Honeymoon Art for Any Price Range

Mr. Knight and I are big on Art. Not the fancy-smancy art gallery stuff (although we would LOVE to own something from one of those types of galleries), but more of a ‘local’ art. I have 2 requirements on every trip we take:

  1. We purchase an ornament for our Christmas tree from the place we visit
  2. We purchase local art from the place we visit

From the beginning of our relationship, Mr. Knight and I have wanted the walls of our home to be filled with pictures and art from our travels. No Target/Pottery Barn/Pier 1 mass-production art allowed here. :-)

We aren’t big spenders. We have a tight budget for art, and our honeymoon was no different. I believe you can find amazing art, on the cheap, while vacationing. You aren’t going to find it in those fancy-smancy art galleries but, if you look around you can find amazing pieces for great prices.

While in Maui, Mr. Knight and I were always on the look out for something great to bring home. We even made ‘special’ shopping trips to look for a great art piece to bring home. While in Maui I fell in LOVE with these sets of ‘old school’ 1940s-1950s postcards advertising vacations (through Pan-am) to Hawaii. They were beautiful. Mr. Knight and I decided we would buy a few to frame and hang in our kitchen. At $1.00 a pop, I was sold!

$1.00 per postcard, and $2.99 Ribba Frames from IKEA.
Total for Post Card Art – $11.97

Now I wasn’t content on having just postcards from our honeymoon as our ‘honeymoon art’ since they were neither handmade nor one-of-a-kind. I was on the search for something more. After eating at a great fish restaurant in Paia, Maui, we came across a little art gallery. There we found art by Kalani DeWitt Lickle (say that 10 times fast). He is the owner of the fish restaurant we had just ate at. Everyday he goes out and fishes, brings his catches into his art studio and makes ink prints of them, then turns the fish into yummy fish sandwiches at his restaurant. We loved the idea of having something handmade by a Maui local, so we checked out some of his pieces.

DeWitt preparing an ahi for printingKalani Dewitt Lickle working his magic. The style of printing is called Gyotaku, and it originated hundreds of years ago-before the “camera age” as a method to scientifically record the size and unique characteristics of the endless array of species of the “wet world.”
source: Gyotaku Maui

I fell in love with all his prints, especially this one:

Natural Impressions: Image I’m still kicking myself for not buying it, but Mr. Knight wanted the octopus print more and I felt two of these types of prints was just too much for our little condo.
source: Gyotaku Maui

Natural Impressions: ImageKelani’s octopus prints are actually made with the ink of the octopus. He has many pictures on his website of him laying out the octopus (I’ll save you the grossness/scary-ness) and pressing them into the paper. He then comes back and enhances the print.
source: Gyotaku Maui

And here’s our print, framed, in all it’s glory! The total for this piece was $175, and $113 for framing (Harmon’s). Still working on getting to that bathroom makeover, but till then, might as well enjoy our honeymoon art! Mr. Knight got all fancy and took the pick with his fisheye lens. This picture is apart of our “sell the condo” images. More on that, soon. :)
Grand Total – $288

A little expensive for our cheap as*es but we felt it was worth the $$$. I mean, when will we be in Maui again? And on our honeymoon?

When we got home I was eager to show everyone our little piece of Maui. I loved all the “oohs” and the “that’s interesting” or “that’s different.” I can tell no one liked it. But, WE DON’T CARE. There was something about that day, that location, that time when we bought it that we will always remember. We were on our honeymoon, newly married, head over heels for each other (and still are) and in the most beautiful place we had ever been.

I love how when we purchased the print at the art gallery in Paia, Maui, the sales lady asked me where we were going to hang it. I immediately responded “the bathroom.” You should have seen the look of pure horror on her face. She didn’t understand why we would hang it in our bathroom. I explained that we were doing a  little make-over of our 1/2 bathroom for our guests and this would be replacing some ugly Albertson’s print (yes, Albertson’s sells framed prints of random stuff… don’t ask me why we have it).

So there you have it, honeymoon art on the cheap and the not-so-cheap-but-still-cheap. Here are a few of our other favorite pieces around our house from our travels, and our friend’s travels! {man do I have fabulous friends who bring me back art from different countries, love them}.

A gift from Sunny MOH when she was studying abroad in Peru. :)

A beautiful piece of art, brought back for me from Gator Bridesmaid when she was studying abroad in Italy. Love her♥

Moonlight Bay print purchased on our trip to Newfoundland, Canada. Also, my Marfa Postcard I purchased while on a school trip to Marfa, Texas (home of the Prada installation). I sure love myself some vintage-looking postcards!

When we went to Newfoundland, there were puffins EVERYWHERE. I always thought they were the cutest little birds. So, of course I had to have a print of them to remember our trip. :)

Do you plan to purchase art on your honeymoon? If you’ve already honeymooned with your honey, did you pick up any decor for your casa?

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  1. Hannah says:

    Oh you know us, we purchased tons of art! My favorite is the gator mask! But yes, our house is filled with art from around the world and I’m so excited to get more this summer during our anniversary trip!

    Oh and who cares if people don’t like the octopus – it is so unique and means something to you. And I think it is absolutely awesome! Love it. Great purchase.

  2. Mrs Gator says:

    @Hannah: Thanks, we love it too! It reminds us of such a special moment in our lives! We are headed on a cruise soon. I’ve been saving $ for ornaments and art!

  3. Emily says:

    I love being surrounded by art that reminds you of good times!

    I like the octopus, Ive seen them in alot of interior design blogs like this:

    I’m all about some quirky pieces in a house, especially animal ones!

  4. Erin says:

    Love all your Art! It is so beatiful/unique and there is nothing better than something that reminds u of a memory or happy time. I get the “thats interesting/ different” comment a lot too..lol and I think it is soo funny!!

  5. Anni says:

    I love all your honeymoon art!

    I sure hope we come home with something, since we’re going to Paris. :)

  6. Mrs Gator says:

    @Anni: Going to Paris!!! So exciting! Paris was our first choice!

    @Erin: I think all designers get those comments!

    @Emily: Ours isn’t as cool as that one! Loveee that one!

  7. Brandi says:

    I LOVE the octopus!!! So insanely jealous – I think it’s amazing.

    I guess we sort of have a bit of that tradition ourselves, and I didn’t even really realize it. When we vacationed in the Keys, I bought a sweet little mermaid and sea turtle image (I think it’s done in colored pencil), on our honeymoon in Canada we bought a hand blown glass vase, and we have a map of Cedar Key in one bathroom and a painting of a pelican done by a Cedar Key artist in our other bathroom. Now that I’m aware of it, and inspired by you, I’m totally going to plan on keeping that tradition!

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