I ♥ Solutions Bridal

I (once again) found myself at the Solutions Bridal in Gainesville this past weekend. I came in with two of my lovely GATOR bridesmaids (we all went to UF together) to show them my garden/vintage/awesome wedding dress.

Kari greeted us and told us the sad news that the store sample of my dress had been sold last week to a bride who would be getting married in the Caribbean in 2 months. At first I was a little bummed I couldn’t show the dress to my gals but Kari immediatly cheered me up by asking if we still wanted to ‘hang out,’ talk wedding, and try on accessories (who wouldn’t want to talk wedding??). Since I’m at a crossroads as to what type of veil I should have, this was the perfect opportunity to try some out. Also, I wanted to hear all about what Kari had been up to. She has a super cute/helpful wedding blog, Keetoyourheart, and is three weeks out from marrying her man.

fun_at_solutions_bridalSee that little grin… that is the look of a very happy Bride!
(I’m wearing the beautiful Lori London Hair Flower; $110)

Even though my dress wasn’t there, Kari made sure that Me and my ladies had a great time. And you know what? That is why I love Solutions Bridal so much. No matter what, they aim to please. :-)