research Project.

A picture of my studio wall at school, taken about a week ago.
Do you love my red drawings? I do! (there I go, practicing for our wedding… I do! I do! I do!)
crap*y photo taken on Miss Gator’s iPhone

So, for the past 3 months I’ve been working feverishly (okay.. maybe mildly in the beginning, and now feverishly… hey, I had a gazillion invitations to make.. girl has to juggle school with wedding crafts!). After Monday, I hope to return in full force. Okay, that’s lie, it will probably be moderate force, being that I still have three books to design before graduation, May 1st, along with tons of things to mark off on our infamous wedding to-do list… but, I will do my best to be here for ya’ll.

Speaking of which, where is Mr. Knight? I think it’s about time he made another appearance on the blog, and recapped his day with the boys playing paintball. He was a good little Knight, taking lots of photos (like I asked) and even some video of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the guys. What a sweet pea. :-)

Till then… I’ll see you all on the other side of Monday!

Miss Gator

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  1. LauraLou says:

    Good luck!! I’m sure it will be such a relief to get that over with! I’m definitely not looking forward to finals and end of the semester projects, but I will be SO happy to graduate that it’s all worth it.

  2. Hannah says:

    I just realized that I’ll be marshaling your graduation!! Look for me in the horrid orange and blue gown and I’ll cheer loud for you!

    (I choose that one because its the same graduation as Pete’s… then he decided not to walk!)

    Good luck tomorrow!

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  4. marina says:

    Yeah Mr Knight, you’re slackin off!! Good luck Kim, I know you’ll do great!

  5. I’ve been doing my part for the wedding recently, but, I’m in the same boat as Miss Gator… completely swamped… get it? Swamped…?


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